Tears From Hell

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Chapter 24

"Miranda, I hope you don't mind," Trina shouted while summoning her sword. An old blade, one even someone new to swordplay could tell that she didn't take care of her blade. Ruse danced across the blade, leaving very little metal to be seen. "But you're going to die today. Or you can hand over the human and live."

Miranda only looked at the laughing female, while unsealing her own sword. She looked at Austin, she wouldn't hand him over. The first human, since Thomas, who had treated her with kindness and didn't care what she was. "I won't hand him over."

Trina only ran out her, sword aiming for the other's heart, but Miranda was able to block in time. Red eyes meet blue, causing Trina to hiss at her. "You're going to die."

"I won't die," Miranda told her hitting her sword away from her and aiming at Trina's shoulder. If she was able to make Trina stop moving then she would be able to burn her body. Trina tried to get out of the way, but Miranda was still able to get her, a thin cut going from her shoulder to her hip.

"You bitch!"

"I'm not a dog!"

"Dam it Miranda," Danielle hissed. Looking at her sister fighting one of the two females with her. Her sister wasn't the best at hand to hand or swordplay, so she knew her sister had something in mind, or she was going to die. Knowing her sister the women in front of her was going down, no matter how injured she herself got.

"You're sister is something else," Hakan said while leaning against one of the trees. This would be a perfect way to let the others leave. Everyone was too focused on the fight in front of them. "Don't worry, I want you to join us. Besides, I'm not foolish enough to start a fight, while knowing I won't win."

"You don't care about her?"

"Trina was never one to think things through."

"She's always one to jump into things," the other female said while landing next to Hakan. Her short raven hair was behind her ears, but on strand was sitting in-between her eyes.

"Siria, what's this fight about?" Hakan asked her.

"Hell if I know," Siria said. "The girl didn't want to give up her human. Trina knows she doesn't have energy for a fight. Then again that girl must likely doesn't have a lot of magic left either."

"Jerry stay behind me," Danielle whispered. Jerry only nodded and watched as Miranda fought, despite her bleeding arm, where the other girl had cut her.

Trina glared at the girl in front of her. She was losing this fight, so she thought she could use the boy. Threaten to kill him if the bitch didn't put her weapon down. However, she wasn't able to find him. It also pissed her off that she was more wounds than the girl in front of her, despite being older and the more powerful of the two.

"What's the matter?" Miranda asked. The cut on her arm was healed, along with the few she gained on her legs. She wasn't happy that she was fighting in a dress, but she didn't have a choice in the matter. "You're body not keeping up?"

"You little bitch!"

Miranda only smiled at her, tightening her hold on her sword. Trina's was on the verge of breaking, this cause Miranda to smile. While the failed spell had taken a lot of energy out of her, she still had more than Trina.

"Bitch, tell me how you know."

"You've been sealed away for thousands, even millions of years."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Your skills go down," Miranda said a smile on her face. "Your magic levels and stamina go down, so does your ability to see through an illusion."

"You little bitch!" Trina said while looking around her. Illusions were weak and no one used them, no one under Hakan's training even thought of the weak art. "You're just trying to mess with me. Only Summer uses illusions and even she says they're a waste of time."

"Am I?" Miranda asked while walking behind her. Trina didn't see her, all she could see was the illusion she set up. One that hide Austin from view, even though he was pointing a gun at Trina's head. "Or do you not see the value in a well-placed illusion."

"Illusion are for the weak!" Trina screamed. Miranda just rolled her eyes holding her sword over Trina's wings. She wasn't going to let her touch Austin, if that meant using some of Drew's methods then so be it.

Trina screamed in pain as something cut off her wings. When she turned to punch whoever dared sneak up behind her, all she hit was thin air. "Enough of this illusionary bull-crap. Face me, let us fight hand to hand or sword to sword. Or are you afraid?"

"Afraid of who? You?" Miranda asked. Lowing the illusion she had over herself. She was in front of Austin, not that Trina knew that. "You don't know the power that an illusion can hold. Making someone believe they're somewhere else or even being followed. Though my ability with the art might have something to do with my gift."

"Gift? No your generation wouldn't have 'gifts'. Your blood is far too watered down," Trina hissed holding her sword in her hand. "You're lying. Only those who fear would lie about having a gift."

