Tears From Hell

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Chapter 14

Miranda just looked at the clear sky. This was more worrying then when the storm started, it meant that the demons had gotten the energy from it. It was the reason she panicked, she was able to see the magic in the storm, even from America.

She had only been awake for a few minutes. When she woke up, she knew she would need to find the seal and she went through the book her mother gave her, the one she kept behind her ear.

She wasn't able to pin point the seal's location, but it was in Russia and most likely a few hours outside Moscow. That was pretty good, but then again, this would be the millionth time she read that book.

"Miranda, how long have you been up?"

Miranda just looked at him for a second before going back to her book. Austin just sighed, he knew she was worried. Sitting next to the girl, all he saw was colour and a cross. Giving up with trying to figure the book out, he just looked at the landscape. The snow was deep and it might takes days or months for it to go down naturally.

"Is that a map?"

"Yes it is, Austin," Miranda sighed looking back at her book "I'm trying find the seal, but so far all I know that it's in Russia and somewhere near Moscow."

"I see…" Austin said. He didn't know how to bring up the subject, but Miranda needed to stop blaming herself "Danielle told us about her gift."

"That's nice."

"She also told us about yours."

"I'm guessing she got it wrong." Miranda sighed "no one understands my gift, not even mother or father, so Danielle won't understand it."


"What did she tell you?"


"Can't correct information, when I don't know it."

"I'm quoting her, so don't get mad," Austin told her and when Miranda nodded he continued "that 'she can see people's deaths, but even that has parts to it'."


"So you can't also 'cause people's deaths'?"

"I can do that."

"Want to tell me your gift then?"

"It's not a gift, it's a curse."

"I'm sure it's not that bad," he said while giving her a smile, Miranda just sighed and looked at her book, her hair covering her face.

"You really want to know?"

"I wouldn't have asked."

"I can control the brain," Miranda said looking at the ground "everything that happens in the four lopes, I can control."

"Four lopes?"


"Can you can tell me?"


"Miranda, why did you tell me?" Austin asked looking at her. The girl never took her eyes from the map "Jerry and I would have understood -"

"But your dad wouldn't." Miranda told him "there's a reason we kept that hidden. Your dad would have killed me if had known."

"Known what?"

"That I can kill me people just by looking them in the eye!" Miranda said tears going down her checks "that I'm nothing more than the mon-"

"Miranda!" Austin said while putting his hands on her shoulders and making her look at him "You. Are. Not. A. Monster!"

Miranda just looked at him, shocked. She didn't know what to say, and she didn't know what he was like with his temper.

"Danielle told us."

"Told you what?"

"About Thomas Paine."

Miranda didn't say anything. All she could remember was a smile on his face when he died, when he told her, that he didn't care what she was.

"I'm sure he wouldn't want you to blame yourself," Austin told her, a smile on his face as he pulled her into a hug "I'm sure he would want you to smile."

"I don't know…"

"Why don't you tell me about him?"

"If you wish," Miranda said putting her book back into her seal "Thomas was a kind man. He wasn't like the others, who only spoke of liberty for 'rich, white men'. He hated how Britain was run, he also hated the church."

"You were friends with some of the others?"

"John once told me something," Miranda said while nodding to his question "he told me that 'Without the pen of Paine, the sword of Washington would have been wielded in vain' and he was still written out of the history books."

"Something happened."

"It did,"

"What?" Austin asked when he saw hatred in Miranda's eyes "you don't have to tell me."

"He died broke and poor. He was hated in both America and France," she hissed putting her fists in her lap before she punched something "even when he was the one who kept everyone's spirits up, only six people went to his funeral, six."

"Did he die of old age?"

"I killed him."


"I killed him." Miranda repeated "didn't Danielle tell you that? Or did she tell you something different?"

"I don't think you did."

"I did. Found him in the forest, he was so depressed… he lost the will to live," Miranda told him pushing Austin's hands off of her shoulders, looking at the sky "he knew what I was, he knew and didn't care. He asked me to end his life,"

"Did he say something else?"

