Mastering the Fire

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When I woke up I was still in Iago’s arms except we were both in human form. I let out a yawn and cracked my neck of the kinks. As I adjusted my body Iago woke up as well staring at me with a smile on his face. Then his face contorted to sadness as he stared harder.

“I was scared you weren’t going to come back” he murmured.

I moved my hand up to his face and wiped his tears.

“I know babe, I was scared too” I replied.

It was at that moment that Yassie took it upon herself to walk in.

“I see you two lovebirds are awake. Iago, it is nice to see you when you are not trying to rip someone’s throat out” she teased.

Iago scratched the back of his head and mumbled an apology to her.

I got up off the floor grabbing his hand and pulling him up with me. He held a tight grip my hand with an apologetic look. I understood that he would be a little more possessive for the next few days and as long as he wasn’t too possessive I would be okay with it.

“So what happened to the guy you were fighting?” I questioned remembering the hooded figure.

Yassie and Iago looked at each other before looking at me. Welp that wasn’t a good sign at all which told me that this was going to be a long discussion and I would honestly have breakfast first.

“Let us talk about this in the team room while I shove nutrition down my face” I urged while walking out of the room.

They followed behind me and no one really said anything until I questioned, “What happened to my room?”

Once again Iago scratched behind his head. “Yeah, that is where I kind of lost it. Being around all your stuff and you not being there it was just too much,” he lamented.

I winced and nodded my head once in understanding.

As we walked up to the door I heard loud noises and tilted my head wondering what was going on. As soon as the doorknob twisted I was bombarded with people yelling, “Welcome Back”.

I smiled as I walked in with Rezzie, Ash, Amathea, Danny in his human form, and Ferrutius sitting around the table with large amounts of food. Wow, these people really did love me. I turned to Yassie who had a big smile on her face telling me she knew this was going to happen. I smiled back at them and at the same time my stomach growled. I took a seat next to Iago and as I shoved food on my plate and in my mouth I mumbled a “thank you”.

After everyone stuffed their faces full of food I was ready to have a serious conversation.

“So the hooded figure?” I questioned once again.

“There is nothing much to say” Ash started.

“We were fighting him and he vanished” Rezzie finished.

“Vanished? You mean like up in smoke or one moment he was there and in the next he was not?” I wondered out loud.

“He was just gone” Yassie confirmed.

“One thing that I did spot was a tattoo on his arm. The writing was really small, but it looked like is said ‘evolution’ ” Danny spoke up.

I flashed back from the first day that they took me. The Dark Elemental mentioned something about that and I made a terrible joke thinking he was probably delusional or something.

“I have come across them before” I spoke slowly.

“Or at least someone who claimed to be part of their group. Remember the first day that I came here when I asked for the bathroom break, and I fought that Dark Elemental?” I asked. They all nodded as Ash had told them the story more than once.

“He had mentioned something about joining the evolution. I just didn’t pay attention cause I figured he was hunger-crazed or something” I let out a sigh.

Ferrutius spoke up saying, “If this is what I think it is we could be in trouble. They could have been building this power for years. They have to had been but to do it without it coming across our radar means they know we would come after them”.

I nodded my head in agreement. Which means whatever they are doing it won’t be good.

“So what happened on your end?” Amathea questioned.

“Yeah, why did you run off like that?” Ash questioned.

“There was someone else there and when I tried to move closer they ran so I ran after them. Then I think that we went into a portal because I felt the weird weightless feeling again. Everything was so weird after that. I was in what looked like a throne room and there was a man sitting on the throne. When he turned to me he had completely red eyes that almost seemed to glow from within” I shuddered.

“Red eyes, are you sure? I haven’t heard of a creature with red eyes before not anything that could be real” Ferratus’s eyebrow raised.

“What of it was a curse?” Amathea whispered.

“A curse?” Iago asked.

“There are some really old stories that say that if someone is truly unredeemable the Goddess will curse them. Sometimes with a black mark that represents the darkness within them and sometimes red with all of the blood they split” Amathea explained.

“Why would she do that? I thought everything that happened to us was her doing. She gave us a path to take” Rezzie tilted his head.

“That is not necessarily true. She gives us a path that has lots of options. She hopes that we can follow the road that leads us where she wants to go. Sometimes she tries to push us in the right dow direction. However, it is us that chooses the path that we take” I replied.

“So what do we need to do next?” Amathea asked.

“We need to be careful now. They know about us but we do not know about them which means that they could have someone on the inside. Nothing about this will leave the room. Until we learn more you all will train harder as a team and take smaller, hopefully, safer missions” Ferrutius stated firmly.

“So we sit around and act like nothing happened” I questioned.

“No, we don’t do nothing we get better” Ferrutius growled out.

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