Tears From Hell

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Chapter 21

Austin and Jerry looked at each other, then the couple in front of them. Both Savanna and Parker looked like they were on a mission, so the two didn't know how they were going to make them leave. They had to, given Miranda's warning, the two couldn't be here.

"Parker? Savanna?" Austin asked while walking next to them. Savanna smiled at him, while Parker never took his eyes of the blondes. "What are you doing here?"

"If you're looking for dad, I'm sure his till at his hotel," Jerry said keeping an eye on Parkers weapon, which was clearly hanging off his belt.

"He isn't there," Parker told them. A silence fall on the group, until the overweight man took his eyes off the two in front of them, to look at his friend's sons. "Austin. Did you know your girlfriend was a vampire? Seeing this, she might be a witch?"

"So we're witch hunters now?" Austin asked narrowing his eyes at the two. "We've killed the vampires off, so why don't we do the same with witches."

"We have nothing against her personality," Savanna told him, while putting a hand on the boys head. "She's just not human."

Miranda could tell something was going on, Austin's voice sounded slightly further away… along with Jerry's. However, she trusted the two and knew they would never backstab her.

Danielle just looked at her sister with a raised eyebrow. She didn't ask, since they had just finished the first step and were preparing for the second. The original seal was slowly going back together, however, the demons were still them. They wanted their freedom.

"Miranda." Danielle said. When her sister nodded she continued. "Are you ready for the second stage?"

Miranda nodded at her sister's question. Danielle only sighed, they had to draw attention away from Miranda, since she was the one who knew all six stages and the only one, who could do them. She might be able to, but Miranda was the one who knew these spells off by heart, it was simply second nature to her.

"Be careful, sis, please don't put your guard down."

"I won't, Danielle, trust me."

"That's the only reason you kill vampires?" Jerry asked while looking at the two. He narrowed his eyes and glared at the two. They weren't smart enough to do this themselves. "Who sent you? And don't bother lying to me."

"Drew did," Savanna told him tearing her eyes away from Jerry and to the bright light coming from behind the trees. "When you went missing, he knew that girl was part of the reason."

"That's were both you are wrong. I ran away."

"Jerry, you have no reason to run."

"I have many reasons."

"Why don't you tell us one?" Parker asked crossing his arms. It looked like he was trying to tell a little child off, one who was doing the wrong thing. "If even have a good thing, being a teenager isn't one."

"Wind in the north, run through the trees. Three times three, let them see, let them see. Sand of the east, rich soils beneath. Three times three, set them free, set them free," Miranda chanted. Both the wind and earth candle glowed brighter, energy going through them. "Fires in the south, awake from sleep. Three time three, let them see, let them see. Water of the west, flow to the seas. Three times three, set them free, set them free. Spirit from the above, flow through our bodies. Three times three, let them see, let them see."

Danielle only smiled as the rest of the candles grew brighter, showing that the second stage was completed, with only four more to go.

"My dad's ways are inhumane!" Jerry shouted at them, he just hoped that it didn't through off Miranda's focus. "Being a teenager has nothing to do with it!"

"Jerry, you're just too young to understand the world," Savanna 'sweetly' told him, a smile on her thin lips.

"Jerry, their vampires," Parker told him putting a hand on his wife's shoulders. "No one's going to care what happens to them."

"That's not a reason!" Jerry told them.

"Savanna, Parker why do we draw a line?" Austin asked taking a deep breath before continuing. "Yes, some vampires are evil, but so are some humans. Do we kill them?"

"No, Austin dear, that's inhumane," Savanna answered.

Miranda could only smile, the smoke from the incense was going around the outside of sealing space, stoping any spirits from entering. This meant the spells were working.

"It's working." Danielle told her. While her skin was naturally freezing, she could feel the warmth from the candles. "It's really working, Miranda you're a genius!"

"Danielle, you know I'm not." Miranda softly told her, while keeping an ear out for Austin and Jerry. She was worried about them, since she didn't know who they were talking to, but whoever it was. Made Jerry yell, something the younger boy normally didn't do. "I'm really not."

"Stop beating yourself up."

"So it's not 'inhumane' to go after anyone with vampire genetics?" Jerry asked while leaning on the tree next to him. "Children, toddlers, babies and the elderly. Thinking about that, how are we any different than Hitler. Someone who killed six million people, just because they were different."

