Tears From Hell

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Chapter 15

"A good one?"

"Yes, Austin." Miranda said looking at her friend "that's what Danielle said, or are you becoming deaf?"

"No, Miranda." Austin said an 'innocent' look on his face "Jerry, has dad done anything strange?"

"He's always doing weird things." Jerry muttered looking at the door "however, I he's been acting weird -er, since we landed in Russia."

"Didn't think that was possible," Miranda muttered while looking at the boy "we'll give you time to think about it."

"Does it have something to with Savanna and Parker?"

"Savanna. Parker… weapons," Jerry muttered, the other's just looked at the boy and left him to his muttering.

"Does anyone have a plan?" Miranda asked she was close to find out the location "once I've found the location we'll need to move."

"What about the spell?" Danielle asked

"Already found it."


"Jerry are you okay?" Austin asked his little brother, his shout was random and everyone was looking at him "did you hit your head?"

"The Rose's…" Jerry said a smile on his face, as he showed them a piece of paper with the numbers 23-24-27-28 on it.

"It looks like a code." Miranda said looking at the piece of paper. It also had an address in and unit 203 on it "and unit? Like a house?"

"Austin and I need weapons," Jerry said looking at the two "however they are none in this house, I don't think Miranda or Austin would have any on him."

"How is this connected to the Rose's?" Danielle asked wondering what the boy was talking about "I know you need weapons, but we won't get the kind you use… at least not when we need them."

"They have some stored in Russia, in Moscow and one of the other major cities!"

"Thought they had theirs in South Africa?" Austin said wondering when they made more, but then again he did stop talking to most of the vampire hunting families, he didn't understand them and vice versa.

"You know they're some of the only people who make silver weapons."

"They're planning something, aren't they?"

"Must have been from that half-blood family." Miranda said looking at the ground "they never really stood a chance."

"It doesn't explain why it's still here." Danielle muttered, it was so close to her and she didn't even know it was there "human's think purebloods can't physically be in Russia and we let them think that for years."

"No one's getting the point!" Jerry said looking at them, he could understand Danielle and Miranda thinking about the whys and whatnot, but his brother should have picked up what he meant "we can use some of their weapons."

"So steal them?" Danielle asked looking at the boy, she didn't like stealing, even if it was from vampire hunters. Miranda was fine with it, since she had to do it "you know stealing's wrong."

"Danielle, this world can thrown into another dark age." Miranda told her, looking her sister in the eye "compared to that I think 'God' will understand."

"I don't think they'll notice," Jerry told her, while trying to think of the person who was in charge of the storage unit "Skye and Edwin check in on the weapons once a year, in November."

"We're still stealing," Danielle shouted.

"It's not stealing, we're borrowing."

"Without permission."

"Danielle," Austin said drawing the girl's focus away from Jerry "we do have permission, I just didn't know there was one in Russia."

"See not stealing." Miranda said a smile on her face "we're just borrowing, well Jerry and Austin are. Drew just doesn't need to know, that we know."

"We also don't have a choice," Austin said "the seal might be gone soon, so Jerry and I need something to defend ourselves with."

"Are you sure?" Danielle asked Jerry. The four where sitting in her car and it looked like a normal business, she didn't think anyone would let weapons near people or children "I mean it looks normal."

"We look normal." Miranda told her a smile on her face "and we're can be some of the deadliest things on this planet."

"She has a point." Jerry said thinking of a way to get in "now how do we get in?"

"I thought you were allowed in?" Danielle asked looking at him, while he just hit his head against the sit in front of him "Jerry, I think you need your brain cells."

"I know,"

"Jerry, we can't take Miranda and Danielle with us," Austin said looking at the two "if they want to come, then they'll need to wear a wig."

"We'll use an illusion." Miranda said crossing her arms over her chest "it's a low level illusion and most vampires can do it, they just chose not to."

"So we'll be with you." Danielle said daring them to say something against it "if you're going with us, then we'll go with you."

"It's only fair."

"How long will the illusion hold?" Jerry asked "just so we know how long we can stay in the storage, since they'll be cameras."

"Hey Madeline," Jerry said to the large women behind the desk "my gun broke and I'll need to borrow one, until I can buy one."

"I'm sure they won't mind," she said looking at the small girl behind him. She wasn't as tall as Jerry, only up to his shoulder and the boy was only a few inches shorter than Austin "who's the pretty girl behind you?"

"Austin's girlfriend," Jerry said while Miranda's checks went red "him, her and her sister had come to Russia to help. So she came in with me."

"Girlfriend, huh?" Madeline asked looking at the raven, her bright green eyes looking at the picture behind her "guess he's at that age and here we were starting to think he was gay!"

"Hey Madi, what's going on?"

"Hey, Trevin, long time no see," Jerry said to the man in the back. He was most likely doing paper work "Austin got a girlfriend!"


"Trinity Amber and she came with her sister Sasha Amber."

"Asked for her name, not her sister's."

"Trevin, she's the cutest thing." Madeline shouted while picking up a camera "you don't mind?"

Miranda just looked at Jerry, making the boy sigh. "Sorry, she's mute."

"I see, poor thing, so can I?"


Miranda just glared at him, while she smiled for the photo. Once it was done, the women let them through and Miranda made sure to have a bag with her, one that had the same spell as her hiking bag.

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