Mastering the Fire

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Bitches End Up Ditches

I just couldn’t catch a break around here.

He watched me carefully his lips pulled back snarling and as I stared into his eyes I saw how lifeless they were. Dark Elementals were not all bad, but they needed to feed from the energy of others. Often times they lived in big cities were they could pull a little energy from a lot of people. When they did not get the energy they needed then they became like this guy. Their powers slowly taking over their mind and souls.

He was still holding me up in the air by the neck and he was now sniffing me.

“Ummm Fido I don’t appreciate the sniffing” I choked out as his hand began to squeeze harder.

He brought me closer so that I was face to face and proceed to lick me. I gagged and began to struggle.

“You are powerful little girl”. He threw me on the floor and tilted his head. “You will be fun to chase”.

I got up and started. I was no weak bitch and if he wanted to fight then boy, o boy, I would give him a fight.

I began to move back getting a good view of my surrounding and watching him. I had Goddess power right. This should not be too hard. Plus the training that I had. Piece of fucking cake. If only I brought my weapons.

“Come on Fido, I don’t have all day”.

He laughed or what I can assume was a laugh and the alternate slowly began to change. Shit his place his fucking rules. We were not in a field, so no hiding space and no makeshift weapons

“You will be good for the greater power girl. Join me.”

“Pray tell what is this greater power you are now talking about.”


“Evolution like the wrestling team? Should I start calling you Triple H?” I couldn’t help put giggle up at my own joke, he on the other hand did not seem to appreciate it.

“You laugh at something you do not understand”.

He lifted his hand and I felt the shift. He was pulling his powers to him and I watched as dark smoke that looked like it has the consistency of tar came out of his hand. I had only seen a few Dark Elemental in my life and I always found their power fascinating. Then to my surprise the smoke was all over me and I was lifted into the air and flung. I landed hard in what looked like a ditch. My spine was in pain, but I had worse and it did not look like I would have time to recover as I saw more smoke coming from above me.

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