Mastering the Fire

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She was sitting in the chair and staring at the tv mounted on the wall. She stares at it with little interest and says nothing to anyone.

“How exactly are we going to test her?” I ask the doctor beside me.

“It is very simple, we know that she is a Soul and Fire Elemental, but she can make her dreams or nightmare come to life. It is very possible, actually, you know she can do it when she is awake. You saw it at the fire when those things attacked you when she was awake. So she can’t control yet and we don’t know to what extent her power goes” he says flipping through papers.

“That didn’t tell me what we will be doing to test her,” I say with an eyebrow raised and my arms crossing in front of me.

“We will make her agitated, hopefully, by playing the clips from earlier in the hospital. She might realize some of her power and we then can take steps to study it” he says finishing reading the last of the papers.

Yassie bust through the door with a smile on her face.

“I figured out who the girl is. Come meet us in our room” she says walking out as quickly as she came.

“Don’t run any test just yet. Wait until I get back and we can discuss this more” I say running after her.

Once I enter the room everyone was already sitting down.

“Okay, so what did you find?” I ask Yassie while taking a seat.

She tosses me a tablet and on it is the girl, but she was smaller.

“Meet Penelope Smith. When she was three years old her home was attacked by home invasion. There were two rivers both dressed in all black. They killed her parents in front of her and as it turns out it wasn’t two random people. They were cousins to the family and they tried to take her but was stopped by the police” Yassie says summing up the report.

“That explains why the people are like a smoky black,” I say.

“It also explains why they are so hell-bent on taking her and why they change to people that she knows” Danny finishes.

“What happened to her afterward? Why was she so hard to find?” I ask.

“It says that she went through immediate family quickly as weird things were happening,” Yassie says.

“Weird things, I assume are the figures that show up and try to take her,” Iago says.

“Yep and after that, she was put into foster care where she was then adopted by one of the Earth Tribes. She seemed to live there peacefully for a while with no reported incidents until that tribe was attacked. She disappeared after that. That was almost two years ago” Yassie explains.

“Where the hell was she for those two years?” Amathea asks.

“There is no kind of record of her anywhere for two years” Yassie shrugs “which is why she was so hard to find” she finishes.

“So how do you think she will react if we tell her this?” I ask.

“She probably won’t even remember. This happened to her so long ago it not her making a choice it is her subconscious” Iago says.

“I think we should focus on getting her help and honing in on her power. Those things can cause harm to people” Danny nodded in agreement.

“Okay, so I will get back to the testing room and let the doctor know. I don’t want to purposefully agate her so we can test her” I say while standing up.

“I’ll come with,” Yassie says standing up and we walk hand in hand back to the doctor’s room.

Once we got there I could see that Penelope was still sitting down watching the television. She was smiling at the cartoon was on and I then decided to try something.

“Penelope hun, come here” I call out. Her head snaps up at me and her face looks confused. She stares at me for a moment and her breath deepens.

She stands ups and walks towards me with a small smile. I hold out my hand and she grabs it. I scoop her up and hold her up on my hip. It then occurs to me how small that she is.

She should be at least ten years old, but she was so much smaller than that. I frown at her and look back at the doctor.

I smile back at her and I take her back to the meeting room.

“Doctor we can come back and do test… well hopefully never” I say as we leave.

As we go back into the meeting room with everyone turns to look at Penelope.

“Can we call a therapist in as soon as possible?” I ask setting her down on the couch.

Danny nodes grabbing his phone while I watch Amathea shift into a small tiger. She sits next to Penelope which causes her to let out a giggle.

She pets Amathea and I watch as Amathea gently plays with her large paws. Penelope laughs harder as Amathea starts to chuff and lay down. Penelope lays down next to her putting her head down on her body.

“We will have a therapist sent here in less than an hour and they will start a meeting today. A Private meeting Siren. You can not sit in on the meeting with her” he says.

“I need to be there. I can protect her is she is with me” I say my defense says rearing its head.

“She is going to be here in the building. She is not going anywhere and she will be okay” Iago says to me grabbing my hand.

“I know that but still I want to be with her. I promised her that I would protect her” I say to him.

They all stare at me with a small frozen. I knew that I probably was not supposed to make that promise and I knew that but she needed it. It didn’t matter that it was a figment of her imagination she was still in danger.

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