Mastering the Fire

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How Am I Going to Do This?

My spine was in pain, but I had worse and it did not look like I would have time to recover as I saw more smoke coming from above me.

I never really fought a Dark Elemental and I did not know how to stop the smoke. Common sense told me, however, that since that Light Elementals and Dark Elementals often fought because Light Elementals with the right amount of Light could kill a lot of Dark Elementals at once just like Dark Elementals could kill a lot of Light Elementals with the correct amount of Darkness. So in theory I could defeat this guy with the correct amount of Light.

I let the smoke cover me again and I flew up in the air and I braced myself to fall. It never happened and I screamed loud as the smoke began to pulling on my limbs slowly as of they were trying to stretch my body like a rubber band. As I cried out I saw him. Laughing his eyes lit up with glee and he walked towards me.

“Does it hurt?" he called out while laughing. His smirk was pure evil. I tried to picture myself bathed in light. It was so hard to think and suddenly the pain stopped. I opened my eyes hoping to see light and to my utter shock I wasn’t and now I was eye level with him.

“Don’t worry my love, I won’t kill you like that. It would be a waste. I like to have more fun with my toys” he whispered to me and suddenly the field began to ripple and change. Now we were standing in what looked in a dungeon. There were chains on my wrist and ankles that were attached to the wall in a X shape. He smiled at me and then there was a knife in hand. My clothes disappeared. I was getting worried and my panic began to rise as memories began to rise. How was I supposed to get out of this.

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