Tears From Hell

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Chapter 13

"Danielle, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, Austin," Danielle said looking at the road in front of her, she was driving in a tunnel so she was able to see "so what do you want to know?"

"The burn on your face… how did you get it?"

At Austin's question, Miranda looked at her sister from the middle. She wanted to know where the burn had come from, but she didn't want to ask.

"Two years ago I was being chase and I tried to hide in this barn," Danielle told him a sad smile on her face "somehow they knew where I was and they tried burning me out."

"How?" Miranda asked looking at the horrible burn "how are you still here? The burn hasn't healed, why isn't it gone?"

"The man was stupid and locked himself in with me," she told her sister keeping her eyes on the old tunnel, one that she had fixed over the two years "So I was able to get out through the window. I never let it healed, since no one would know I was a vampire. It worked, since I've talked to about three different known vampire hunters,"

"Changed your name?"

"I did Miranda or should I say Yesenia."

"Do you meant telling us the name you use?" Austin asked causing both female to look at him "just in case one of your friends come over."

"Alexis Elizabeth."

"Nice you, Austin."

Miranda just sighed, shotting both of them a glare. The two just smiled at her and she gave up, putting her head on Austin's shoulder, since he wasn't driving. The hike to her father's house, then from Germany to Poland and then the flight to Russia, she was tired and was dead to the world in seconds.

"Austin?" Danielle asked she pulled into her garage. As soon as Miranda had gone to sleep, Austin had followed, however the boy did wake up before her "what are your feelings towards my sister?"

"I love her," he told her while looking at his crushes sleeping face "and I would do anything to protect her and to make her happy."

Danielle looked at him, a smile on her pale tanned face. "Good luck with that," she told him, while her sister was smart… she didn't understand relationships nor could she tell if someone liked her. Miranda was sometimes naïve and clueless.


"I should tell you something."

Austin didn't know what to say, so he just looked at her. Danielle smiled at him and climbed out of her truck, walking to window on the side Austin was sitting on.

"My sister doesn't think anyone would or could love her."

"Well, she's wrong," he told the older girl, putting his arms around Miranda's shoulder, carefully handing her over to Danielle.

"Of course she is," she said walking to the door. They would need to go to the basement, it was warmer down there, not that she or her sister cared about little details like that "aren't you coming?"

Austin just nodded at the girl's question. Without saying a word, he followed Danielle into a living room, where she told him that, she was going to put Miranda in one of the guest bedrooms.



"How's Miranda?" Jerry asked from the couch, a novel resting in his lap and a smile on his lips "hopefully, you two didn't have too much fun while I was gone."

"Jerry!" Austin said while his brother just laughed at him "Miranda is fine, no we didn't have any 'fun'…. What happened?"

"Dad found out I was talking to Miranda." Jerry told him when Austin asked about the hand shaped bruise on his face.

"So he hit you?"

"Right across the face."

"Jerry… did he do anything else?"

"He started shouting about mum… and then about you. He called us 'blood sucking lovers'. He's disowned both of us," Jerry told him putting his head on his knees "everything he's done in his life was for power."

"There's a reason Siena wanted nothing to do with him."

"Why did she leave us then?"

"She knew dad wouldn't let us go," Austin sighed "we weren't old enough and so she had to leave us with that man,"

"What about his code?"

"In some twisted sense… it was the reason he couldn't hurt Miranda."

"So it grew on him. Wasn't it human women at first and when he saw her," Jerry said while pausing to find a way to say what he wanted to say "he must have cursed himself, since even vampires could fell under that."

"It makes sense, since at some point he couldn't even hurt 'blood sucking children', since he couldn't bring himself to do it." Austin said looking at the wooden roof "his code become real and I think he hates it, but he needs the guild on his side."

"Of course he would."

"His greed for power will get him killed one day."

"Mum was right… I should have listened to her," the blonde said picking up a cushion from the dark blue couch his was sitting on "everything she's told me, it's starting to make sense. Everything Miranda and Danielle make sense to me."

"I'm glad you think that highly of what my sister has told you," Danielle said walking into the room, both boys looked at her with shock "and you're right Austin, many people have died because of their greed."

"Have you seen any?" Austin asked looking at the girl, walking over and sitting on one of the chairs "I mean Miranda has told me some of the things she's seen."

"A friend of mine." Danielle told them while taking a seat herself "she lived in Nazi Germany at the time, so she saw what happened to the Jews."

"She knew what was going on?" Jerry asked looking at the older girl "did she do anything about it? Or was she liked everyone else?"

"She's the reason some of them were able to escape to America or Australia," Danielle told them, she almost laughed when they paled "as I was saying… Hitler wanted to take over the world. Luckily for everyone he wasn't able to, he's still being punished for his crimes."


"For a while, he kept being reborn as a male wolf spider… each time the female was faster than him,"

"Faster than him?" Austin asked wondering if the fire also did something to her brain.

"The female ate him. Since females die after giving birth, it's only fair that the males die to bring new life into the world." Danielle said while looking at them "so the females will eat the males, so the males do 'it' outside, some make it out alive, but most don't."

"How do you know?"

"It's my gift."

"Gift?" Jerry asked "what's your gift and do all vampires have a gift."

"I can see your past lives,"

"Past lives?"

"I'll explain later," Danielle told them "ever animal and human has them and I ran into one of Hitler's when I visited Germany. He got hit by a car and I laughed at his pain."

"Does Miranda have one?"

"She does," she said while looking at her lap "she can see people's deaths, but even that has parts to it. She can also cause their death, making their brain think it's dying."

"I'm never pissing her off," Jerry said. He didn't know that he was that close to death. She most likely didn't do anything, since he looked more like his mum and not his dad.

"Miranda doesn't use her gift, she denies she has it," Danielle told them, a sad smile on her face "she's the best in my family, at illusions and seals. Only because she never used her gift."

"She's scared of herself." Austin said before Jerry could ask why she didn't use it "she must have hurt someone and now she's scared of herself."

"It's true. I remember when she hurt me when I was little… I was the one who had to talk to her, since she started to hate herself for doing it."

"That's not the reason, is it?"

"No, Austin, it's not."

"Who did she hurt?"

"Thomas Paine," she told them.

"Who's Thomas Paine?" Jerry asked, he didn't know who it was "I'm guessing he was a part of the American Revolution."

"And the French."

"So who is he?" Austin asked wondering who she was talking about.

"He wrote Common Sense and followed George Washington around in the American Revolution. He wrote Rights of Man in France." Danielle said "Miranda was the cause of his death, she felt worse when he thanked her for it."

"He was written out of the history books? Was he?"

"He was very radical at the time,"

"What did he do?"

"He had four things he'd say all the time," she said "Miranda was the one who told them to me 'My own mind is my own church', 'These times are the times that try men's souls', 'The cause of America is in great measure of the cause of all mankind' and 'Society is produced by wants and government by our wickedness'."

"So Miranda knew him?"

"She was friends with both him, John Adams and Samuel Adams,"

"That must have been hard on her."

"It was, Austin, but you'll have to ask Miranda about it."

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