Mastering the Fire

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A Burning Building

Leg day every day. That is what they say and honestly whoever came up with that saying could choke on a yellow skittle.

I was so fucking tired of running on this treadmill, but I guess anyone who ran on a treadmill for more than two hours would be tucking tired too. The only thing that’s keeping me going is the little healing touched Yassie gives me as she walks by. I mean I totally get the point of the exercise. In an actual emergency, we won’t be able to get healed all the time, especially from major wounds. Yassie or I would still need our strength to fight as well which means we would have to reserve from minor healing.

The longer I ran through was a longer break for me tomorrow so I kept pushing. I also really wanted to beat Rezzie longest score which was 4 hours and 23 minutes. I wanted to wipe that smug look off his face. Turning looking at him running next to me I could see he had only broken a light sweat and I looked like I took a dip in swimming in the pool.

An hour later I had finally given up and was not taking a walking lap around the room trying to even out my breathing while simultaneously choke on all the water I was trying to pour down my throat. I probably looked like an idiot but that was not the main priority.

Once I had my breathing under control I laid out on the floor for a few moments before going to take a shower. They had just built one in the training room and I was never happy that I didn’t have to walk to the room to take a shower. Once I was clean an dressed I ate a quick snack before a loud blaring noise filled the room. I looked around in confusion. Who the hell installed that and why the hell was it happening. Rezzie ran up to me dressed as well as grabbing weapons. Yassie was as well and Ash, Danny, and Amathea all came barging in the room grabbing more weapons.

Yassie tossed a weapon towards me saying, “We have a mission we are leaving in ten”.

I moved to grab weapons like everyone else before jogging to my room to change into better shoes and pants instead of jeans. I was back out a few minutes later with my knives strapped and my guns loaded. I was ushered out towards black vehicles. Inside were Iago, Yassie, and Ash. Which meant Danny, Amathea, and Rezzie were in the other one. We were all handed out earpieces and were taking off.

I soon heard Ferrtuis voice over the earpiece. “There is a fire and there seems to be a hostage situation. Fire elementals have been able to put out the fire and they are unsure why. Most people have made it out of the building and they are setting up for you so they will be ready when you get there” he finished.

I had never heard of fire elementals not being able to get a fire under control which made me wonder what started it in the first place. The drive wasn’t that long since it seemed that we were not obeying any of the traffic rules at all.

There was chaos and there was order. The firefighters were keeping the fire contained the best they could, but there were people standing around screaming and crying. We hopped out the car moving towards the firefighters. We dressed in leather suits that would help protect us from the fire.

“Do we have a plan” I shouted over the fire.

“We will try to put out the fire while you go inside to get victims,” Yassie said.

I moved away while nodding my head. I walked to the fire and before I put out my shield them to reach out to it.

I stumbled out of shock. The fire held so much emotion and I figured the firefighters would have trouble putting out the fire. This wasn’t a natural fire and the reason that it was unstable was that someone’s emotions were. Chance was they were probably in the building still.

I pressed my earpiece practically yelling out, “who else is in the building”.

“There’s a girl in the building, top floor near the window” Amathea replied back.

I looked up and sure enough, there was a girl and she was crying as the fire rained down all around her.

“Alright I’m going in” I decided.

I moved through the building holding up air shields when necessary so things would not fall on me as I tried to get through.

The air was thick with smoke and it was getting harder to breathe and see as my eyes watered. Still, I made it to the top floor trying to think about where the girl should be based on where he was in the window.

Where I realized I probably couldn’t tell I tried to sense her power instead and that got me a lot farther than guessing.

Her power was enormous and felt out mine easily. She was in the third to the right. Instead of touching, which would most likely be a burning doorknob, I kicked in the door pushing my way in.

Once I was in I took another deep breath trying not to choke on the smoke. I was in the living room and down the hall, I saw two rooms one that probably held the girl. The first room was big but there was no one in sight and no windows. This was probably the parent's room and I moved on to the next door.

Inside I saw a small bed with pink sheets and I shifted my eyes trying to see the girl with all the smoke. I imagined fresh air around me to see if that would work and sure enough, I was breathing easier. Once I located the girl I moved toward her. She began to scream and I moved faster grabbing her. That is what I noticed the man. Or what had the shape of a man. He was more of a black liquid than anything and that concerned me.

“He is gonna kill us. He has to burn” she yelled out trying to move out my arms.

She wasn’t wrong about the killing us part as he pulled out a knife.

I put her down and pushed her in the closet pushing clean air and using slightly high winds to keep the smoke out. She should be okay for now while I deal with whatever the hell that was supposed to be. I pulled out my gun and began to shoot at, but that seemed to make him madder was now running after me. I pulled out my knives preparing to meet it head-on. Once it got close enough it struck at me in a downward motion. I jumped back and that is when it’s knife morphed into a sword. I gasped barely missing the next strike. The next strike I was prepared for and I used the air to push back his weapon towards him while moving behind him. I kicked him down so that I had easier access to his legs. I sliced his legs them moved to his Achilles tendon making him drop to the floor. I then grabbed its neck running my knife across it quickly. Instead of blood, it was more of a black liquid that spilled out.

I smiled looking down at the body letting the bloodlust run through me before remembering the girl. I moved to the closet and opened the door. Once she saw that it was me. She jumped into my arms and I then realized how small she actually was.

I pushed to the window and jumped out holding her in my arms. Her screams filled the air for a moment before she was realized we were floating and not falling down. I smiled at her and once I landed on the ground I had firefighters all around me pulling the girl away to check for injuries. Once they were done I moved to talk to the girl as the building was still burning.

“Are you one that started the fire?” already knowing the answer to the question.

She nodded her head.

“Was it to get rid of the monster?” I whispered.

She nodded her again.

“Can you stop the fire?” I whispered calmly.

Her eyes widen and she looked nervous. I grabbed her hand and smiled at her and I turned as I saw the fire slowly seep into the building before disappearing entirely.

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