Tears From Hell

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Chapter 19

With one last look at the man who made her life hell, Miranda just flew away. Her wings carrying her off the ground and into the sky. She didn't give Drew a chance to say anything, since it would only make her break her promise to Jerry.

She couldn't help, but curse herself. She had used her gift against Drew. Sure the first time was to make sure he didn't kill her, but the second time didn't have a reason. Not a good one any, she just wanted him to feel defenceless, the same feeling she felt when he had her in that cage.

I can't believe, Miranda thought looking at the ground below her, that I almost broke my promise to Jerry.

She hated Drew. Miranda wanted to make him stop breathing, to make his heart stop beating… but she didn't, all she saw was Jerry's face when he told her, his brother and mother were dead.

"Damn it…" she whispered to the sky above her. Only the birds hearing her words, but not understanding the meaning behind them. Something told her, she would regret keeping Drew Hell alive. Not getting rid of him, when the chance was given. "Just fucking damn it."

Soon she saw the clearing, the one the seal's black markings stood out, like dirt on a white rug. Quietly, landing she looked at the closet location a human could get… which was a park ten meters away.

Miranda wouldn't blame anyone, if that park was never used. Even if she didn't know what was sealed here, the dark energy coming from the ground would be enough of a hint. Looking at it, she wanted to see how far it had cracked.

She was glad that the north half of the seals wasn't crack, or else it wouldn't be just energy leaking out of the seal, some of the demons would have escaped. Quickly unsealing her mother's book from the seal behind her ear, she got to work.

Looking at the spell, she would need ink, salt and five candles each a different colour. Light purple for spirit, grey for air, bright red for fire, blue for water and green for earth. Luckily, she had them in the seal on her necklace, one her mother gave her years ago.

Quickly drawing the seal on the ground. The standard circle with a star in the middle. The point pointing to the north. Spirit was north, air was east, south-east was fire, south-west was water and lastly, west was earth.

Now all she had to do was wait for Danielle and the boys. She didn't know why they weren't there. Sure, flying was faster. You didn't have traffic, but she did fight with Drew for what felt like an hour. A fight where she her gift incorrectly.

"Come on, Danielle," Miranda whispered looking back into the forest. "I don't need to be left along with my thoughts."

The four lopes were important to… everything. All living beings had them, just some had more than others. Not jellyfish, she had learned that one the hard way. She was just glad she wasn't in Australia when it happened, the only country to have poisonous jelly fish.

It could be used to kill, but at the same time… it could be used to heal. Something she never did. She could help women in labour, take away the pain.

"Come on, Danielle."

Miranda hated the fact that she could help those with memory loss, short or long. Help those with a mental illness, such as Depression. She could help them, but she didn't and why? Out of fear, fear of being caught and killed.

"I'm pathetic," she muttered to herself, looking around. When she couldn't see Danielle or Jerry or Austin, she just lie down on the ground, looking at the clouds. Because of her fear… she let millions die. Suicide… Miranda had watched so many people kill themselves and all she did was freeze. All because she was scared.

The seal that her mother and the first generation of vampires drew up, was simple in shape. The goddess simple. A full moon with two… what did humans call it? Not half, but between half and new. It didn't look like a seal, but that was the key. If no one knew it was a seal, then no one would be tempted to unseal it. Unleashing the evil that should never see another day.

Miranda never liked being alone with her thoughts. It was the reason she slept so much when she was in that cage. It gave her time to think, to think about the 'what-if's'.

What if she wasn't strong enough? What if Jerry or Austin were hurt? Or even killed? What if Danielle was taken away from her? For real this time? What if someone else was killed? Or tortured? Was she doing the right thing? In letting them come?

Looking at the clouds, she couldn't help, but worry. It felt like she had been there for a few hours, wondering if something had happened to her sister, Jerry… or god forbid Austin. When she told them, she was going ahead. She thought, they would be here a few minutes after she had done preparation. So far, it felt like a few hours, since she landed and drawn up the seal.

"Danielle, Austin, Jerry," she whispered sitting up and putting her head on her chin. Tears going down her checks. "Please be alright… Danielle, let nothing happen to my little brother and…" was she begging?

Begging, not to be left alone. She was being childish. She shouldn't beg nor should she curse the heaven's above, after all no one was there to hear it, so it was just a waste of words. Winning like a child wasn't going to get her anywhere.

"I'm being silly. Aren't I?" Miranda said looking at the tree in front of her. Her mind going back to the day, her best friend died, at her hands. "Thomas, what would you say if you were here?"

Thank you, Miranda, she couldn't help, but think about the last words he said to her, the ones he said with his dying breath I believe that this world will learn. One day, a true revolution will take place, one where everyone, human or vampire, can live in peace.

"Peace?" she whispered. If only you saw the world now Thomas, Miranda thought a smile on her face, it was almost as if she could see her friend in front of her. A smile on his face, telling her to keep faith. Would you believe that this world could be saved?

She already knew the answer, Thomas was always one for Liberty, believing that it was a 'natural right' one that no one could take away. Something no one had the right to take away, not from an animal or any other living being.

"Sorry about the wait."

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