Mastering the Fire

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A Checkmate to Start the Game

I sat next to my father as he-- no as we looked down at our people. All of them stood before us looking straight ahead. The women on one side to the left, the men in the middle, and the children to the right. A very disticnt design of course made by my father. If the men tried to resist then shooting would occur. The children would be scared and most likely try to get to their mothers just as the mothers would try to go to the children as well.

The fathers would be pushing out to either direction causing mass chaos all while soldiers shoot into the mass not caring who got killed in the process. He made this senerio very clear to them.

So no one moved, not a single person as he made his announcement.

“We have been planning this for years. A chance to take back the world that was taken from me years ago. All of the preparations have been made and we are now all ready to go to war. Generations ago your ancestor followed me into battle. Now it is time that you do the dame. Those of you who are able to fight will fight in this battle. People of ages 18-35 please stand still and the rest of you may leave. If you are a child without a parent please go to one of the three guards standing in the back and be ready to be moved into a different home for the time being” he says lazily.

Like he doesn’t care.

Like he doesn’t care that he is about to rip apart families. I try yo keep my face neutral as children begin to cry and scream. As mothers sons and as husbands look around trying to soothe the ones that they can. I watch as the elderly leave some scooping up children by the guards who are probably not even theirs. They know that the child will have a better chance off with them than here.

“Ahh yes and those of you that are sick, pregnant, or physically disabled my also leave. I forgot to mention that part” he says rolling his eyes as several women waddle away.

“Now those of you left are to be trained. We are going to war, it is in your best interest to be prepared” he sasy standing up. I follow suit and walk behind him exactly six feet apart, as is proper into we are completely out of sight then I stop measuring the distance between us and begin walking normally.

Once we enter his study room he sits and turns to me. He states at me in my eyes and says nothing. I don’t expect him to. I stare back at him and then I start to feel it. His powers flow out and his red eyes seem to glow within. I try to stare longer but it is getting harder as his power wraps around me, choking me and I try to push it away. The more that I push the harder that it grabs onto me.

“Are you ready for this?” he ask still grabbing me with his power.

“Yes” I say pulling myself away.

“Where is your father?” he ask his voice distanicing.

I say nothing back to him and continue to stare focusing on controlling my heartbeat.

“Where are your warriors” he yells pushing more power onto me. I focus on my heartbeat and pull myself further away until his voice it a mummer in the background. I open my eyes and I am in a field.

By myself.

The river in front of me shows me what is happening as my father pushes more power on me, but I do not a thing. I look around I see my mother like I always do. She does not look at me nor does she say a thing. She stares down into the river watching what happens.

It continues, his questioning and I say nothing proving that I succeed in distracting myself. Like always I try to get the attention of my mother, but she does not seem to see me or feel me. When I feel the power finally pull away I start to push myself back. I realize while I pulled away that he cut my arms several times.

I say nothing and let the blood spill out freely.

For a moment he smiles at me.

Then he turns dismissing me into my room. Once I was alone I let out a shaky breath. I swallow the painful gasp and sway to the bathroom and clean my wounds.

I lean up against the wall and catch my breath after they are all clean. I walked to my bed knowing that I would need my rest.

The war was starting soon and I needed all the rest that I could get.

I lay down and I stare up at the ceiling. I think about the girl that followed me back through the portal. We knew that she had made it back with our spy watching her. She also grew stronger everyday. So strong that my father had given me a simple task.

I needed to kill her.

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