"He knew he was going to die alone," she told him a bitter smile on her face "so he asked me to kill him, so he would have someone with him… in his final moments."

"He got his wish at your pain," Austin said while watching her from the corner of his eye "you there in his final moments, that must have meant the world to him."

"Did Danielle tell you anything about her gift?" she asked trying to get the topic away from her curse and to Danielle's "or did she just tell you about mine?"

"No she told us about hers," he said. He still found what she told them funny and it had been about two hours "something about Hitler being reborn as a Wolf Spider."

"That sounds like her." Miranda said a smile on her face "I remember this one time, she screamed that someone was a slave, however she meant the man's past life. Poor thing, he was so confused, we were lucky that she was only ten at the time."



"I truly believe that Thomas Paine was born into something great," Austin said looking at the sky "he won't be born as a Wolf Spider… or any spider, now that I think about it."

Miranda just giggled into her hand and that made Austin smile. He was glad that she was starting to forgive herself, he hoped she was.

"Now there's a pretty giggle I like to hear!" he said a giant smile on his face, making Miranda stop and look at him a smile on her face "and a cute smile to match!"

"Very funny Austin."

"Lovebirds." Danielle said from the doorway. She almost laughed when Miranda's eyes went wide, Austin just had a smile on his face "since you find Spiders funny, why don't we talk to them to Jerry… or we could talk about the weakening seal."

"Danielle I was trying to its location." Miranda told her pointing to her ear and taking the book out, along with an updated map "we can't plan anything without knowing where it is."

"We still need to plan."

"Hello Aunty Mira," Jerry said while he was reading one of Danielle's books "are you two ready to plan."

"Plan?" Miranda asked. She didn't want Austin and Jerry there, so many things could go wrong "Jerry… why a-"

"Austin and I are helping."

"It's dangerous."

"We're only going to fix a seal."

"I have a bad feeling about this." Danielle said while taking her seat next to Jerry "A very bad feeling, however, we may as well start planning."

"We'll need to know more information about our enemy." Austin said thinking about the research his dad did before going out to a fight "we'll need to know about them. If we can find a weak point, then it'll be easier on us."

"Only Miranda knows," Danielle told him pointing to her sister, who had gotten her book back out and looking at the old map "by the time I was born, mother wanted to forget what happened, but wrote that book for Miranda anyway."

"Why did she stop talking about it?"

"So nobody overheard it." Miranda said not looking up from her book "she didn't want to risk someone knowing. Not a human any way or another vampire."

"So that's why nobody knew." Austin said putting his fist on his flat hand "know things make sense, I'm happy."

"Did your mum write it?" Jerry asked wondering what was wrong with his brother, he didn't want to know, since that meant he had to think about it "I thought books weren't written in those times."

"She wrote it by hand." Miranda told him turning over one of the yellow pages, the ink had faded slightly, but Miranda had put a seal on it, one to stop it from aging any further "I think some of the others had a copy, but I think they might have been burned… along with their bodies."

"Can Austin and I just know what's going on?" Jerry asked looking at the two "cause I don't want to walk into something blindly. I also don't care, who tells us."

"Fair enough."

"Let me get this right." Jerry said looking at Miranda, who just nodded "these 'demons' or 'vampires'. They want to kill humans, after making them feel your kind's pain."

"That's pretty much about it." Danielle told him a small smile on her face "any questions?"

"Don't worry," Miranda told the two "I know it sounds Drew-ish. They want humans dead and Drew wants vampires dead. Just so many great memories."

"Not funny." Jerry said while Austin just rolled his eyes.

"It wasn't mind to be funny Jerry,"

"Guys." Danielle said making them look at the ash blonde "we need a plan. As the saying goes 'failing to plan, it planning to fail'." Everyone just looked at her with wide eyes, even Miranda, and all of them started to think "we need a plan and a good one."

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