Tears From Hell

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Chapter 22

Danielle looked at her sister with shock. Blood going down her arm, dripping onto the ground. Miranda was holding her arm in pain, watching as the seal started to break.

"Miranda -"

"I need to continue," Miranda told her sister, ignoring her arm to do the spell. They didn't have time to see if the one before it worked, they would need to just do it.

"You shot her!" Austin shouted. Both he and Jerry just looked at the gun in Drew's hand, a smile on his face. He looked at Miranda, the blood going down her arm. Danielle told them what would happen… if something like this was done. "You have no idea what you've just done."

"We're going to die, because of your ego," Jerry hissed.

"Done? Die?" Drew laughed looking at the two of them, dropping the gun on the ground, it only had one bullet. "I'm getting rid of the slut that can control the brain!"

"Wait… she can what?" Savanna asked looking at her husband and then the bleeding blonde. She was still doing the spell, even though the pain in her arm must be bothering her. "Drew… what did you say?"

"Control the brain."

"Image what she can heal!"

"I don't care," Drew hissed looking at his friends. Jerry and Austin were just watching as the pure white light started to change "I wasn't able to break it."

"Now's the time three times three, this spell I bound, so mote it be," Miranda said putting her hands up, blood going onto her drawn lines, the light going from white to a dark red.

Danielle could only look at her sister, the gunshot wound. Someone had shot her sister, someone shot Miranda in the arm and they would pay for what they did.

"For the greater good of all and with harm to none. This spell is bound and will not be undone," Miranda said while tears went down her checks. "By the power of three time three. As I will, so mote it be."

"Break it… we don't have to break her," Parker said looking at his friend. Something wasn't adding up, they killed vampires for the good of everyone on the planet. "If the head knew this, he'd want this girl in a cage. Image the number of people she could cure."

"It's a vampire!" Drew hissed balling up his fists. He wanted to punch something, his sons were too far away and both looked like they were on their guard.

"Yes, but unlike the others," Savanna told him a smile on her face. "She can be of us, to help better humanity. Get rid of those with disabilities, we'll save hundreds on taxes."

"And people will lose their jobs."

"Sorry, but that bitch is going to die," Drew said while he put another round his gun. Jerry pointed the gun he had and shot, causing Drew to drop his weapon and hold his wrist in pain. "Fucking hell, Jerry, have you lost it. Or have you been brainwashed by your brother and that slut."

"You're the one who's gone made," Jerry shouted over the speeding winds. "You're going to have everyone here killed, because of your pride? Grow up dad. Like humans… vampires have different personalities."

"Austin! What the fuck have you done to your brother!" Drew shouted at his eldest son, while Jerry just pointed his gun at him. Austin only looked at his dad, while pulling out his own gun and pointing it at Savanna and Parker. "Why the fuck have you -"

Jerry shot a bullet next to Drew's head, silencing him. "You're the one whose gone nuts."

"They're trying to keep that seal closed," Austin told them, Miranda was trying her best to keep it close, but it seems that she had to add more spells and wasn't able to add enough energy into it. "Yet, you had to shot her. We're all going to die. Pride's great, but what use it, when we're all dead. The ones who killed mum and Stephen are dead! Can't you just let it be?"

"This whole thing was about revenge?" Parker asked looking at the man with wide eyes. He thought they were trying to make human's walking blood bags. "I thought they were trying to take over the world, Drew you lied."

"Danielle, I can't keep it up!" Miranda shouted as the wind become stronger, nothing she did worked. She was barely able to stand straight. There was too much time between the third spell and fourth one, even then the fourth one was stopped short. There was also too little time between the fourth, fifth and sixth.

"Try Miranda, I now you can do it."

"I can't."

Before Danielle could answer, something pushed both of them into the trees behind them. Miranda hit her head with a 'thud' landing on the ground, passing out. While Danielle broke her arm, when she slammed into the tree.

"So what? It doesn't matter." Drew laughed leaning against a tree. He was stopping the bleeding from his wrist with a bit of energy. "Their almost all gone, so why does it matter?"

"We were used, Drew," Savanna shouted nodding at Jerry, who just put his gun away. "You played is and the entire guild, you really think anyone will take this lying down?"

"Austin… you might want to go to Miranda." Jerry said snapping Austin out of his glaring, too see that Miranda was leaning against a tree, her head bleeding. "Savanna, Parker you don't have a choice, it's time… we'll most likely go to hell."

Austin picked up the light girl. Sitting down and putting her into his lap. He started to heal her head, with his medical practice. Once the wound on her head was gone, he started on what reminded on her arm. "Don't worry Miranda, everything's going to be okay."

"No, it's not," Miranda said when she opened her eyes. Putting her head on his shoulder, tears of shame going down her face. "I failed. Austin, I'm sorry. I wish… I wish I killed him, when I had the chance, or at least made sure that he wasn't able to follow me."

"Miranda, you didn't know."

"That doesn't mean anything."

"It does."

"Those who die," Miranda said looking at her lap. "Those who die… because of this, won't see it that way. Only the fact that I wasn't able to stop them. I wasn't able to stop them or Drew."

Wind started to go faster and faster, until the light went to a deep crimson. Austin could smell blood flowing off the wind. Danielle could only look at the light, while Jerry tried to help her up. Eyes going wide, she covered the younger boy's body with her own and Miranda hugged Austin, only for her hands to go into the wood behind them.

Savanna, Parker and Drew were knocked over, all of them hitting the unforgiving ground. None of them were knocked out, just wound bleeding on their heads.

"This isn't good," Miranda whispered trying to keep both Austin and herself from getting any more injuries.

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