Tears From Hell

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Chapter 20

"It's fine, Danielle."

"Miranda, it's not," Danielle told her sister, when they walked into the clearing. "We had to make a quick stop. You forgot about the formal wear…"

"Mira, did something happen?" Austin asked when he looked at the girl. She was curled up in a ball, tear marks down her checks.


"Don't lie to us," Danielle said while walking to her sister and picking her up by her armpits. "Miranda Harper Black, you don't hide anything from me!"

"Like you hide the fact that you weren't dead? Right."

"It's not the same."

"How isn't it the same?"

"It's -"

"I don't want to hear it!" Miranda shouted, pulling away from her sister's arms "father thought he lost you. He would cry and hug both Damian, until mother's death, she didn't know what do to. I didn't know what to do."

"I'm sorry."

"Sure you are, Danielle, sure you are."

"Anyway…" Jerry said looking at the two. The bag in his arms wasn't getting heavy, but Danielle didn't tell him or Austin why they were carrying them. "Can you tell us what's in the bag?"


"Danielle, want me to talk to Miranda," Austin said looking at the two. He didn't know what was going on, but they would need to concert "you can talk to Jerry if you want to."

"Sure… but we'll need to do the sealing first," Danielle told him while taking the first bag from Austin "give the other one to Miranda, we'll need to get changed."

"Don't worry, Austin," Miranda said while taking the other bag "somethings are just left… forgotten and not brought out."

"You'll also need to get changed."

"Why?" Jerry asked looking at the two bags that he was holding. "We're not doing the spell? So why do we have to change, that and it's freezing out here."

"Sorry Jerry, but it's better safe than sorry."

"She's right, it'll trick the demons," Miranda told them "the dark green one is for Austin, the dark blue one if yours, Jerry."

Danielle was the first to get dressed. Her dress was from the Victorian Era, around the time she started to do spells. She didn't brother with them when she was mortal and she barely did any until Queen Victoria come to power.

Looking at what Miranda had done so far, she smiled. While her sister carried around candle, she usually used incense. Human's had funny names for them and she knew three that had the word 'blood' in it. 'Werewolf blood', 'Dragon blood' and 'Vampire blood'.

Carefully, she put an incense holder between each candle. Using 'werewolf blood' for each one. Both she and Miranda would need to light them, before the spell started.

"Danielle, is Miranda ready?" Austin asked. He was done getting ready. The black pants and shirt weren't that different, just done in a different era's fashion. "Or is she trying to keep her emotions under control."

"This spell will need concretion," Danielle told him while standing up, getting the dirt off the skirt of her dress, the outer layer a dark midnight black. The inner layer a pure white. "We can't mess up."

"Why not?" Jerry asked looking at the sky. His checks were slightly red, Danielle was pretty and curvy, unlike Miranda, who was just cute. "Is something going to happen?"

"If and that's a big if," Danielle said looking at her laced up boots, making sure that it was still done up. "We'll either seal them or completely undo it… letting the demons go free. Leaving the seal alone, it'll break in another four or three hours, but if something happens, they'll be out sooner than that."

"No wonder she's stressed," Austin said.

"She's nervous and has her own doubts."

"So she's trying to calm down."

"Most likely Austin."

"Danielle, I'm ready." Miranda said as she went to point of the star. Danielle nodded and Miranda handed her a thick black head band. "Too keep your hair out of your eyes."

"You'll have to worry about yours more."

"I'm already on it."

"Let me put it up," Danielle said while putting the headband in her hair and quickly putting Miranda's into a high ponytail, with a thick black hair tie and navy ribbon.

"Why ribbon?"

"You're cute."

"Am not!"

"Sorry, but you are." Austin said from behind on of the trees. "You're the cutest person, I've ever had the pleasure of meeting."

Miranda only looked at her naked feet. She and her mother loved ancient Egyptian clothing, even if she liked the material that was found in China.

"I agree with Austin and Danielle."

"You're traditors!" Miranda shouted. She needed to have her attention on the spell, not what the other's thought of her. "Danielle, we'll need to start soon."

"Of course, Miranda."

"Can we start?" Miranda asked looking at the candles. She would need to light them, along with the incense her sister put out, with a flick of her hand, the candles and incense was light.

"I'm ready," Danielle said her energy building up, she was ready to help her sister. Some spells needed more energy than others, this one needed a lot and it was the reason, a least six more were needed for the more permeant method. "Ready whenever you are."

"With the thread of soul and the crimes of your own design. I bind your evil, three times seven. I bind you from behind. I bind from before," Miranda chanted, the first spell already starting. The lines starting to glow and the salt making sure no one will enter, not from the spirit plan. "That you'll hurt my people never more. I blind you from the left. I bind you from the right. I bind you by the day and night. I bind you from below. I bind you from above. That you may never know, the law of life and love. I bind you with your own conscience. Within and so let this magic unfold… and spin."

Both Austin and Jerry could only watch. The ground glow, along with the fire from the candles going a brighter blue. Austin was focused on what was going on in front of him, which left Jerry having to poke him in the ribs.

"Austin, I thought I saw something move," he told his older brother, pointing to the right. Austin nodded and the two carefully walked over. Both of them sighed. Savanna and Parker, they would need to talk to them.

"This isn't good," Austin said looking at the couple. So far, they just seemed shocked, the phone in Parkers hand landing on the ground. Both Jerry and Austin never liked the Rose's, since the family would always try to use them. Getting into their dad's good books.

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