Mastering the Fire

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Put Him Down

“Hello Siren” I heard.

I snapped my head up and saw her. O the freaking Goddess she heard me. I smiled and stood up throwing myself in her arms. I then remembered that she was a Goddess and I tried to pull back, but she wrapped her arms around me.

“It is okay to cry sometimes Siren” she whispered to me.

I let out a small noise and tried to take deep breaths. I leaned into her and then I let the tears fall. We stood like this for a few moments before she pulled back some. I wiped my face and took a deep breath.

“Do you know where I am?”

“Well… when I was younger I wanted to have a universe just like all the other Gods and Goddess so they created a few planets for me to practice with and this is one of them” she said looking around.

She said that pretty casual they just gave her a couple planets and wait did she said, other Gods and Goddess. My eyes widen in shock as I stared at her. That was something that I would have to wrap my head around.

“So why does it feel so… empty?” I questioned. I had barely seen anything here besides the plane.

“Well, this is the same planet as yours just a different part of your universe. It kind of hard to explain because they advance like you, but these creatures here are more violent and there is a couple handful left from what I could tell. That is why I came down here. I haven’t heard a prayer from here in thousands of years” she said to me.

Well, that made some sort of sense but that was not too important to my situation right now. I really wanted to get out of here and see Iago again. It felt like I had been here forever which I knew was impossible because it was only night time here now.

“So would you take me back to where I need to be?” I whispered to her.

“Nope,” she said deadpan. My eye practically shot out of my head and I felt tears opening up again.

“I’m just kidding” she whispered to me.

“That was a horrible joke” I pouted at her.

She laughed at me before grabbing my hand.

She had been missing for days and I was no longer control of him. My wolf was out completely now and though I was aware of what was going on there was nothing I could do to stop it. Not until we found her and got her back here.

Iago was out of control and there was nothing that we could to stop him. At the moment we had to have him locked up and restrained, but if we didn’t find her soon someone would have to put him down.

“Yassie” Ash called out to me. I turned and looked at him with a frown. Nobody knows where the hell she disappeared to and it was freaking everyone out. We knew that she wasn’t dead because if she were Iago would be dead too or would have lost complete touch with his human. Right now he was still there which we could tell, but for how long we didn’t know.

“What if we can’t find her?” I whispered to him leaning back and looking at Ash.

“We will find her. She is strong and too determined to die barely five minutes into this fight. Whatever this fight is anyway” he whispered to me. I knew that he hated this. Losing a team member was always hard for Ash and although he didn’t show it he really was a big soft baby.

I smirked at this name I knew he would probably kill anyone else for calling him that. He loved me too much do something like that to me. Plus if he did I would haunt him and his entire family for generations and I would enjoy every second of it.

I turned my head back when I heard another loud growl. Iago was still upset and it was getting worse. I really hoped that where Siren was she would get here soon.

My room looked like a hurricane ran through or more correctly a wild animal. I also was by myself now which meant the Goddess left me here. I sighed and hoped in the shower quickly putting on sweatpants and a tank top. I slipped on some sandals and walked into our training room. This place felt off like it was empty or something. While I was training I had met and seen a lot of people so maybe that is why. I looked around the training and saw that no one was there. But what was in there surprised the hell out of me. There were pictures of the warehouse and stuff about portals couldn’t even begin to understand.

I gasped when I heard the door swing open with a bang and turned. There stood Yassie who looked like she was looking at a fucking ghost. Not long after came Ash who face had a shock and then a simple smirk. I see that the few hours away didn’t change his asshole ways.

“Siren” she whispered.

“Yep… that’s me” I said to her.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT. HOW DID YOU GET HERE. DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED WE HAVE BEEN ABOUT YOU?” she shouted all at once. I’m surprised I even understood what she said to me.

“I missed you too,” I calmly replied back.

“Where is Iago?” I questioned. I really missed him and I wanted to spend time with him. Or just take a long nap together.

“Siren, you do know what happens to mate when they are away from each other for a long time?” Ash asked me.

“Yeah, the other mate will start to lose control of their animal. What does this have to do with Iago?” I whispered.

“Siren how long were you gone,” Yassie asked. I was starting to get pissed. They were answering my questions with their questions.

“I was gone for a couple hours. NOW TELL ME WHERE IAGO IS” I shouted.

“Siren you were gone for almost a week here. We were so worried about you and Iago slowly started to lose it. He is not in control of wolf right now. We had to lock him away for now” Yassie looked down.

“You locked him away? Where?” I cried out to them.

“Siren you can’t go to him right now. He is too dangerous right now. In fact. He has probably already sensed you and lost his freaking mind” Ash shrugged at me.

I closed my eyes and tried to sense Iago. I had never tried this before and I knew that mates could do this, but I didn’t have a single animal and I have only shifted to my wolf a couple of times.

Then a new idea sparked into my head instead of searching for him in my human form I would look for him in my wolf form.

I begin to picture myself as a wolf and in the next moment, I was on all fours. I barked and ran out of the door past Yassie and Ash. I sniffed around looking for any type of scent of my mate. I didn’t catch anything but skidded to a halt when I picked up something familiar. I ran towards the smell and came to a room the looked locked up. It reeked of Iago and I let out a howl wanting him to reply.

I heard a yip in reply and scratching at the door. I shifted back with my clothes and kicked the door handle pushing the door open. Iago was on the other side his eyes more feral than I have ever seen him.

His wolf was gorgeous nonetheless and I shifted back into mine knowing that it would be easier to get through to his wolf if he saw his mate unharmed. I let her take the reigns for a few moments since she would know what best to do before me.

It was weird for a moment not having control. Like driving a car but being in the backseat, but I trusted my wolf as she laid down waiting for Iago to lay down next to us. He stared at first letting an out a mix of a growl and a yip. He shook his head and laid next to me sniffing me. When he found that I was okay he stopped and grabbed the back of my neck pulling me closer to him. My wolf wasn’t too happy being treated like a pup. We ignored it and laid next to him until we fell fast asleep.

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