Mastering the Fire

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I stare out the window sticking my head out. The women in the uniform were holding onto me so that I would fall out. She said something about me being really small and it is really easy to slip.

Not that it mattered anyway, I wouldn’t mind falling out of the van. The moment of free falling and then hopefully- relief.

That was too much to hope for though and soon I was inside a building. The walls were padded in black, not white which was really surprising to me. I curl up on myself and stare at the door waiting for someone to come in.

After a while, no one still came in and I dozed off. The minute the door opens my head snapped up and I growl out at the man who enters the room.

He says nothing to me as I growl out at him. So I push my head back down and ignore him as he sits next to me.

He pulls out a brown paper bag and I sniff it recognizing it as food. He pulls out two burgers and two different cups. He sets one of each next to him and he opens a burger and starts to eat. I watch him and sit up creeping over to the burger. When my paw reaches out to move the other burger toward me he pushes it back and raises an eyebrow.

I hiss at him and he hisses back his eyes glowing and I shrink back.

After a moment I start to change back to human, my panther concluding that I was safe enough for now.

“Hello Danny, I am doctor McCowen. It is nice to meet you” he says pushing the burger towards me.

I say nothing to him as I snatch out of his hands and before he can say anything I grab the cup too.

He chuckles and rolls his eyes at me continuing to eat his burger. I rip the paper off of mine wondering why it was there. Our burgers came from the box in the freezer and were wrapped in plastic that had to be taken off before heating it in the ding machine.

I shove it down my throat not even tasting before taking a sip out the cup. I spit out as it bubbles in my mouth, not like water.

I look at the man and growl at him.

“It’s Sprite” he says in between chews. He finishes his burger and balls up the paper and puts it in the brown paper bag.

He takes a sip of his drink and I try to do the same slower this time. It taste good after getting use to the weird feeling and it is also very sweet.

“Well Danny, since we have both eaten I would like to talk about what happened. I will start about our side of the story and you will tell us yours. That way everyone can know the full perspective” he says leaning towards me.

I finished off the last sip of soda in my bottle and slowly I start to shift back into my panther form.

He lips thin and I can tell he is upset, but he says nothing about me changing my form.

“Two days ago there was an explosion in the middle of nowhere which our guys soon found out was because of compressed air. We find rooms upon rooms filled with kids, but to our surprise as we go to check it out we find twenty children locked away in cages underground. Most of them dead or on death’s door except for you Danny. You were sitting in the middle of the room floating with a girl at your feet. By the imprint next to her it seemed you were laying next to her for a few days before the explosion happened. The explosion happened right around the same time she died from blood loss” he says staring directly into my eyes.

I start to get agitated and I snarl. He doesn’t know anything, he doesn’t know what happened.

I shift back and I lung at home, but he seems to be prepared and I hit a airfield in the next moment.

I say nothing to him and sit back down and stare. He stares back at me waiting for me to respond.

“Her name is Elle. Bad man bring her one day and she was bleeding from her private part. She bleed a lot and I could do nothing. She sweat and sweat for days and she shivers like she is cold. Elle my friend for a long time. I am oldest at home, so I feed everyone with ding machine and water and she come after me. When she die I feel angry so I angry and then there is air” I tell him looking down.

“At home Danny? Do you mean underground?” he ask shaking his head.

“Yes, that is only place I ever remember. Sometimes Bad man would bring tiny machine that play movies and we watch, but none make me feel like I remember” I tell him slowly.

He nodded his head in understanding and waits for me to say more except I have nothing left to day.

“Do you know why ‘Bad Man’ kept you there?” he ask.

“Yes, we get sold to people to be slave. We work for them and he get money. When you don’t listen you get put in cage and if you do, you can stay in room and get feed. Also no beatings” I tell him.

He looks angry for a moment before smiling at me and I just stare back. I shift back into my pather and he takes a deep breath.

He stands up and I move with him. He doesn’t stop me and when we leave the room there is a boy there. He has amber eyes and blond hair with blue streaks. He smiles at me for a moment before going to pet me.

I snarl at him but that doesn’t do anything to stop him.

“Hello Danny, my name is Rezzie. It is nice to meet you”.

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