Tears From Hell

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Chapter 26

"Miranda!" Danielle screamed when she walked into the hallway of their mother's place. Miranda had shown her where it was, when she was looking for the seal. Jerry had fallen asleep, she knew she wasn't going to fly as fast as Miranda, since she didn't have anyone's life on the line. "Miranda, we're here!"

"Over here!" Miranda shouted back.



"That's not an answer."

"Follow the mud."

"Follow the mud?" Jerry asked. He didn't know what she was talking about, until he looked at the floor. There was a trail of mud on the white tiles. Looking at Danielle he asked "Do you think their okay?"

"I don't know," Danielle told him when they started following the muddy foot prints. "But when we get there. We'll find out."

Miranda just looked at the male on the bed. When she got to the forest, it started raining, something she took as a bad sign. Without caring about the mud on her feet, she ran into the first bedroom she found.

When she gave him a check-up, making sure she didn't miss anything, she found a poison. She knew that girl poisoned him. She had to make sure that it didn't spread, but she didn't know how to get rid of the poison that was eating away at his muscles. Soon it would start eating at his organs, then he'd die, not on her watch though.

"The only good thing is that it's slow to spread," Miranda whispered to herself leaning over a large book. One her mother wrote into a book, the original was a few scrolls. She needed to know if the poison was known and if not, what herbs might help.

"Miranda, what happened?"

"I'm sorry, Jerry."

"Sorry about what?" Jerry asked as he looked over her shoulder. She was reading something, but he wasn't about to read a word from it, in fact it was a bunch of pictures. "What are you reading?"


"What langue is it written in?"

"Mother re-wrote it," Miranda said while turning to the next page. "It was a scroll from Ancient Egypt, she kept it in the same langue."

"Anyway, old book aside," Danielle said while looking at Austin, she might know anything about health or healing, but she was sure that he was growing pale and was covered in sweat. "He's been poisoned and your trying to find the cure."

"Pretty much," Miranda told her while turning the page. Lavender wouldn't be able to help, not in this situation. "I've read more than fifty book and I can't find anything. Ones from this century and then older. This is the first ancient one I've read, but then I'll look at Ancient China's cures."

"It's not known."


"It's one of Malaika's poisons."


"Chick you killed and the one who injured Austin."

"It's my fault," Miranda said looking at Danielle and then Jerry, before looking at Austin. "His going to die, because my anger and rage. I should've check on him when I had her, but no, I had to be an idiot and kill her."

"Isn't there a way to save him?" Jerry asked. Miranda was just looking at his brother, but when she looked at him there was tears going down his face. "Please don't let me loss any more family, you can do anything, I just want him to live."

"There's only one way," Miranda told him. She didn't want to do it, but it was the only way Austin was going to stay 'alive'. He might think she's selfish, both Austin and Jerry might hate her, but as long as he was breathing, she didn't care. "Austin's next of kin id you, so I'll need you to agree."

"What is it?"

"I'll have to turn him… make him into a vampire."

"A vampire."

"Not a turned, they live about fifty years longer than a human."

"Then what?"

"A pure blood."

"So you're going to copy to copy Summer and Hakan?" Danielle asked. When Miranda looked at her with a guilty expression, she wanted to slap her sister across the face. "Miranda… I'm not judging you, I was merely curious."

"It's selfish."

"No, it's not," Jerry told her looking into her blue eyes. "It's not selfish. If it was, then so be it. Everything you've done so far, has been for others. Even when where shot in the arm, I might add, you still tried to keep Hakan and the others sealed, since you didn't want anyone to suffer, you're allowed to selfish."

"I used my gift," Miranda told them. She put her hand on Austin's paling arm, too see how much damage the poison had done. "I killed three people with it and I almost did the same with Drew."


"Did you hear what I said?"

"I did."

"I killed -"

"I've killed." Jerry told her crossing his arms. "Does that make me a bad person? No, it doesn't, so please stop acting like your some kind of monster."

"I am a monster."

"Austin doesn't think so, no he knows you're not."

"I don't want him to die."

"Miranda, no one does," Danielle said.

Jerry sighed and put his arm around her shoulder, he was almost a head taller than her, but he guessed he was going to be the same height as Austin. "How do you turn someone into a pure blood?"

"You have to clear the chakras, then align them," Miranda told him while taking Austin's top off, since it was covered in sweat. "However, I'll need to put the goddess seal on his chest. I'll need his birthstones… it'll also need to be done as soon as possible."

"Stone and candle," Danielle whispered to herself. She was sure she saw a stone and crystal room as they made their way to this one. "What stone do I need to get? I'll pop into the stone room for one, I'll also get two candles."

"Turquoise and diamond."


"That's his star sign."

"I'll get two red candles with a fire pattern on them."

"Thank Danielle," Miranda said to her sister. When Danielle left the room, she turned and looked at Jerry, hands on hips. "Jerry take a seat, but when Danielle I'll need you to leave the room. It might take a while, she'll also might take a while."

"Goddess seal?" Jerry asked when he sat on the bed. Looking at the black ink Miranda had put on his brother chest, it look three moons, one full and the other's less than half… he wasn't good at naming what stage the moon was in. "I see moon goddess?"


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