Tears From Hell

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Chapter 28

"Miranda?" Jerry asked while trying to read an old English text. Miranda was looking through her mother's and Summer's journals. "How's Austin? And don't lie."

"He'll be in pain."


"The transformation is always painful," Miranda told him Summer's journal in her lap. "No one really talked about it, since they don't want to remember the pain. The few conversations where the pain of transformation did pop up, it was always the same."

"So how was yours?"


"I want to know what my brother is going through," Jerry told her. A small smile on his face and his messy blonde hair covering his left eye. "He's doing this so both us aren't left alone."

"What do want to know?"

"Can you tell me how it happened?"

"So you want to know when it happened?" Miranda asked looking up from her book. "Jerry, not even Austin knows what happened, but I guess it'll be better for someone to know. He only knows that a British offer shot me, however, that's not the whole truth."

"What happened?"

"1775, the start of the war in New England after the shot in Lexton. You mortals call it the 'shot heard around the world'."


"Some people believe the American Revolution is the reason the French Revolution started," Miranda told him while rolling her eyes. "Other's believe that the event is the reason the world is the way it is."

"And you don't?" Jerry asked.


"Why not?"

"I'm a female and was on the Native American's side," Miranda told him sighing as she moved her hair behind her ear. "I wasn't liked, in fact my family had to hide. Soon we were forgotten and we were allowed to come out."

"Before that?"

"I'm getting to that."

"You're killing me here!"

"Boston had been at odds with Britain since I was seven. No one took the Stamp Act kindly, you see the North got profit from their merchants, unlike the South who got theirs from trading raw goods," Miranda told him putting her hair in a low pony tail with the pale blue hair tie from her wrist. "So there was a bit of smuggling… actually there was a lot of smuggling."

"I see."

"Don't you learn this in school?"

"We do, but the teacher and text book always sing prises for the revolution," Jerry told her while trying to remember what his teachers told him. "They rarely tell anyone what it didn't do or the darker side of things."

"Like the main reason wasn't Liberty, but profit?"


"My bad."


"Washington wanted the land across the line, so he could sell it later," Miranda said a smile on her face. "I don't care how many people see Washington as a 'demi-god', in my eyes he was just as human as everyone else… as well as the others. Benjamin Franklin's son was a loyalist and they were never able to get along again."

"Weren't loyalists forced out?"

"They were."

"And Franklin did nothing to help his son?"

"How would I know?"

"You know everything else."

"My brothers told me… I lived in Boston till my change, then I went to Virginia," Miranda told him putting her hands on her hips. "We were talking about something."

"Your change," Jerry told her a frown on his face. "So can we get back to it, before you ninja'd your way out of it?"

"Ninja'd isn't an adjective."

"Just get on with it."



"After another failed power raid for the British and a successful powder alarm for the Americans. You can see how the British was getting frustrated, since they saw the American as idiots, far below themselves… I think they still do to some extent."

"I think everyone sees Americans as stupid or far too smart for their own good," Jerry said crossing his arms. He could tell that Miranda was trying to make him forget his question. "They see the red necks and the smart people, however there are a lot of people who are smart without being that smart."

"I don't think that… it's what I have, don't kill the messenger."

"Get on with it."

"Fine…" Miranda said with a pout. "As I told you I was on the American Native side and the American's didn't like the Natives and the Natives didn't like the Americas. Since I was wearing what Native American clothing the British tried to get me to tell them were the others were hiding the gun powder. I didn't like the Americans or the British at this time so I kept my mouth shut. So in turn he shot a warning shot at me. He didn't mean to hit me in the heart, but he did."

"How did you know he didn't mean to shot you?" Jerry asked wondering how Miranda knew the soldiers feelings when they were trained to hide them. "I mean they're trained to hide them."

"When you shot someone you didn't mean to, training or not you're going to panic."

"That make sense."

"He might have gained 'soldier's heart' or 'PDS' from his service in the army," Miranda told him a sad smile on her face. "He did, since I was going to kill him. Don't look at me like that… the bastard almost killed me, you would do the same. However, seeing how he was torturing himself I left him alone. To end this long story, my brother find me bleeding on the ground… did what I did to Austin, however the one for family, and I became an immortal."

"What it's like to be changed, since you said it was the same for everyone."

"Depends on pain tolerance."

"You said it's always painful!"

"It is, but it's more painful for some and won't be for others."


