Mastering the Fire

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A Dream in Which She Could Not Awake

She was in an ambulance for quite some time and I stayed with her the entire time. She held onto my hand and stared off into space. She didn’t answer anyone’s questions, not with words. She watched people talked and responded with a simple head nod and would look away. I thought about something.

I smiled at her and talked to the fireman.

“I think that she should go with us. Her parents should be contacted and brought to us as well” I finished moving back to the truck.

“About that… we talked to all the people in the fire and none of them seemed to know about a kid matching her description that lived here. None of the claimed to even know anyone lived in that apartment” the firefighter admitted.

“That it is not possible. I was in her room, she had toys and plenty of clothes. Hell I was even in the master bedroom and there was a made up bed with new sheets” I stated.

“Well we can talk to the girl see if the parents were keeping her there and then maybe just left,” he said jogging off as people began to call to him.

I moved back to the ambulance going back to the girl. She was awake still, surprisingly, since I figured that she would be knocked out after all the stuff that she had been through.

“Hey love, I will ride with back with you to the warehouse and maybe we can get something to eat and talk,” I said while holding my earpiece so that members of the team would be able to know where the plan was.

I heard several copies letting me know that for now, they didn’t need me.

The ride back to the warehouse was calmer back as we tried to be mindful of the girl with us. She held my hand the entire time staring off into space.

We had no idea where this girl came from or where her parents were and why they weren’t with her now.

We got out of the ambulance and we all got out with me carrying the girl. I took her to the team room setting her down on the couch and turning on the television.

I moved to the small kitchen preparing chocolate chip pancakes and bacon despite the fact that it was late in the afternoon. I found that the most comforting food was breakfast. Once it was ready I set the table and poured two glasses of orange juice. The rest of the team was out on leads trying to figure out who the girl was.

I moved over to the couch tapping the girl who was blankly staring at the tv. She looked exhausted like she hasn’t slept in days. I pointed to the table and she stood up and grabbing my hand and we walked to the table together.

We sat and ate together in silence and I watched as she devoured her food. I went back to eating my food and once I was done I tried to talk to her.

“So, we can’t seem to find your parents. Would you like to help us find them?” I say smiling.

She nodded her head no and went back to eating her pancake.

“Do you want to go back to your family?”

She shook her head again not even looking up this time.

“Do you know who your family is?”

This made her stop and look at me. We stayed like this for a few moments before she nodded her head no.

I nodded my head in understanding and in the next moment Rezzie walked in.

“She needs to have a full checkup by a doctor,” he says walking towards her. He holds out his arms and she hops in them and he carries her out. I get up quickly following them.

“So there are no signs of sexual assault or abuse. Her vocal cords seem to tell us that she rarely speaks, but she understands English very well which means she has been around people before. She also shows clear signs of exhaustion and needs to sleep and be observed here” he concludes.

“That can’t be right. When I was in the room with her in the fire she was screaming so how is someone able to scream like that if she hasn’t talked for a long period of time?” I ask.

“Are you sure that she was talking to you. There is a possibility that she doesn’t talk but communicates in a different way. It is very possible that you had access into her mind or she was projecting. Kids that young with that type of power would have a hard time controlling it” he finishes taking off his gloves.

I hadn’t even considered that as a possibility but it did make some kind of sense. We were walked to a room with the girl sitting in the bed and she was fast asleep. The rest of the team gathered and we talked a bit about the girl and the apartment. There were no signs that there any adults living there with her, but she couldn’t have just bought the apartment by herself.

That is when all hell broke loose.

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