Tears From Hell

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Chapter 10

"Austin, wake up, Austin,"

"Five more minutes,"

"Austin, we need to leave," Miranda said sitting on the boy's bed. After the spell, both of them couldn't be stuffed leaving since it was the middle of the night. Luckily, there was a place to sleep and Miranda had let him have the needed eight hours, while she herself only needed about six.

"Please mum, just five more minutes," Austin muttered turning around, showing the sleeve to his grey t-shirt.

"Austin… I'm not your mother nor do I want to be."

Carefully opening an eye, Austin expected to see his mum's light blonde hair, instead he saw Miranda's golden locks and then her blue eyes. A deep red tainted his checks and he muttered 'sorry', before hiding his face in the pillow.

Miranda giggled and looked around the old room. They needed a plan, one that she and Danielle were starting to create. However, they needed a safe place. One that the demons couldn't get to. This house wasn't it, only one was… one that was build years ago.

"Miranda?" Austin asked. The girl was being quiet and he didn't know what was going through her mind "is something wrong? And if so, how can I help?"

"Just thinking."

"About what?"

"Danielle called last night,"

"Did something happen?" Austin asked while sitting next to the girl "is Jerry okay? You can tell me,"

"Jerry's fine, Danielle's keeping an eye on him," Miranda told him, while looking at the purple sheets "we were just starting to make plans and we need to look for something… before we can go to Russia,"

"And what are we looking for?"

"You'll just have to wait."

"In that case, don't worry Miranda," he told her, while putting his arms around her waist "everything will work out in the end, you'll see,"

"How do you know?"

"I believe in you, so trust yourself,"

"Austin, we need to get something ready,"

"Something going to happen?"

"Everything has a risk," she told him while getting off the bed and picking up her hacking bag. She also picked up Austin's putting it next to the boy "you should know that. Mr Vampire Hunter,"

"Very funny,"

"We're going to my mother's old house,"


"You and Jerry are human," she told him while putting her hands on her hips "my mother's old house has medical supplies, since she was human before her change."

"Completely human?" Austin asked. His eyes widening, he knew her mum was human, but didn't think she would be completely human.

"She was born in Egypt."

"We have to go to Egypt?"

"No," she told him rolling her eyes "she was born in Egypt, but was turned in Poland… you know the state we're half in,"

"That make sense,"

"Of course it does,"

Austin just looked at her with a raised eyebrow. He didn't know where that came from, but she was acting her age, well her physical age anyway.


"You just something a teenager would," he said while holding back a smile "the world must be ending, everyone run for cover. Miranda's just acted like a teenager,"

"Austin… I am a teenager," Miranda huffed crossing her arms under her chest "I am physically seventeen, so you're just a year old than I am,"

"True, but I'm eighteen physically speaking and actually," Austin said pointing at her "you're two hundred and should act you're age,"

Miranda just looked at him, with a smile. She looked behind her and then fainted. Austin almost had a heart attack, when he opened his eyes and Miranda was on the floor. He sat next to her and put his hand on her neck, trying to find her pulse. When he found it, he just sighed and picked her up.

"That wasn't funny,"

"You're the one who told me to act my age," she told him, putting her arms around his neck "humans don't live to two hundred, your kind rarely lives to ninety,"

"Doesn't mean you had to fake being dead,"

"Only way to act my age,"

"Miranda, please don't do that again," Austin told her. A smile appeared on Miranda's face and he just smiled at her "if you do… then I'll have to do something about it,"

"And what could you do?"

"This," he said while putting her on his bed and tickling her ribs. He quickly learned that Miranda was ticklish on her ribs and nowhere else.

Miranda tried to hold back her laughter, but wasn't able to "Stop, Austin," she said in between her laughter "I won't do it again, just please stop,"


"I… promise,"

"Good." Austin said stopped. Leaving Miranda giggling on the bed and trying to catch her breathe. Austin almost laughed himself, when Miranda glared at him. He didn't know why they were fighting like school children.

