Tears From Hell

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Chapter 2

"They won't be happy about this," Jerry told Austin. Drew had gone back to the hunting guild to tell them about the Black's down fall. He was also the leader of the Hell family, so it would be easy to lie about the thing in the seat behind them "it's a vampire, aren't we meant to kill vampires,"

"Jerry, she's a girl, not an it," Austin sighed from the driver's seat of his car "even then, we have to feel sorry for her. I don't know what dad has planned for her, but it won't be pleasant,"

"Feel sorry? Are we one the same page?" Jerry hissed glaring at the knocked out female in the back, silver around her wrist and ankles "It's her kind that killed humans for their own twisted amusement,"

"Aren't we the same?"

"The same? How are we the same?"

"We're the same since, some of our kind killing each other, for their own twisted amusement," Austin told them, it was one of the many things he disliked, people who judge someone and then it do themselves "We people who beat and kill their own children. Rape and torture the defenceless. However no one has calmed that humanity is like that,"

"They drink blood!"

"Yes, Jerry, they drink blood. Not 'human' blood, but blood." Austin said while rolling his eyes at his brother's judgement "Animals have blood, we also have pills that can replace blood. Ones that are used for people who lack iron or have lost a lot of blood,"

"Still don't feel sorry for the thing," Jerry muttered under his breathe. She was still breathing, was she? Their dad was lying to the head of the guild. They were given orders to kill her kind, but they weren't "it's still alive, we're risking our life for a blood sucker,"

"How many humans are alive?"

"Over six billion."

"And how many vampires are alive? Now we've sorted out the last family?" Austin asked keeping his eyes on the road "She's the last known vampire. She no longer has a family nor does she have friends. To make it worse, I think dad wants to use her for power,"

"Power, but aren't we one of the strongest families in the guild?" the boy asked as they're home came into view. The Hell family moved to America when she first become colonised, picking a remote location "How is someone as small as her going to give us more power?"

"I don't know, Jerry," Austin sighed as he parked in the garage, they had to wait for their dad, while making sure the girl didn't run for it, not that he blamed her if she tried "I don't know what he wants, but I don't have a good feeling about it,"

"Isn't strength good, power better?"

"No, Jerry, they're not,"

"Why not?" Jerry asked. His dad always wanted to have more power and he told him that it was a god thing, while he was sure that his mum would have disagreed, she was dead and so he didn't know what her view was.

"It can lead to horrible acts," Austin sighed, he didn't know what his dad was telling his brother, but it wasn't good… by what Jerry was telling him "Sometimes power isn't the key to the problem, but kindness and forgiveness. They can be the most powerful tools."

Miranda opened her eyes and saw sliver bars. She didn't know where she was, however, she wouldn't have put herself near sliver. Caves didn't have bars and, unless it was a sliver mine, they wasn't any of the metal where they were. It seemed that the person who put her here had forgotten something, or didn't care.

She could see perfectly in the dark, so was able to make out the room she was in. The basement. Miranda felt like hitting her head, she was talking to Drew Hell, someone her father had told her to stay away from, ever since the incident four years ago.

A loud bang was heard, she put her hands on the bars of her prison. The tall tanned male was leaning against the table, a grin that went ear to ear was on his face. She slowly made her way to the other side of her prison, as far away from the mad man as she could.

"I see your awake," he told her, he knew vampires couldn't break sliver, that's why he had a cage made out of it. There was a property in the metal that stopped her kind from breaking anything made from it, even gold worked.

Blue eyes focused on her captor, the one who would make her life a living nightmare, even if she gave him the slightest reason.

"I looked up your name and was able to find your records," he told her while pulling a thick folder from his bag "Miranda Harper Black, daughter of Luis Aston Black and Kyleigh Summer Black. Was the third youngest of seven? You were the fifth oldest in your group, is this true?"

"Yes… sir?" Miranda softly conformed. He looked like a child who was given candy. However, she knew that he could his body's energy to make his hits stronger, so she didn't want to know why he wanted that information.

"You're the prodigy in your family," he chucked it was his lucky day, first they were able to capture a vampire and she's the prodigy of the Black family, one of the strongest illusion users "Isn't it my lucky then? A prodigy… and one without the will to fight, this day keeps going my way,"

Miranda just looked at the wall behind him, she didn't want to see joy in his sick and twisted brown eyes. If she wanted to she could escape, but like he said, she lacked the will to do so. There wasn't a point, she would be by herself and the humans would continuously try to kill her.

"What are you looking at, answer me girl!" Drew muttered while he punched the top of her cage. She looked at him with wide eyes, she wasn't looking at anything, maybe she was meant to look at him, but wasn't that rude? In his eyes, she was below him, so she didn't have the right to look into his eyes.

"The wall… sir?"

"Good enough," he muttered at her whisper. He might be able to teach her, what he couldn't teach his eldest daughter, respect. Respect for these above you, the girl was already getting, since she just kept her head down "next time, don't make it sound like a question, I want an answer."

"Drew," a male's view came from behind the door. Almost everyone knew not to enter the basement, none of the stuff liked having to ask Drew questions "Tamia, wanted to know if she had to cook for the guest. She's starting dinner, sir,"


"The blonde that Master Austin was carrying," Josue said while looking at the door with nervous blue eyes. He was one of the Hell family's servants, his family had been servicing them for generations, the Seth family wasn't made to hunt vampires or demons "Tamia, thought that young master had gotten a girlfriend,"

"She's been training and has gone to sleep," Drew told the servant "And she's never to be mentioned to anyone. Tell Tamia to keep this between us,"

"Yes sir." Josue answer getting his brown hair away from his face. He went to tell Tamia, Drew's orders about the blonde girl. Drew looked at the girl, who just had her head hidden by her knees.

"If you don't tell me what I don't want to know," Drew slowly told her, he wouldn't start asking questions, since he didn't know what he wanted to ask "Then I'll show you how much of a demon I can be, along with the rest of my kind,"

Miranda just looked at the floor, one which was covered in old blood. She already thought humans were monsters, she had lost her older brother in 1777, when Benjamin Franklin had told the Hell family that they were there. Paxton was trying to help the Native Americans, who had been their allies since they had escaped both Germany and Europe.

"You already have my loyalty. Some things are worth knowing, while others you don't have to worry about. I don't have anything to love for and there's nothing you can take away from me."

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