Mastering the Fire

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Care to Explain

Seems like things were getting more interesting.

I watched the two of them as they watched me.

“Is this the girl?”

“Have you been briefed already?”

“No it is all over the news ‘The Girl with Goddess Power’. I figured that it what you were out handling”.

“Yes this is her and her name is Siren”

“Hey” I spoke out, “I don’t remember giving you my name”.

“You didn’t have to. I am fully aware of who you are and on top of that names are displayed on the screen when power has been passed” he replied to me.

Well he got me there. Unfortunately, I was getting very bored just standing around in one of the most secret locations in the world. I also very much would like to know what was going on. I didn’t have to wait long because he walked over to and took of my cuffs.

“I wouldn’t try anything stupid if I were you. You won’t make it very far. Now follow me”. As he walked of I wondered what would happen if I just ran, but Yassie was watching me carefully, so I followed behind him with Yassie on my side.

We walked down hallways and most of them were stark white. These people must not have any creativity, but the farther that we walked the more and more guards I saw and the more and more time Ash had to flash his I.D. over fancy tech. Finally we made it to what looked like a steel door and he opened moving inside first.

What I saw shocked me. I thought we were going to the big guy in charge or something in that nature, but instead I was standing inside a bedroom. A king sized bed was in the center. The walls were painted a dark navy blue and the furniture was all black. There was even a large flat screen t.v. and a fridge that was more mini/medium sized. It was very appealing to me as these were some of my favorite colors.

“This is where you will be staying”

“Umm no?” I replied. “I will be staying in my house once my father comes and gets me. Thank you very much”.

“You really think the government is going to let you stay at home with Goddess power? You really are delusional. The only time someone is born with Goddess power is when there is a war to be fought. A war that you are not trained power wise or fighting wise prepared for”.

“Really I’m not prepared someone who just killed a Dark Elemental by herself a few hours ago without any help”.

“You really think that is a challenge?” Yassie spoke up. “Anyone her could do that here. You are untrained and that is dangerous for you and those around you”.

“Is that why I am here to train? Or is government worried I’m going to pick the wrong side in this so called war. Worried they won’t be able to control me.”

Ash started at me and backed up grabbing Yassie’s hand as he went towards the door.

“Siren you need to calm down”.

I laughed. “Calm down. You want me to fucking calm down. After I was kidnapped, almost taken by a crazy ass Dark Element, and then told that had to stay in this place because of a war that no one even knows about, but assuming that I need to fight in”.

“Yes” Yassie said. “Siren this is not about you. Get over it this is bigger than anything that you could imagine and right now you are giving them the chance to say your not stable. Not stable enough to control you power. Not a table unless they pump drugs into your body”.

“Don’t give them a reason” she whispered.

I took a deep breath. Trying to slow my breathing and looked at the both of them.

“Get out”.

Yassie opened her mouth to speak but I cut her off. “Please just get out”.

They walked to the door and Yassie looked at me one last time before walking out the door and shutting it.

As soon as they left I walked around the room trying to take everything in. There were two doors the one closest to the bed was the bathroom and the other one was the closet. There was a cabinet next to the fridge when looked inside had snacks and a microwave so that I could warm things up. The fridge was fully stocked with juice, soda, and water. Along with some other basic foods. I grabbed two sodas, a bag of candy, chips, and microwavable mac and cheese. I pulled the microwave out and followed the directions on the mac and cheese. As it cooked I moved to the bed and set myself up a spot. I moved pillows and put my soda and snacks in a certain place. I went and got the remote set it on the bed and went back to the microwave as it went off. I set it on top to cool down and went in the cabinet for a fork. Once I food them I went back to bed and turned on the t.v. finding a movie that I would like.

I stayed in bed for the rest of the night. Eating and watching movies. Only getting up to pee and throw my trash away. I feel asleep wondering if anyone around here was explain anything else to me.

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