Mastering the Fire

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“Iago are you ready”, Ash called me and not surprisingly Yassie followed behind him.

“Where is the girl?”

“In her room. She is not to happy so we won’t be back to introduce her until tomorrow” Yassie said simply.

“Alright let’s go talk to the big guy”.

As we walked off I took notice of my surrounding. I wasn’t worried about being attacked it was just natural instinct for me. I practically grew up here and was trained to be the best as a result I was. Belonging to two groups was not common, but it wasn’t rare either. It gave me an advantage over everyone else and used that to my full ability.

Soon we stood in front of the familiar red door and it opened slowly revealing Ferrutius sitting down in his usual chair. I took a deep breath before going into the room. Ferrutius has unbelievable power and it is constantly being pushed out around him making it hard to be in his presence. He watched as we walked in and looking around I could see that there were already three other people in the room. Danny who was a Panther and Air Elemental, Rezzie who was a Fire and Earth Elemental, and Amathea who was a Weather Elemental, Soul Elemental, and Tiger shifter. Amathea was the most powerful out of us all and she was the youngest as well being only 15.

“As you may already know, today at the testing ceremony there was a girl that was gifted Goddess power. You all know what this means. This girl needs to be trained, but she also needs a team. At the moment you are all better than the best of the best. You are her team and the people that are if worst comes to worst protect her with your life”, Ferrutius said calmly while making eye contact with each and everyone one of us.

“I have set up a special room that will be stocked with weapons, food, entertainment, and beds. There will also be a training section. I want all you to act like a team that means sleeping, breathing, and eating together. I suggest you guys go there now it is on the East Wing”.

We took that as being dismissed and all began to walk over to the room. Only Yassie and Amathea were talking. Or more specifically Yassie was talking to Amathea and Amathea was nodding shyly.

Once we made it into the room and got settled around the large table a seat for everyone we each took turns introducing ourselves. Yassie as always was outgoing and dragged Ash into it as well. Danny and Rezzie were already good friends. Amathea being the youngest and the shyest didn’t say much. Once everyone left I asked her to stay behind.

“Hey Amathea can I talk to you?”

“Yes”, she replied.

“I know it might be hard being the youngest and I know how shy you are, but remember you are powerful and I’ll be in your corner”.

“T-thank you”.

“No problem. We are all in this together”.

As she left I wondered what we would be facing and prayed to the Goddess that we would make it all through this.

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