"I'm lying now?" Miranda asked while slowing taking control of her motor cortex and her somatosensory cortex. "You made a mistake."

"And what mistake is that?"

"You continue to look me in the eye, even though I told you I had a gift."

"You're lying."

"My mother was one of the ones Summer created."

"She wasn't."

"Whatever, it's your downfall, not mine."

"So you're not the only gifted one," Hakan said while watching the two. He had moved to one of the higher branches, he wanted to see how much of their abilities had gone down and this was the perfect time to do so. "However being able to tell someone's gift, isn't my gift. Summer was the one who was able to tell, something to do with the brain."

"You think I'm going to tell?" Danielle asked looking at him. She would never tell her sister's gift, not to anyone. Jerry and Austin were different, because Miranda had already trusted them, but Hakan was the enemy, one she wouldn't be able to fight, not with her current skills.

"You would lie to me," Hakan said a smile on his face. "Don't worry, soon enough you'll be on our side. You'll see human's greed, we'll have them under our thump and stop them from killing this planet."

"It seems Trina's cockiness is going to be her downfall," Siria said while watching Miranda smile, the brunette not being able to move a muscle.

Austin could only watch Miranda, a gun in his hand. He was told that no one would be able to see or hear him, but he still didn't make a sound. During the fight, Trina didn't notice that Miranda would stop her from going in his direction.

Please be careful, he thought while keeping an eye on the fight in front of him, the only advantage we have here is that they don't know where I am, and they don't know what a gun is.

"That human leave you?" Trina hissed trying to move her arms, since she had let go of her sword even though she didn't want to. She couldn't move her arms and legs were numb, she couldn't move her joints, but she didn't need her enemy knowing that, so she'll just distract her until she can move again. "Did he leave you to die at me hands?"

"Austin would never leave me," Miranda said while sealing her sword away, instead getting the gun that Jerry made her bring. "I was going to use a weapon you recognised, but you've just pissed me off."

"Going to kill me with a flat piece of metal?"

"If I wanted to."

"What makes you think you could."

"I mean you can't move, so it would be easy."

"How d-"

"How do I know?" Miranda said cutting Trina off. She didn't know what Austin and Jerry were going to think of her afterwards, but she wanted them to be safe. "Someone else had asked me that question before and I'll give you the same answer…" with a smile on her lips, she pointed the gun to her head "I'm the one who's doing it."

"Metal?" Siria asked flying next to Hakan, after all they were mates. At least that's what Hakan told her and she believed him. "Can that thing really kill?"

"Siria, anything could've changes, so we must keep an open mind," Hakan told her while whispering in her ear. Looking at Danielle he smiled "wasn't there another human? Or had both of them ran off."

Danielle only smiled. She picked up what her sister did to Austin and copied, hiding Jerry in an illusion, while Miranda could do a eight layer one, she could only do two and she wasn't able to hold it up for long. "As long as his safe, I could less what you thought of him. However that girl is at her end."

"Trina. I'm usually not one to kill," Miranda said when she went to open her mouth, Trina laughed, one that was more annoying than nails on a black board.

"Yea right. Killing is a thrill," Trina laughed her arms not moving, she couldn't even move her neck. However the games she'd play with her prey, her as the cat and the human as the small, greedy mouse. "What's even better than that is the game before hand."

"You're not giving me a reason to let you live."

"Who said you would be able to kill me?"

"I hope you're ready to die." Miranda said while pulling back the trigger.

"I'm not going to die."

"Good bye."

Trina only watched as a metal object came at her. Her limps were becoming numb and she still couldn't move them. It didn't feel like time had slowed down, far sooner than she thought the bullet was going through her brain and her body was burning from the inside out, flames melting her insides.

"There's only one way to kill a demon," Miranda said while watching the blue flames burn Trina's body.

Austin put his hand on her shoulder, he knew that Miranda was going to hate herself for doing this, but she's keep her mental and emotional break down until she was by herself, so no one else had to see her like that. "You had to."

"Doesn't make it easier."

"It never does."

"Thanks," Miranda told him, while putting her hand on his shoulder. When she looked up something caught her attention, a brown blare was making its way towards them. Without a second thought Austin pushed her down to the ground and took the hit.

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