Mastering the Fire

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New Sister

We all sat around her as she sucks down her chocolate milk. I lean on Iago and watch the girl carefully watching her movements. She seems to really take a liking to Rezzie and had offered him chocolate milk three times. She has only offered me twice. She doesn’t meet the eye contact of the others is the first thing that I notice.

She doesn’t trust her not that I blame her at all, I wouldn’t trust us either and that is just the simple fact. She virtually as no idea where she is and these things keep coming after in a form that she knows.

That would make it pretty hard to trust anyone. Let alone be as calm as she is being right now. After she finishes her second cup she stares up at me and smiles. I smile back at her and move up from Iago.

She then does something surprising by looking at everyone in the eyes and smiling. Everyone smiles back at her except for Ferris. This causes the girl to frown and smile at him again and we all jump as he starts to laugh. It is not sweet laughter it is more maniacal and we all stare at him like he has grown a second head.

“I have to admit you are pretty strong for your presumed age,” he says standing up.

“However, your powers will not work on me. I do have power over the soul, much more powerful than you” he finishes.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked totally confused at this point.

“I talked to some people in the apartment building. They all have these weird foggy memories of buying things for little girls despite the fact that they don’t have a daughter on anything in that ballpark. They remember buying extra food and not knowing where it was going because is a soul elemental. A powerful one at that and was about to cores them to do the things that she wants” he says walking over towards her. He pulls out a knife and throws it directly out.

I gasp and move but Yassie is already there holding the knife in her hands.

“Do you know what just happened?” he asks her.

“What do you mean ‘do I know what just happened’ you threw a fucking knife at a little kid you crazy bastard” she screams.

“Yes, but do you remember wanting to catch the knife and put yourself in harm's way?” he says sitting back down calmly.

“Of course I would, you threw a fucking knife at her,” she says.

“Yes, and you went and grabbed it without thinking and in that quick second, you have no memory of why you reacted. That is what makes Soul elementals so dangerous you can’t really tell what it is installed and what was made for you to do” he says.

Yassie drops the knife and looks back at the girl who smiles at her with a small shrug confirming what had said.

“So she is a fire and a soul elemental, that would certainly put her on people’s hit list or people that want to kidnap her to use her power. This also helps narrow down the search for her identity” Iago says folding his hand on and leaning on the table.

“Yes, it does so I want you, Yassie, and Danny back out there and searching for answers. We will stay here with the girl in case she tries to tell us something” I say standing up. Iago, Yassie, and Danny all leave in the next moments and I get up grabbing the girl’s hand.

We walk to my room and I pop some popcorn and pour into a bowl. I turn on the t.v. and hand her the bowl and sit back.

We eat popcorn and watch a few movies that are playing. She seems really interested in a movie where two main girls are a sister. She grabs the remotes and pauses the movie. She points to me and her and then to the two girls. She does it twice more before looking up at me hopefully.

She wants a family I realize. I nod my head at her.

“I will take care of you,” I say gently.

She smiles at me and lays down on my arm going fast asleep.

I jolt awake when I sense something that is near me. I look to my side to see the girl is still sleeping and this time she seems more peaceful than in the hospital. When I look up around me there are birds around me. They were silent but they were still fluttering around me, and they were all different types of vibrant colors and sizes.

I smile at how beautiful the birds are despite my confusion. I move to touch one and instead of feeling something solid it turned into smoke that wraps around my hand. The other birds seem to notice and they all come to me fluttering around me and the girl as more of them appear in the room.

She wakes stirs for a moment and as she wakes up the birds disappear.

It clicks.

It clicks for me. We had to figure out this girl's family because they were most likely the cause of the things that were coming after her.

When she was sleep weird things happened and things came after her. This girls dreams were coming to life and whatever she went through was part of her nightmares. That's probably why I saw myself when she was sleep. Our dreams were part of our conscious hell people in our dreams we think we have never met are people we just pass by in the streets.

The real question was why the hell were they trying to take her away and what was going to happen when they did.

I smile at her as she gets up and goes to the bathroom. I pull out my phone and send a text to the team of what my theory is.

It doesn’t take long to get different responses. Most of them were that they would look into something different and the girl would come in for more test and this time we would be prepared.

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