Tears From Hell

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Chapter 16

"That was easy."

"Jerry, don't get cocky," Danielle told him from her car. Miranda was looking at the map on a panic table "the only reason we didn't go back to my house, is because I thought someone was watching us,"


"She has a right to be," Miranda said looking at her mother's map and then a modern one, trying to find where it was "we've been hunted for years, so we learned early one to watch what we do,"

"Thought we only killed the ones who go nuts?"

"One toe out of line and we died," Danielle told him "while, yes, it was only the Level C's and Level 3's that got killed, we still had that fear."

"I see." Jerry said from his sit "wait. Level C and Level 3's?"

"Level C is for a turned vampire," Miranda told him, while looking at the two "Level 3 is for born vampires, half or full. Both mean 'crazy' or 'lost the plot' or 'evil'."

"A vampire had to be at that level for a vampire hunter to kill them," Danielle said while Miranda went back to her book "until your father decided to just kill all of us,"

Austin and Jerry looked at the ground. Both of them should've known this, Austin more so, but he can't really remember a time when his dad was sane.

"I find it!" Miranda shouted jumping onto her seat, a giant smile on her face "it's four or five hours out of Boston!"

"Which direction?"

"Danielle, it's North West!"

"Miranda, just pin point it on the map and I'll plan a route,"

"Thanks Danielle,"

"Miranda is it always like this?" Austin asked Miranda, while Danielle looked at the map, trying to find the fastest route "And where did the book go?"

"Back into the seal behind my ear."

"Okay… so is it?"

"Pretty much."

"Austin, I just thought so something," Jerry said while looking at the two, he was looking at the weapons they had 'borrowed' "Miranda doesn't like her gift, Danielle's really isn't for combat… they'll need a weapon."

"Huh?" Austin asked while looking at his brother "that's nice and all, but I'm sure neither Miranda nor Danielle can use silver."

"It's nice knowing you care." Danielle said looking across from her "we can barely use gold, and that's one of the weaker metals."

"Besides we have our own weapons," Miranda said while moving her hair behind her ear "mother gave us one of her Katana, even let us name them."

"Danielle, Miranda you don't mind showing us?" Austin asked.

"Never seen one?"


"I don't mind."


Miranda just smiled at him and unsealed her sword. One that hadn't been out for fifty years, Amana was her pride and joy "be careful."

"I will," Austin told her when she handed him the blade. The handle a deep midnight blue, the cover the same colour, with white Chinese letters "what does it say?"

"My swords name is, Amana," Miranda said while looking at it "Amana means Loyal and Faith, one thing I want to keep in my life."

"Danielle, can I see yours?" Jerry asked while looking at her "also you should have a Morden weapon, they were steal ones in what we took."


"I just took some guns."

"Jerry, didn't you want to see, Ludmilla?" Danielle asked while holding a deep royal purple handle, while the cover was the same shade of purple, a golden phoenix spreading its wings.

"It means Beloved," Miranda said while Austin just looked at her sword, he didn't know how to use one "why we do need guns?"

"Distance, it'll give Austin and I peace of mind," Jerry told her while accepting the sword from Danielle "you never know if you might need it."

"Jerry, we can protect ourselves."

"Miranda, you don't like using your gift," Austin told her while looking her in the eye "please, Miranda, Mira, please take one."

"Our Katana's?"

"Are perfect, but you'll need a backup plan."

"I don't want to,"

"Miranda, I understand," Austin said while putting his hands on her shoulder "if it happened to me, I'd be scared to…"

"No you don't!" Miranda shouted "it's different when it happens, being shot. It hurts, it's like something going through you. I thought I was going to die!"

"Miranda… you were shot?" Danielle and Jerry asked at the same time, both were in shock. They didn't know that she was shot.

"It doesn't matter."

"If it still brothers you, it does," Austin said while pulling her into a hug "please Miranda, trust yourself,"

"It's a gun."

"A new one."


"People can't shot others," he told her hoping that she would agree with it "it's against the law, not only that guns are made differently."

"Miranda and I will carry one," Danielle said causing Miranda to look at her with wide eyes "if it'll make you feel better, but you'll have to do we as say."

"I agree… Jerry."

"If it means they'll have protection, I'm in," Jerry said while putting his hands up "besides they know how to deal with these 'demons' we don't."

"And we don't have time to teach you." Miranda told him "usually you'd be trained, but we don't have the time or people for it."


"Yes, Jerry, training."

"You thought we were born good at our skills?" Danielle asked a smile on her face "most of us think Miranda was. Since she picked things up pretty quickly, but no we all worked for what we know."

"Hard work, then." Jerry said while looking at them, unlike Austin he didn't pick things up as quickly and had to work for it "I'm the same, to have the grades I have. Doesn't help that dad kept pulling me out of school."

"Jerry, we can do something about that later." Miranda told him "we need to move now. Danielle has find a path to follow, we'll need to go… right now."

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