"That man was evil, he didn't do anything for the good of humanity," Parker said while balling her large hands into fists. "We get rid of the threat to humanity. We're riding this world of evil."

"So we're going to bring back the death penalty then?" Austin asked crossing his arm, like Parker was doing five second ago. "Get rid of psychopaths, paedophiles and rapists. Tell me how that is any different?"

"Austin, you're only a child," Savanna said putting her hands behind her back. "You don't understand how this world works."

Austin just looked at her, when he saw that she was pulling out a gun. He grabbed her right wrist, twisting it behind her back, making her drop the silver weapon.

"Austin, let go of my wife!" Parker said looking at the younger male, while Jerry took both of his guns, pointing them at his chest. "Jerry, give me back my weapons."

"So what, you can kill my friends?" Jerry asked holding both of them in his hands, he had his own weapons, but it was better that the two didn't know about them.

"Have you both gone mad?" Savanna asked the two of them, trying to get out of Austin hold, but when she felt a gun at her head, she stopped. "We're going to rid this world of demons, make it a safe place and we'll be seen as heroes."

"And I should get rid of you," Austin said putting his knee in her back. It was times like this, he was glad he was tall. "I mean we should get rid of the Nazi's, so we should start with you."

"Have some respect, boy," Parker shouted at him, while backing up into the tree behind him. When his back hit the tree, he put his arms up. "Your dad's going to be here soon. Would you rather they have a quick death or a slow and painful one."

"Either way, they're going to die." Savanna said a smile on her face. "It's up to you, how much pain they go through when it happens."

"By karmic power number three. This spell tied and knotted be, so its contents stay together her and can't harm human, beast or weather," Miranda could only smile when she looked at her work. They were half way, soon the world would be safe, though they would have to hide.

Danielle smile was getting bigger. She was glad they were half-way, since soon, she would feel the efforts of helping her sister keep up the spells. After this, she was sure that both of them would sleep for a few months.

"Both Miranda and Danielle are strong!" Jerry said while pointing one of the guns higher, aiming for both Parkers brain and heart. "They're strong enough to defend themselves!"

"Part of the black family then?" Parker asked.

"You won't put a finger on them!"

"Is that right?" a voice said behind them. "Never would I have thought that my own children would go against me."

"Danielle, I have a bad feeling," Miranda told her sister. Looking at the trees, she thought she heard Drew, but she made sure that he wouldn't be able to move for a while. "A really bad feeling."

"I know Miranda," Danielle said. She had the same feeling, like someone was getting more Karma debt. "Someone around here, is going to do something, something that will effects what happens to their soul."

"Wolf Spider?"

"Most likely."

Both Austin and Jerry froze. When they looked at their dad, dread filled their souls, as he looked at them with a wild smile.

Drew hadn't forgiven the bitch, not for keeping him away from his sons or controlling his brain. "Aren't you going to answer me?"

Austin just looked at his dad. Jerry was the only one with a weapon on him, so he pointed one to Parker's heart and the other at his dad. Drew just looked at his younger son and then walked over to Austin, Jerry following him with his gun.

Without any warning, Austin felt pain in his check. Drew had punched him, smiling as his eldest slammed into the tree and landing on the ground with a 'thump'.

"Drew, aren't you going too far?" Savanna asked while she stood up straight. She would never hit her children, any of them, even if they did disagree with her. "His your son. All teenager go through this, it's only na-"

"His too much like his sister!"

Jerry only watched as Drew and Savanna talked. Quickly, he walked over to Austin and helped his older brother up. Austin only nodded and quickly they walked closer to Miranda and Danielle, they would need to stop their dad and his friends.

"Siena just wanted to make her own life!"

"As a dancer!" Drew spit.

"She's gone far!" Savanna told him. Drew had never watched any of Siena's performances, but she had and the Siena was good at what she did. "If you brothered to watch, then you would see that she's happy with her life!"

"It doesn't change anything," Drew said while blindingly kicking where he thought Drew was, but instead all he hit was a tree. "Both of them a fang lovers… did you know your sister fell in love with a vampire, she was upset when he was killed."

Miranda smiled as she got ready for the third last spell. Then the demons would be sealed for another sixty years. She could only hope that she'd have found a more permeant solution by then. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and started "Now's the time of three times, t-"


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