Tears From Hell

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Chapter 18

"Blood sucker."

Miranda just looked at him. Blood sucker wasn't her name, so she wouldn't and won't answer to. She needed to do something about his bow and arrow.

"Where are you blood sucker!" Drew shouted looking around the forests. When his fingers let go of his weapon, he was shocked and confused.

"Drew." Miranda said from her tree. Taking control of the man's motor cortex was easy, finding the section that controlled the fingers, easier.


"I'm not dog."


"Sill a virgin."


"Same as before."

Drew just looked at her. He loved his sons, but power was better. With power, he was able to protect those precious to him.

"Hate breaking it you… not really."


"You've put this world and your sons in dangour."

"I've never put -"

"You almost got Austin killed and you almost killed Jerry, with your own hands."

"What!" Drew shouted walking away from the girl "I would never hurt Austin or Jerry. Not after my wife and second eldest died."

"What a lie."

"Explain now!"

"The lovely brush around Jerry's neck," Miranda told him as she sat down, it wasn't like the man was going to move any time soon "along with the lovely one on his face. Both of them a shape of a large males hand."

"That means nothing."

"Nothing? You hurt my sister's child and it means nothing."

"My wife isn't a bloodsucker."

"Shows how much you know."

"My wife's family isn't related to you blood suckers."

"I've known Kaitlyn since she was a child."

"You're lying."

"How can you prove that?" Miranda asked cupping her chin with her hands, a smile on her face "you can't, since you met her when she was twenty-four and you two had Siena and Stephen when she was twenty-six."

"You could be friends with one of her friends."

"She used to call me 'Big Sister Mira'. Is that enough prof?"


"Not a dog… you never learn," she said while crossing her arms "what if there was a child here? What would she think of you then?"

"How dare you do that to my wife!"

"She was, no is, smarter than you."

"Shut up, your kind killed her and my son."

"You killed everyone I loved."

"They were monsters," Drew shouted. He wished that he could've killed back when he first find her, then none of this would happen "that's all your kind is, monters."

"Guess that makes you a monster."

"I'm not -"

"My race is almost gone."

"You're race is pure evil."

"So are you a demon? You've killed children and babies."

"They were going to be monsters!"

"So stupid," Miranda whispered tears going down her face. She find the body of a toddler once, she was her cousin, poor little Joy didn't even know of her vampire genes "they weren't immortal, the chance of becoming immortal is only forty percent… however that was five years ago."

"What are you talking about?"

"You killed the innocent," she told a smile on her face "how does it feel knowing that your coldblooded murderer."

"I've never killed the innocent!"

Miranda just smiled at him. Like someone was controlling him he started to walk backwards and sat down. The girl went off her branch and walked in front of him, but he couldn't move his arms, it was like they weren't listening to him.

"I found Joy, my little three year old cousin,"


"She was a little girl, but that didn't matter to you. Did it?" she asked looking at him "her parents were born fifty years ago and they didn't know about their genetics, so killed three people and they never had any clue why someone murdered them."

Drew just looked at her. He didn't know what to say, all vampires turned immortal, but she was telling him otherwise.

"Left little Joy alone, she could've died of disease or old age."

"You're lying."

"I'm not."

"Prove it."

"You really didn't know," she said while looking at him "so blind, her family, the Webster's, are related to the Aubree family."

"She didn't show any signs,"

"Sorry, we don't carry signs saying 'I'm a vampire, please leave me alone'."

"You bitch."

"Stupid mortal."

Drew didn't say anything. His wife had vampire genetics, they mustn't have been dominate since she never changed. That meant that Jerry and Austin had the same genes.

"Are you going to kill your sons now?" Miranda asked looking him in the eye, before he could say anything her foot was on his chest and he was being pushed to the ground. "If you plan on hurting them, none of us will stand for it."

"Why you."

"You've killed some people twice and you've never noticed."

"I c-"

"Created some, then yes, you're the reason some immortals were made."


"When they mortal and then when they immortal," Miranda said a glim in her eye "it's the reason you thought there were more of us."

"Red ring!"

"Genetic flaw, sometimes pops up in mortals who have some vampire genetics."

"So I've -"

"Been killing your own kind, pretty much."

"I didn't."

"Oh, but you did."

"I'm not a monster,"

"I think that's what murders tell themselves."

"I'm nothing like them."

"In my eyes you are," she told him pushing her foot down on his ribs "in Austin, Siena and Jerry's you are."

"I -"

"You almost killed Jerry."

"I didn't."

"The boy told me himself,"

"He lied." Drew shouted trying to get her off his ribs, but he wasn't able to move any of his limps. "Bitch, what did you do to me!"

"Wisdom doesn't always come with age," Miranda said the smile still on her face, her foot easing slightly "you're a perfect example of that."

"Where are my sons." Drew demanded getting sick of this girls game. He wanted to see his sons and make sure they never turn 'immortal', even if he had to lock them up.

"Safe and away from you!"

"You bitch."

"Come up with a new insult."

"You pussy."

"I am a girl, aren't I?"

"I'll kill you."

"Says the man who can't move his limps."

"How do -"

"I'm the one who's doing it," Miranda said putting her fingers on her lips, her fangs going around her finger. "I'm just controlling your Primary Motor Cortex, if I wanted to, I could mess with the other sections of your brain, like your hippocampus."

"Hippo… what?"

"Area of your brain that stores your long term memories,"

"You bitch!"

"I should kill you, but I won't."

Drew glared at her. He still couldn't move and he was pissed because she knew something he didn't. He didn't vampires had gifts, it wasn't in her file or any other file.

"Good bye Drew, I do hope you drop dead."

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