Tears From Hell

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Chapter 17

"I'm going ahead."

"What!" Danielle said turning around to look at Miranda with wide eyes. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, before she could talk. "Please repeat what you just said?"

"I'm going ahead," Miranda said slower, wondering why Danielle didn't get it the first time. Or why she was trying to look like a fish.

"Why?" Jerry asked looking at the blonde. In fact everyone was looking at her, on one knowing where her words had come from.

"I need to."

"Miranda, that isn't an answer," Danielle told her sister.

Miranda didn't say anything, her wings coming out of her birthmark. The white wings soon standing proudly on her back, a smile on her face.


"It's important."

"Miranda, we're just worried about you." Austin said looking at the smaller girl, he wanted to pull her into a hug and never let her go.

"You have to trust me."

"We do."

"Then don't worry."

"We worry, because we care."

"Why can't you tell us?" Danielle asked.

Austin looked at her. What Danielle had told him was true, she didn't think anyone would love her and in turn worry. Danielle was worried, she didn't care what her sister's actually age was, since she could only see her physical age. Jerry trusted Miranda and that she would've told them if it didn't put them in danger.

"Trust me," Miranda said putting her right hand on her left arm.

"We do trust you," Danielle said while pulling her into a hug, being careful of the girl's wings. "We just don't want you to get hurt."

"I won't get hurt."

"We know that," Austin told the girl with a smile on his face. "Doesn't stop us from worrying."

"Of course you won't," Jerry said crossing his arms "now that you have the will to fight and protect, nothing will be able to hurt you."


"Austin you told me this."


"You're only at your strongest when you have someone to protect."

"Mum's teaching finally got through."

"Thanks, Jerry." Miranda said while getting out Danielle's hug, only to pull Jerry into one. "For believe in me, unlike these two idiots."

"We love you to," Austin muttered under his breathe.

Miranda and Jerry just looked at the older male, stunned. For a few minutes, until Miranda started giggling and Jerry started laughing.

"Not funny!"

"Sorry, Austin, but it is." Danielle said a giant grin on her face. This caused the two laughing, too laugh harder "what's funny now?"

"Sis, that smile looks weird on your face." Miranda told her, trying to control her breathing.

"Weird, how?"

"Doesn't suit your face."

"Love you Miranda, but what are you going to do."

"Check out the seal suit."

"You need at least two people for that, six at the most."

"We won't find six vampires."

"That's the point!"

"I'm going to make sure, no one there."

"For their safety?"

"No, for ours."

"As long as you know where you're going."

"You have one copy, I've got two."

"Good luck, sister."

"I'll need to go now." Miranda said to Danielle, both Austin and Jerry were quiet during their conversation "Jerry, Austin… I'll see you there."

"Miranda…" Austin said the words lost on his tongue. He just watched as she flew away "I love you," he only looked at the sky, then at his brother and Danielle both looked at him with pity.

"Don't worry, Austin." Danielle told him, while getting into her car "she likes you too. Just give her time to work out her feelings."

"Don't worry, brother." Jerry told him, while getting into the front seat "everything will work out in the end, you only have to believe it will."

Miranda watched the ground below her, the trees slowly melting some of the snow on their leafs. She needed to remove herself from them. The same feeling from the storage unit was back, like someone was watching her, before looking at the two boys.

Drew didn't know Danielle was alive, since she was marked dead in his books. However, if he was to look closely at her and ignore the burn, he might be able to work it out. She didn't want him to work it out, she knew he was going to follow her and demand answers.

Looking at the ground, she tried to see if she was followed. However, she wasn't able to see past the tree tops, Drew… she didn't know what he wanted, but she was sure he's make himself known.

He was going to pay, no matter what he did now… it doesn't change the past. Her family, her kind was killed by this man, she had tried to see his side, tried but failed. There wasn't going to be a second or third chance, she wasn't going to give him one.

Karma got to everyone in the end in the end, in this life or the next. What humans didn't know was, Karma had many forms, vampires or humans, and Danielle was one of them. Seeing past lives was a part of, seeing if the person had learned or not. Karma debt was hard to get rid of, everyone had some and more was just added in each lifetime.

Danielle's job was to help the ones, that had too much of this karma debt. Some were human and other vampires, but most had genes for both.

Her gift was also a part of it. Controlling the human brain, she had to learn about the four lopes and everything about it, it was hard, since not everything was known about the brain. She studied psychology for years and even then, she wasn't close.

Miranda didn't know what happened, but a silver arrow went pass her face. Looking at the ground, she smiled. Another went past her wings, he wasn't good at archer it seemed, since he could only shot one arrow at a time.

Carefully, she dived down. Making sure to land to the right of the person trying to kill her or remove her wings. Carefully putting her wings in her birth mark, she waited.

Drew looked around the sky when the girl was out of sight. He thought Jerry and Austin were dead, not until he saw them at the park. Madeline was talking about Austin's girlfriend, but that didn't make him believe that they were still here. Vampires can make illusion and he thought it was one them, she was one of the best from her family.

Miranda just looked at him. It looked like he hadn't slept for a while, in fact, he hadn't. He thought he could win, from when he caught her in that cave. She didn't even fight and that would be his downfall.

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