Mastering the Fire

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Waking Up

The first thing I thought when I woke up how much I was going to hate this day. I did not want to go outside and face the music or the people. I got dressed and decided that I was going to wait to eat breakfast. As I sat down on my bed I wondered what today was going to look like for me. I figured since I was at this government faculty that they wanted me for something beside the fact that they wanted to train me. I was also wondering if they knew what I supposed to face. So far all I have been hearing is training and more training.

While I was contemplating my life my door swung open and in came Yassie. She was holding a cellphone outstretched as she walked yo me.

“Your father is on the phone”.

That was all it took for me to get up and snatch the phone out of her hand.


“Siren are you alright?”

“Yes, I am fine. How is the pack?”

“The pack is happy Siren. All this time they had a blesses one with them. A blessed one that was destined to be there future leader.”

“Was?”, my voice gets low and a part of me hurts. Like I have been rejected by my mate.

“Siren you have a bigger purpose now. You have no need to leave this pack”.

“Then who is going to lead and why do sound as if you are not on your way right now coming for me?”

“Siren you need to do this. You are not a little kid anymore and you have responsibilities. I’m not coming after you. I was promised that you would be kept as safe as possible. I love you Siren”.

I clenched my teeth. “I tolerate… I mean I love you too”. I tried to say jokingly. It didn’t work. After he hung up I was steaming mad. He was examining me. Because of a promise that he made with someone. A promise doesn’t mean shit. People lied all the time and for all he knew these people could be trying to kill me. I mean I’m sure they weren’t but that was not the point I was trying to make.

“Hey can I get my phone back before you crush it in your hands” Yassie whispered.

I looked at her for a moment and blinked.

“Sorry”, I say as I hand her phone back to her.

“I believe that we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Siren and I was kidnapped by the government to use as a weapon that they probably know what they’re up against”.

“Hi I am Yassie a healer that was brought here after my family was murdered by a pack of rouge wolves”.

“Hmm I think that I like you Yassie”.

“I aim to please”.

“I see that you are getting along fabulously and I’m quite upset that I was not invited to this party”. I turned to the voice as it was someone that I did not recognize. He had a slight accent and was slightly taller than me. He had dark skin and dark brown hair. I had to admit that he was good looking and by the way he held himself he knew it.

“You are never invited to parties Danny you are too much of an asshole”.

“That truly hurt me Yassie”. he says as he clutches his chest.

“Yeah life hurts go complain about it somewhere else”.

“Why? I wanted to introduce myself to our lovely leader. Hello Siren my name is Danny”. He turned to look at me and winked.

“Hey”. I reply while smirking. So far I have liked the people I have meet. Expect Ash he could go choke on a whole carrot somewhere.

However, as much this banter was fun I needed to really figure out what the game plan was. I also wanted to start training. It might be the one of the only things that I look forward too.

“So when does training start?”

“Huh… umm I guess now. I think we should train you with you powers first sense that will be your most active defense. We should head to our team room and we can start from there”.


I pull on some shoes that match my tights and shirt and walk out the room where Yassie and Danny are waiting for me in the hallway. We walked down some hallways for about a minute then we stepped into a room that held beds, a kitchen, and what looked like a large training space. Towards on side of the room there was a screen that was set up, but it was dark so I assumed that it was off. Near it was a round desk with chairs all around it. There was no one else in the room so I figured that they were off doing something.

“Come on Siren we will start with your Healing training. I assume that your powers will come naturally, but it will be good to have practice with them”. Yassie was sitting on the floor and crosses her legs waiting for me patiently. I walk over to her and sit down like she does.

“Okay healing is pretty simple and we will start with healing simple things okay?”

“Alright. This shouldn’t be too hard”.

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