Tears From Hell

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Chapter 25


"You killed my sister!"

"Who the hell are you?!" Miranda yelled at the brown haired girl. The same girl who had injured Austin, Miranda couldn't do anything as he fall to the ground, but she needed to stop his bleeding and kill this bitch. "You're going to regret doing that!"

"You're going t-"

Miranda didn't wait for to finish her sentence. She just took control of the girl's motor cortex and she couldn't move. Looking at Austin's wound, she quickly stopped the bleeding, so her friend wasn't going to bleed to death, but the girl needed to die.

Standing up, Miranda wasn't going to show any mercy, no, she was going to make this girl feel pain. Trina didn't feel any pain, not until the end. She didn't want to kill Trina, but she knew the girl would play 'cat and mouse' with others if she didn't, but this one she wanted to kill.

"What are you doing?"

"I don't have time to play with you," Miranda coldly told her while picking up her dropped gun. Looking at Austin's paling skin, she turned and pointed it at the girl's temple. "You're going to die. Unlike your 'sister' it's going to be painful. Have fun burning to death."

Malaika didn't have time to say anything back, the red hot pain of something going through her temple stopped all words from coming from her mouth. Instead screams of pain left her mouth as her skin was covered in blue fire.

Miranda tried to block the deafening screams, but might have stopped Austin's bleeding, but that didn't mean he was going to live. She needed to get him out of Russia, somewhere 'Hakan' wouldn't be able to find him.

"Miranda, what happened?" Danielle asked as she ran over. Hakan thought he was talking to her, but in reality he was talking to a clone. "Both me and Jerry are covered in an illusion, his talking to one of my clones. But Miranda what happened?"

"I'm sorry," Miranda said while checking on his wound. Some of his organs were hit, she also found something in his system, something that hasn't been seen in years, but she wouldn't be able to look at it.

"I know your trying to save him," Jerry told her, watching the green energy dance around his brother's torso. "We need to leave, but how?"

"He wants us to join him. By us, I meant Miranda and I," Danielle told him. She didn't need time to think about it, since she would never join him, but he didn't need to know that.

"So do you think Danielle?" Hakan asked while the girl just leaned against one of the trees. "Don't you want to join us?"

"Join and what? You're going to kill Jerry and Austin," Danielle hissed.

Hakan only looked at her. He didn't need to loss more people, so far he lost two to Miranda and five to that bastard human. Idonia was able to kill him, but he was able to take Dakini, Taraka, Morfran, Dracul and Eblis with him. "That's too bad."

"Danielle, his going to die," Miranda said while looking at the boy in front of her. She didn't want him to die, but their was only one way to save him and she didn't have to right to do that to anyone.

"If you want him to live you have to leave," Miranda said while the bleeding stopped. She looked her sister in the eye and smiled. "Now. Dear sister."

Miranda looked at her sister and then Jerry. Nodding she gently picked Austin up in her arms, making sure that no one can see her, since she didn't need her wings being cut off. Her dress was now cut to her knees on the right side and three meters below that on the left. "Meet me where the lovers used to live, before a dangerous thirst got in the way, forcing the lovers to move."

"Got it."

"Where is your sister?" Hakan asked. Before Danielle's clone could answer, something shoot in the air. Hakan looked at the flying female, a small smile on his face. He wouldn't try to catch her. He already knew her answer, however, he believed that he could still chance her mind and the loss of her human would do that. "I guess I got my answer. Any way… where's the real you?"

"So you figured it out?" Danielle asked, her clone fading away. There was no point in wasting her energy keeping the illusion up, but she kept the one around Jerry up. "Didn't think you'd know about clones."

"My sister was working on it, before…"

"Before what?"

"Her death."

Miranda looked at the field behind her. She was scared. Point blank and simple, she was scared that someone else was going to be taken away from her. She didn't want Austin to die, not when her heart felt like it could break just with that thought alone.

