Mastering the Fire

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A Lead

“How did Penelope’s meeting with McCrowen go?” Danny asks sitting next to me.

I don’t say anything for a few heartbeats and I blow out a deep breath.

“It went fine I guess. How do you know him anyway? You seem to have a special connection with him” I ask turning to look at him.

“He helped me out a while ago when I first came here. He is Rezzie’s father”.

I stare at him and raise my eyebrow at him in surprise. The doctor did not seem like the fatherly type and Rezzie had no reaction to seeing him.

“He didn’t really seem like it,” I say looking at him.

“McCrowen, as much as I love him and look up to him, was not the best father. He spent a lot of time helping his clients that he did pay attention to his own son. Then he left after his wife died, dropped off Rezzie and didn’t come back for six months. Rezzie was ten years old. He then decided that he wanted to study Rezzie. Can you imagine what Rezzie felt like?” he asks me.

I shake my head and look down. I knew what it was like losing your mom, but I don’t know how would do it without my father. We shared our pain together and we were able to move on together.

Amathea came through the door and smiled at us.

“We have a lead,” she says happily.

I and Danny get up and we follow her into our team room. Everyone was already sitting down, and why am I always the one that gets information last. I was pretty over it at this point, but I was not surprised at this point.

“So what did we find out?” I ask sitting down in my chair.

“There have been small power spikes all over the world. At first, we thought that they were unconnected and were just children gaining their powers and were unable to control them. We soon noticed a pattern through the power surges. Each spiked at the same level” Ash starts.

“So what does that mean for us Iago,” asks looking through his folder.

“That’s the thing there was a bar across one of the warehouses and a party at one of another one. By chance there were photos taken, each photo contained a man in a cloak which would later turn out to be Raiyaan. The son of Rau a man that was thought to be a myth until a couple of years ago” Ash finishes.

“What myth is this exactly,” Danny asked.

“Rau was one of the first people one on this planet. He was, according to the story, the very person to receive Goddess powers, but he was corrupt thinking that the more people that the Goddess made were for his control. When they did not listen to him he was upset and killed hundreds of people. This is what caused the Goddess to curse him which caused his always red eyes for all the blood he spilled” Amathea says.

“He was also cursed to live forever so that he had to live with what he did, but it backfired for her or more likely for us. He never regretted what he did. In fact, he was grateful for the immortality because he had time to create a master plan” Yassie finishes.

“So he has a son. My main question is who slept with him?” I shrug.

“That is a good question. It might not have been contentious but that is not the problem is him and his son” Ash states.

“So what do we know about the son?”

“From our spy, we know that he is being trained by his father to be the best. However, is not like a real father-son relationship. It is said he often beats him to get subordinate and only ever gives him attention when he is needed for something” Amathea says.

“So what do we think that they are doing with the different warehouses and the power spikes?” Iago ask.

“We are not completely sure. It could be that they are opening up more portals all over the world, but that would be the worse case senerio because it would mean that they are planning something worse than we thought. They could be planning to attack”.

“Attack with who. Who would support this madman?”

“His main power focus when he received Goddess power was the power to raise the dead, but once he raised them if he killed them it was said that they wouldn’t be able to get into paradise. So I imagine he holds that above them” Ash states.

“So we would be fighting an army of the undead,” I say.

They all nod their heads at me and I roll my eyes. Of course, we would.

“So do we have a plan for this upcoming war”

“Well for one we will begin to train Penelope,” Yassie says clapping her hands.

“Okay, what does that have to do with the fight?” I ask.

“She will need to fight Siren” Iago whispers to me.

I stare at for a moment.

Just stare.

“You're fucking serious. I can’t believe you guys. She is a CHILD, not a fucking weapon. She is not doing it. That is the end of this discussion. If she fights, I’m not going too” I say crossing my arms.

“This is not a choice you get to make Siren. It is happening and there is nothing that you can do about it” Ash responds.

I stare at him and say nothing back.

“So what is the plan” Yassie asks.

“Well despite what we know we do think that the son is important to his plan. If we kill him then we stop his plans and maybe piss him off to the point where he makes a critical mistake. So you have a job to focus on something. You need to kill him”.

“Why exactly do I need to kill him?” I question.

“Because he is obsessed with you. He has a clear plan that involves you and his son if you do it will throw him off like I said” Ash rolls his eyes.

“That is not fair for Raiyaan. To me, it doesn’t like he has a choice in whether or not he wants to do this. Hell, as far as we know he hasn’t even had the chance and were are just going to kill him to get a reaction from his father” I say.

“Again your opinion doesn’t matter”.

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