"Very mature Austin,"

"I know,"

"We'll need to leave soon," Miranda told him while getting off the bed "we'll need to go to my mother's house, do we'll need to eat,"

"Are we there?" Austin asked as they made their way through the forest. Miranda only groaned at his question. It was the same on he asked thirty minutes ago. They had a break every three hours, she still doesn't know how his kind was able to kill hers "Come on Miranda, we've been walking almost three hours,"

"How did you chase my kind?"

"Car or truck."


"Don't I know it!"

"Austin… you're sad," Miranda told him. They wouldn't be able to take another break. She didn't want Austin out at night, at least not in this forest. She stopped making Austin walk into her back, throwing the taller male over her shoulder, she continued.

"Miranda, you don't have to carry me."

"Bad luck, princess," she told him rolling her eyes "you can have your break over my shoulder or you can stop whining and walk,"

"I'll walk,"


"Miranda, where is your mother's house?" Austin asked. He wanted something to take his mind away from his feet "and is there something out here?"

"I don't want you out at night. You humans are too easy to kill," Miranda told him "one misplaced tree or one misplaced step and you're gone,"

"Misplaced tree? Misplaced step?" Austin grumbled "Mira, I won't die that easily, besides you can't talk -"

"Silver, your father has weapons made out of silver,"

Austin just looked at her. He thought silver just killed werewolves and it just weakened vampires, since Miranda didn't die from being in that cage.

"Get enough in the blood steam," Miranda told him, while jumping on a rock that was in a steam "and my kind will die, a very slow and painful death."


"Not your fault," she told him. She was getting annoyed by his apologies, if said 'sorry' one more time, she would give him a reason to be sorry, not over something someone else did "you're not your father, you're not Benjamin Franklin, so don't apology for something you didn't do,"



"My bad."

"How long has this house been around?" Austin asked when he saw the giant stone building. Unlike Miranda's dad's house, this one didn't have any mould on it and looked like it has been cleaned. The garden also looked cared for.

"House? No this is a castle."

"You said house!"

"I lied."

"Miranda! That isn't funny," he huffed while she just giggled and went to the door. Turning around with a smile on her face, Austin didn't know how much he should worry.

"Want to know what's not funny?" Miranda asked. Not wanting for a replay before continuing "that more than six hundred people died making this place. No one cared about human life back then, not even you human's cared about it."

"We do care!"

"Not back then," she huffed pushing the doors open "Summer was able to kidnap around sixty, fifty people and no one cared. Why because they were all lower class."

"That's sad."


"At lease we're not like that now," Austin told her crossing his arms. If that many people went missing these days, then the police would do something about it "our justice system has gotten better,"

"Last I checked your 'police' has 'cold cases' ones that just sit on the sleeves and collect dust," Miranda told him a smile on her face, as she put her bag down. She was glad that she put that spell on it, one that let them anything in them and it wouldn't affect the weight of it "some have been solved for over fifty years,"

"We care about people, no matter their religion, sexuality, gender and skin colour,"

"That can be argued,"

"How?" Austin asked putting his bag down and sitting on one of the couches. He didn't care how this place was, at lease he can sit down.

"Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and Religion-ism."

"Religion-ism?" he asked looking at the girl in front of him. She just smiled and sat down, not caring that she made him confused.

"I was making words up," she told him and when she looked at his face "what? Shakespeare did,"

"Shakespeare's from the sixteen hundreds."

"Doesn't matter." Miranda told him "he made up a ton of words in his plays. Most are still used today. In face I think 'selfie' was added to the dictionary."

"You know random facts,"

"So…" Miranda said while looking around the room "so you know. Summer put a spell on the house, the insides will change to meet the times, but stay in a style she likes."


"Sadly, no one knows if she's alive," Miranda said while laying down on the couch she was one. They could keep their stuff here and it won't go missing "we also don't know if she was a part of the group that wanted humans to feel our pain,"

"I see," Austin said while copying the girl. The acid in his legs were going down, but he did just hake ten hours with a few breaks "it explains why everything looks new and why it's clean,"

"We'll have to go in the morning," Miranda told him "don't worry, Jerry will be fine. Remember Danielle's watching him and if something happens, she'll 'kidnap' him."

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