"Please be okay," Miranda whispered as she flew to her mother's house. Hakan wouldn't be able to get it, since it was meant to protect 'Demon Angels', while Hakan was a 'Devil Demon'. Her mother also told her that the 'leader' didn't know about the house. "Please Danielle, Jerry. I'll make sure that Austin lives, but make sure you get to the house."

"Idonia's find another fight!"

"You're kidding me," Miranda whispered when she saw the red haired girl. She didn't have time to play games with a child, not one of Hakan's anyway. "Piss off or I'll kill you. Meaning 'daddy dearest will have to find you."

"Idonia will kill you."

"You killed your own sister!" Danielle shouted looking at him. "I was told Summer was there when you were seal! My mother was there!"

"Your 'mother' lied then," Hakan told her a smile on his face. "No one knows what happened to her, but Summer was never one to follow the rules even in her death."

"Jerry get out of here," Danielle whispered to the boy in front of her, slowly walking backwards. Jerry nodded at her before going behind a tree, taking out on of his guns. He wasn't going to leave Danielle alone with him.

"In fact, it was the reason my mother and father tried to keep a lease on her," Hakan continued not knowing that Danielle was moving away from him. "They kept calling her 'Daughter of Eve'. Then again they called me 'Son of Adam'."

"How lovely," Danielle told him. "Religion was big back then. I'm only glad that it's almost gone. People know have a freedom to believe what they want… mostly."

"Yet it has taken humans how long?"

"And how long did it take us?"

"That boy, the one who's dying in your sister's arms," Hakan said. He didn't care what the girl thought of religion. "He belongs to her. However, her actions are to protective of that. Now why did the human protect her."

"Why would I know?"

"You know him."

"For less than eighteen hours."

"I wonder how your sister will react?" Hakan asked a smile on his face. "When her mate dies. Danielle you looked shocked. Didn't you know, Malaika used poison? No one would know the cure, since it was her own mix."

"You're dead, brat!" Miranda said. She couldn't fight like this, but she didn't have to fight hand to hand or with her sword.

"Idonia would like to see you try!" she shouted back aiming at Miranda, she didn't care that the girl couldn't fight nor did she wait for her to do something about it. She would make the girl drop the thing in her arms and then Idonia would have a good fight.

Miranda growled as she dodged the girl's bomb attack. She needed to get to her mother's house, not fight this brat. She didn't want Austin to die, because a brat wanted a fight. "Good bye Idonia. You really are the most annoying person I've ever met."

"Idonia doesn't want to die!" she screamed when she her wings started to give out on her. Miranda wasn't able to take control of her brain as quickly as the others, since she needed to keep her own movements going. "Idonia only wanted to kill and make others pay."

Miranda sighed. She didn't want to die, but she wanted to kill others? Hakan needed to more careful with who he chanced, Miranda thought as she watched the girl burn from falling to the land below, or he was going to pay the price for it one day.

"I hate using my gift," Miranda whispered. She used three times today and each time someone had died. Trina, the unknown brunette and Idonia. However, they did try to kill me, she thought, and Austin.

That thought made her heart stop and her stomach to drop. She had to make the girl forget her power, since she would've made her drop the boy in her arms. "Don't worry Austin, we're almost there. Please hang on for five minutes."

Miranda almost dropped him when she felt a hand on her check. Looking at the male in her hands, she saw brown eyes looking at her with an emotion she didn't recognise or refused to. "Miranda. It'll… be… fine."

"Of course it is."

"Dear god," Danielle whispered.

Before Hakan could say anything else, he felt a pain in his stomach, Siria looking at the short haired brunette in shock. Danielle quickly turned and knocked out the raven, when she knew both of them were out, she quickly went to Jerry.

"You're brother's going to die."

"But Miranda?"

"Doesn't know about it."

"I can't lose anyone else."


"My dad was killed," Jerry said pointing the three dead vampire hunters. Savanna and Parker looked like they were sleeping, while Drew looked like all of his victims. Arm torn off and a giant hole in his chest.

"We'll follow them," Danielle said pure white wings standing on her back. Jerry nodded and carefully the other female picked him. Putting arms around her neck, she took off.

"Austin will live. Miranda won't let him die."

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