Mastering the Fire

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Being the daughter of one of the most powerful packs had its perks and it had its drawbacks. As a child I experienced one of those drawbacks. I don’t remember much the psychologist said I probably locked those memories away which was for the best. All I know was I was with them for two months. I don’t remember how I got their just that the day after my 7th birthday I really wanted ice cream. I remember standing in line and seeing my body guard’s face and it held pure horror. Then things went black.

I woke up screaming as they whipped me. Over and over all of them laughing telling me that I was going to make them lots of money. I don’t remember much after that.

They pushed all sorts of drugs in me and everything was always hazy. Until it wasn’t. My father found me. Chained to a wall, beaten, I hadn’t been feed in days, and sitting in my own pee. I vowed that day that I would become strong as my father broke in tears that he couldn’t protect me. I vowed that I would protect myself, so that no else would have to. I had the scars on my body to remind me of that vow.

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