"I was a lady in the 20th century. It was fucking painful." Miranda told him when he froze and looked at her she laughed and continued. "I'm joking, I'm joking, but my friend… Melisa was a lady from the 19th century and from what her mate, James, told me… she was screaming her head off and almost destroyed his hand."

"So can you tell me?"

"It feels like you can't move, which you can't and ever limb is on fire."

"That's it?"

"Can't move, limbs on fire, begging for death…" Miranda said playing with the end of her hair, while she tried to think of her own change. "Time slowing down that it feels like it's been years, life flashing before your eyes… nope, I don't think I've missed anything."

"You only said the first two things."

"Did I tell you won't be able to see him for a week?"


"I'll take that as a 'no' then?"

"What do you mean I won't be able to see him?" Jerry asked. His eyes were going wide and Miranda thought the boy was going to have a panic attack, so she handed him a random stress ball. Jerry didn't know where she got the thing, but he did just look at it. "That doesn't answer my question."

"Danielle what's the most basic way to tell him this?" Miranda asked her sister as the older female walked through the door. Danielle only looked at her and then Jerry.

"Tell him about bloodlust," Danielle told her while trying to walk away, but she was too close to Miranda who grabbed her wrist.

"I already told Austin… I'm not going through that again."


"You tell him."


"So bloodlust isn't what my Dad said it was," Jerry said while Miranda just looked like she won a race, while Danielle looked like she was asked to go through a pit of fire. "So that's way Austin had that giant smile on his face that day."

"Questions?" Miranda asked.

"Why can't I see him?"

"Even after what I told you?" Danielle asked while sighing and muttering about 'bull-headed males'. "Newborns will have bloodlust has soon as they wake up."


"Austin will want blood. Jerry is made out of blood," Miranda told him while pointing to his neck and then to her fangs that were on her lips. "Austin doesn't want to kill/hurt Jerry. So we'll keep Jerry away, so Austin doesn't have that chance."

"Stop talking to me like I'm a child," Jerry told her crossing his arms and huffing. "And don't talk in third person its weird."

"Miranda's weird?"

"What did I say?"

"Sorry… I had to."

"You got Miranda's baby talk, but you didn't get mine?" Danielle asked making the two look at her. "American's are stupid."

"So… he'll want my blood?" Jerry asked Miranda, since Danielle was pissed, enraged and he didn't want to her target.

"Pretty much," Miranda said while keeping an eye on Danielle, she had seen her sister mad once and about fifty ships were shanked and everyone on board died. "He'll attack anything with a heartbeat. He might try to stop himself, but it's not worth the risk."



"What about you?"

"There's a chance," Miranda told him a sad smile on her face, regret in her eyes. "However it's low, since I can control his brain and stop him."

"I see."

"Don't worry after the week he'll be back to himself."

"How?" Jerry asked raising an eyebrow at her words. "How would that work? I'm sure, he'd have to do something."


"Hunt? Humans?"


"Then… what?" Jerry asked looking at the two blondes. Danielle only glared at him, he thought they hunted humans, with a huff Danielle left to pack. There was a safe house and she would be taking Jerry to it, since it decreased the chance of him getting hard. "What did I do?"

"That's just Danielle's sore spot." Miranda told him a smile on her face. "Anyway, we don't hunt humans, we hunt animals. Austin's the only human blood I've ever drank. Yes, I'd killed Thomas Paine, but there was no blood… even with Benjamin Franklin."

"Didn't he die in his sleep?"

"That's what I want them to believe."

"Really… you kill one of the founding fathers?"

"And if I did?"

"No one's going to like you."

"Like they'll believe that I was alive back then."

"True, when are we leaving?" Jerry asked while rolling his eyes at their childish conversation. "I'll have to go pack the little I was able to bring."

"Danielle's already done that."


"You're leaving as soon as she comes back."

"Where are we going?"

"Safe house," Danielle said with two bags on her back. "It's about one and half days from here. So we better get going."

"So you brought camping stuff?"



"You didn't know."

"Austin, Danielle," Miranda said. Even she could feel tension between the two and she never saw this type of thing. "Go already and don't have too much fun, I'm too young to be an aunt."

"You're over hundred years old," Jerry told her his eyes wide and mouth almost when he thought about her words. "We're… not going to do… that!"

"Are you sure?"



"I hate you."

"You know you love me," Miranda told her sister. "Now the get the hell out of here, before Jerry becomes a blood soda or… I can't think of anything. Just go!"

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