Mastering the Fire

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I watched him watch me. He wanted to me to afraid of him. I wouldn’t let him know I was. I was stronger than this and I would prove it and that is when I felt it. The rush and I felt dizzy. He immediately growled at me his jaw unhinging. I yelled back snapping my chains and watched him closer. He began to move back. I noticed that he was getting smarter and I tilted my head in curiosity I wonder if he was shrinking himself.

“No. You should not be able to do this”

“You said it yourself. You felt my power.”

My voice sounded different and I figured out why he looked so small. I was floating. I giggled, this power was fun. I moved toward him and he took a stance fear in his eyes and smoke floating around him.

“You may have power girl, but you don’t know how to use it. I have been around for hundreds of years I know what rue powers is. You are nothing to me. You are…”. There was silence as I looked at him in his eyes. Standing in front of him holding his beating heart.

“What was that you were saying. I could quite hear you.”

I moved back and watched his body fall and the space crack slowly as it fell apart and I was standing in a parking lot. As I looked around I saw assassin’s running around looking for me.

“Hey I shouted. I’m right here”. They all stopped moving at once and stared at me. Then Mr. Asshole aka the driver came out. He walked towards me and glared.

“Where were you?”

“Apparently in the home of a Dark Elemental”

“Is that why you are naked?”

I looked down at myself it suddenly aware that I was 100 percent buck ass naked and covered in blood. Well this was very inconvenient. Not to mention kind of embarrassing, but there was nothing that I could do beside put some clothes at this point.

“Keep staring asshole and I might start to think that you like me” I barked at him.

He looked at me and smirked turning away saying “I bring you some clothes little Goddess”.

“Thank you” I mumbled.

A few moments later I was tossed a shirt and a pair of underwear. I guess I wasn’t getting a bra which was fine I guess. As I was tossed in the car with my handcuffs back on of course. We drove for longer time and I learned my lesson about asking to stop. As the trees got thinner and thinner I noticed a large building in front of me and gasped. The name on the front. I thought this school was a fucking legend like Area 51 type legend. The Academy. A school that was whispered about where they trained the best of the worldwide and carried out missions that the public couldn’t even begin to think about.

“This can’t be real” I say as I crane my neck to look out the window. As we get closer I can see that it is heavily guarded with 1 every 12 feet by the looks of it. As the car pulled up Mr. Asshole pulled out a card and spoke briefly to the guard before we were let in. We continued to drive out to the back of the building and parked in what looked like a parking garage. I waited patiently or as painterly as I could as could to be removed from the car and when I finally was I noticed that everyone was moving and walking to God knows where leaving me with Mr. Asshhole. God I really needed to know this man’s name calling him Mr. Asshole was getting boring quickly. As I opened to speak I was cut off by a sequel and as I turned to the source I saw a blonde that was a inch or two shorter than me bounce over rushing asshole and jumping into his arms.

“Hey Ash” she cried out with a slight accent.

“Hello Yassie”. He mumbled and glanced at me for a moment. She turned to look at me and then is when I noticed her tattoo peeking from the straps of her shirt. She was a Healer and that is when it clicked for me. She was Ash’s healer. All assassins had them. Assassins were naturally born fighters and killers all of them had a weapon they were especially good with, but they had partner which were always healers. Healers, as implied by the name, healed. They had to bring people back from the brink of death and had intense connection similar to mates. However, Healers and Assassins did not need to have a romantic relationships. Some of the partners were really good friends while some got married. I surprised to say the least that Ash seem to have a powerful Healer based on her tattoo. Seems like things were getting more interesting.

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