Mastering the Fire

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A Fight With Myself

There were more of those black glop men, but one of them looked like me. It had no expression and all black eyes. It watched me for a moment and the room was deadly silent. I made no moved to move towards it and it didn’t move towards me either.

¨Siren… ¨ Rezzie whispered to me. I nodded my head and began to back up towards the door that held the little girl.

I continued to back away as the creatures eyes followed. My hand on the knob really got its attention and it took one step forward. That one step causes Rezzie to pull out his gun and shoot. Once the gun starts firing I push the door open and slam it shut behind me.

The creature is not deterred by gun shots at all. It goes after the door as well and another one appears behind Rezzie. He grabs a knife slicing at the creature and it dodges. I move my eyes away from him and focus on my own problem.

It opens the door slowly and close it behind her too and I try to keep the best amount of distance between her and the girl. Whatever these things are they seem to be after her and I had no idea why, but I knew that it definitely wasn’t a good.

She moves towards me swinging a sword that was an extension of herself. I stood my ground and held out until the last moment moving behind her and using the bling of my gun to hit it in the back of the head. Once she fell I grabbed my sword running it through the back of her head twisting it. I pulled it out and swiped down across its neck.

It fell on the floor with a thump and pools of blood poured around us. I backed up, wiping the blood of my knife on my pants. I moved the girl who was still fast asleep, but she looks different before like she is glowing.

I heard a noise and turned barely missing a knife that is flying towards me. It is another me across the room. I look down on the floor where I left the body and it is still their.

I snapped back towards the future towards the door and it was smiling at me. I moved away from the girl pulling out my gun in one hand and a knife in the other. I shot at it as I went forward and it dodge with ease.

In the last moment I threw my knife and it knocked it away, but did not have enough time to block the bullets and the second knife that I threw. I lodged in it´s side and looked down at it´s wound.

It snarled at me lunging to grab me. I moved out the way and its sword slashed down. It nicked me last minute making me grind my teeth. It didn’t hurt but it burned badly. I turn back around punching as it dodges. I kick once landing on the side where my knife is in place and kick again this time towards its head. It grabbed my leg and threw me across and I hit a wall. I took a deep breath and spit up blood. That was so not good. It moved to the girl and I sprinted up throwing a ball of air blasting it back. I opened my mind to the Earth and watched as it enclosed her. I move towards the girl and rock her back and forth. She needed to wake up, I could carry her in the state that I was in.

I shook her and she didn’t wake up. I shook harder and her eyes flew open in shock. As soon as her eyes opened the other version of me disappeared.

The girl whipped and climbed into my arms and cried. I held her and went back out limping slightly. I spotted Rezzie leaning on the wall a gash on his head and a smirk on his face. I looked down to see six of the monster things underneath him. I could barely handle two, how in the hell did he manage to take down six.

The doctor was in the room in the next moment and so were nurses. I pushed to the hospital bed and they checked for any broken ribs. The girl was taken away again to get something to eat and calm her down. I watch as Rezzie receive stitches, 6 of them to be exact, and not flinch at all. I smile at him and he gives a small back.

We really needed to figure out what was going on with this girl.

A/N - Sorry this chapter was short once again. I promise that the next chapter will be longer. I also updated a day before my scheduled update. That is because it is my birthday (yay) today and I will be celebrating tomorrow.



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