Tears From Hell

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Chapter 12

Miranda carefully landed in the wide entrance of the cave, she knew Austin wouldn't last out in that storm, she could barely last in the thing. The seal would break in less than a week, but she'll have to read her mother's book, the one she kept sealed behind her ear.

Laying Austin on the ground, she looked around to see if her sister was there. Before she started looking at plane times, Danielle called her and they agreed to a meeting place. Taking out her phone, she rang her sister's number, having to listen to her ringtone a song name 'Take me to church'.

"Miranda, are you here?" Danielle asked when she answered her phone. Miranda looked at Austin making sure he wasn't covered in snow, but he wasn't, since both were wearing their snow clothes.

"I'm here. Danielle."

"Where are you?"

"Meeting point." Miranda told her. The plan was for her to leave the airport and meet in the forest "we had to go into the cave, since it's snowing cats and dogs out here."

"Danielle… who are you talking to?"

"Why is Jerry with you?" she asked looking at the brunette "I thought you were just planning to keep an eye on him?"

"Something happened," Danielle told her "he's only been with me for the day. Someone told Drew that Austin and 'Yesenia' was missing along with the stuff."

"Savanna and Parker Rose."

"How did you know?"

"They're the only ones I've told that name to," Miranda said leaning against the wall, taking a blanket from the seal on her wrist and out it over the tall male "it's most likely a good thing that we only took a plane to Germany."

"How did you get to Russia?"

"I flew… the old way."

"I see," Danielle sighed looking at her wooden roof "Miranda, is it okay if I put my phone on speaker?"

"Go ahead."

"Mira, is Austin okay?" Jerry asked looking at the silver phone "and are you okay? Savanna and Parker told the guild about you, so they went to see if you were a vampire…"

"But we weren't there."

"I was glad when dad shouted that," Jerry told her a small smile on his face "through he wasn't happy that the whole house had disappeared. He was able to tell them that you were Austin's girlfriend, so if they did find you… Austin would be the one in trouble."

"Your dad keeps getting better and better."


"Where's Danielle?" Miranda asked closing her eyes and putting her head on her knees "and don't worry both Austin and I are fine, but everyone else in Russia might not be."

"She went to get her keys."

"Thanks Jerry."

"Don't worry, Mira. I'll be there soon," Danielle told her. She didn't want her older sister to be left in the woods, not with someone she didn't know "don't worry… Drew didn't see me. I told Jerry about you and he went with me."

"Dad was ready to kill someone."

"Jerry that doesn't help…" Miranda told him "his not going to take any more risks, even for power. He'll kill me or Danielle or even both!"

"I understand… if you end him." Jerry told her. Danielle had shown him her left arm and right leg. He was starting not to care about his dad "I love mum and he had started called her names, it seems he knew all along that she once knew a vampire."

"It's hard, but we'll overcome it."

"I'll see you soon." Danielle said before hanging up.

When Austin opened his eyes, he had a weight on his stomach. Looking he saw that Miranda was asleep, curled up with her head on his stomach. A blanket covered the two and he didn't know where it come from.

A loud noise snapped his head to the entrance, he felt sorry for anyone who was caught in that… didn't Miranda being up a Lady Winter?

"Austin… you're up."

"Miranda… who's Lady Winter?"

"Good morning to you too," Miranda said while looking outside "Lady Winter is a spirit that controls winter, she's older than Summer, but at the same time younger and it's said she comes from the very first ice age."

"I see."

"Danielle will be here soon."

"So we don't have to walk through that?"

"If that was a joke, then I forgot to laugh."

"It wasn't?"

"No, it wasn't." Miranda told him while pointing to the white mess outside "we're going to wait for Danielle to come for us. She has a car for this type of weather… from what she's told me."

"She lives here doesn't she?"

"I wish my father had thought of it," Miranda told him putting the blanket around him, sitting back down. It seemed Austin wasn't happy about, since he opened the blanket making him for her "no one would think of looking for a pureblood in Russia."

Austin just nodded his head and picked the small girl up, putting her on his lap "Miranda… what's your sister like?"

"Danielle… is Danielle." Miranda said while thinking about it "I haven't seen her in two years, anything could change during that time."

"I see."

"When we get there we'll have to start planning."


"The seal… it'll be gone in eighteen hours."

"That's not good." Austin said looking at her, Miranda only looked at him "what could happen if we don't stop it?"

"Then the nightmare will begin."

Austin didn't say anything to that. Before they went to sleep at Miranda's mums place, she had told her the stories her mum had told her when she was young. He didn't want anyone to go through them, and he guessed she left some parts out… which only made things worse.

"Austin is something wrong?"

"Austin… she's here." Miranda told him. It had been two hours since she had called Danielle, one since Austin had fallen quiet. A figure was soon in front of them, Miranda was in front of Austin, until she saw the short ash blonde hair.

"Miranda." She said while looking at the two "And I'm guessing, but the male is Austin. It's nice to meet you, I'm Danielle, Miranda's 'younger' sisters."

"It's nice to meet you, Danielle," Austin said putting his hands on Miranda's shoulders, he looked at the burn on her jaw, one that went from her shoulder to behind her ear "I'm Austin, Jerry's older brother,"

"He told me about you." Danielle told him "don't worry his safe. Your dad isn't happy, buy he'll have to learn to live with it. Also follow me."

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