Tears From Hell

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Chapter 29

Austin wanted to scream. It felt like years, since Miranda had told him about the change through he was sure that it was about two days ago.

Memoires of his past, having to relive both the good and painful moments, such as finding Jerry crying over their mothers body and the moment Siena left, her long blonde hair in a ponytail as she screamed at their dad, over her dead boyfriend.

Siena's boyfriend was always a kind man. He would bring them something from his travels. Austin could barely remember his name, since it's been at least three years since he'd seen him. Siena had only went out with him for six months, but it was like they had known each other for years.

R… his name started with a R. Miranda Black. The blonde male looked like her, just more masculine and not doll-like. Black… Black. Reid?

An image of a blonde male in front of him. Siena's boyfriend. Jerry always asked him about the red ring around his eye, but he would always tell them that it was a medical condition, just like Danielle and Miranda. Reid Jorden Black. Miranda's older brother had dated Siena, but was killed two years before he met the girl, two after their mum and brother had died.

Siena walked to the blonde male and the two hugged. She looked at him and opened her mouth. "Austin?" it didn't sound like Siena, but Miranda. Looking around the white walls, he tried to find her. "Austin? It's been three days, why weren't you waking up? Did I do something wrong?"

"Reid Jordan Black… Siena Sue Hell," Austin muttered as the heat went to his back, it was like getting a tattoo. A small tiger on his lower back, something no one knew about, a rebellion against his dad. "Why did Reid have to be killed, he was so gently."

Soft hands were on his shoulders and it was like someone was trying to wake him up. But he was already awake, so that couldn't have been possible. It couldn't have been Danielle or Miranda, since their skin was cold to him, so that left only one person. "Jerry, I'm awake. Five more minutes."

"I'm not male," a voice said as the hands just stayed at his shoulders. "Also, why do you always mistaking me for your family members? For the last time we're not related nor do I want to be."

Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was pale pink lips, bottom lip fuller than the top, then he saw long blonde hair. Looking at his shoulder he saw the girl's pale hand on his shoulder. "Siena? I'm sorry about Reid, dad shouldn't have done what he did."

"Austin, I'm not your sister," Miranda told him. Austin's eyes just widened when he looked at her eyes, instead of meadow green he saw blue and red. "Nor do I want to be. Also I think Reid will always be in Siena's heart."


"I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry?" Austin asked. He could see dust in the air and make out the smallest detail. Looking at her face, all he saw was regret and guilt. "You have nothing to be sorry about –"

"Austin, you're a full blood vampire!" Miranda shouted while getting of the bed and standing in front of him, looking at the thick red ring hiding his green eyes. "I changed you without your permission, just with Jerry's. Now you're stuck with me until one of us dies!"

"You say that like it's a bag thing," Austin told her while sitting up, looking into her eyes. Before looking at her neck, the soft pulse during him in. "I… I don't."

"Austin, we need to hunt."


"Animals, Austin, animals."


"It's easy, through some find it hard," Miranda told him her checks going a pale pink. "Until you, all I've had was animal blood, so I've barely felt the urge to attack humans, only if I hadn't had blood for a few months do I get that bad. Usually, I don't let it get that back."

"Was it good?"

"Wait… what!?"

"My blood?"

"And if it was?"

"Well… yours was nice."

"We'll need to find you a bear or something around that size."

"Why?" Austin asked his eyes still on her neck. "Where's Jerry? I can't hear him, in fact you're the only one in the room. Why isn't Danielle and Jerry here?"

"Both of them are staying in one of the cabins."

"So can I see him?"

"In a week's time."

"A week?" Austin shouted his eyes wide and Miranda quickly took control of his Motor Cortex, stopping him from attacking her. "Why won't I be able to see him for a week? Why do you think I'm going to attack you?"

"Newborns have it harder in the first week," Miranda told him. She didn't know how he would react, but she knew he would attack anyone if he thought they'd harmed his brother. "Jerry's at one of the safe houses with Danielle, so he'll be fine."

"I would never hurt him, why did you think I'd attack you?"

"I've only ran into one pure blood vampire."


"They attacked us, but my brother was able to stop him before anyone was hurt."

"I would never -"

"I know Austin, but we're, I'm, not taking that chance."

"Only a week, right?"

"Only a week."

"Then I won't attack him?"

Miranda only looked at him, then at the floor. He felt her control over his motor cortex slip. She was hiding something from him. Waiting for five minutes, before the silence got to him.

"Miranda, what are you hiding?"

"A week, yes, but we might have to do this every month… for a year."


"Just in case."

"In case of what?"

"Bloodlust isn't an easy thing to control."


"It can takes years before you have full control."

"I might attack Jerry?"

"Austin. That's the reason we're taking these measures."

"Oh…" Austin said a pout on his lips. He would never hurt his family, he would never hurt Miranda. He didn't mean to snap at her about the week away from his brother, he was just worried, since Hakan was still hanging around.

"Come on, Austin, we need to hunt."

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