Tears From Hell

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Chapter 31

"So, I can see my brother now?" Austin asked. It had been more than a week, since he had seen Jerry and Danielle, but Miranda wanted to make sure that he couldn't attack his younger brother.

"Yes, Austin," Miranda told him. Both of them were waiting in the living room, since it was closer to the door. "And don't worry. You're going to walk a hole in the carpet if you continue."

"What's his reaction going to be?"

"How would I know?"

"I was hoping you did."

"Well… I don't."

"This could go badly."

"Anything can go badly."

"Thanks…" Austin told her while Miranda put her hand on her arm, making him seat. "You know how to make me so much better."

"I try."

Austin could only rolled his eyes at Miranda's words. He was just glad that she accepted the fact that, one he loved her and two, she wasn't a monster. Sure, it took about three days for to come to it, but he was stubborn.

"Austin, Jerry's your brother," Miranda told him while pulling him into a hug, his head resting on hers. "If he can accept both Danielle and I. He'll be able to accept you."

"Thanks," Austin said kissing her forehead, making her giggle at his action. He wasn't ever going to let her go. She was his other half, the one who brought out both the worse and best in him, while he was able to bring out the worst and best in her. They were soulmates and now he would be able to spend eternity with her. "For everything, Miranda."

"They should be here soon."

Jerry looked at the house, worry in his eyes. Would Austin really be Austin? Or would he be like the vampire that killed his mum and brother.

"Jerry, what's wrong?"

"Nothing Danielle," he told her, a small smile on his face. He didn't need anyone knowing his worry, it was silly. Both Miranda and Danielle had told him Austin would be himself. "Nothing really."

"I've lived with my sister," Danielle told him, while leaning against her car. Miranda was older than the male in front of her, so her sister had master the art of lying. "And she's better at lying to me then you are, so do you want to tell me? Or do I have to tickle it out of you?"

Jerry looked at the forest surrounding the building. He was worried, yes, but his fears were silly. Weren't they? He was worried about his brother, but he was also worried about Miranda. Mostly, he wish he could stop thinking about it.

"I'm not going to judge."

"I'm worried and scared."


"Austin, Miranda," Jerry told her keeping his to the tree in front of him. Away from the large house, where both of them were waiting. "Austin might be different and Miranda might be hurt. Austin would never forgive himself if he hurt her."

"Jerry. Both of them are fine."

"You're lack of trust hurt me," a familiar voice said, making Jerry slightly jump as he turned his gaze back. The only difference he could see in Austin was the red rings in his eyes. "Of course I would never hurt my mate."

"We're fine, Jerry," Miranda told him while appearing next to him, pulling he younger boy into a hug. "Besides, I can control that pea he calls a brain, nobody's going to get attacked by Mr Hell here."


"You're an idiot."

"He is isn't he?" Jerry asked joining in on Miranda's teasing. While her smile was small, her hug made him feel safe, like when Siena would hug him. "He's done so many questionable things in his life."

"And I'm planning another," Austin said as he ran next to them, putting his arms around Miranda's waist and picking her up, making her stop the hug she was giving to Jerry.

"What are you doing?" Jerry asked.

Austin looked at his brother and then at Miranda, smiling he put his hands on her back, pulling her up and kissed her on the lips. Miranda's eyes widened before she closed them, putting her arms around his neck, kissing back.

"You haven't done anything have you?!"

"Of course not Danielle," Miranda told her sister. Why would she think they… never mind, she didn't want to know what her sister was thinking. After all she wasn't known for kissing random people. "I know I teased you and Jerry about that, but it's not funny when you don't make it up yourself."

"I can't help it!"

"Yes. You can."

"Monkey see, monkey do."

"Only works for toddlers, Danielle. You're twenty."

"That hurts," Danielle said while putting her hands over her heart and pretending to do of a heartbreak.

"Get over it!"

"You're so mean."

"Both of you are acting childish," Jerry said looking at both of them. He didn't know where that conversation was going nor did he want to know. "Besides, you're both pretty."

"I don't know if that was a compliment or an insult," Danielle said after five minutes of pure silence. Austin couldn't help it and laughed.

"What was that fight even about?" he asked the two, while Jerry looked at him. He's brother must likely didn't want to know.

"Old tradition," Miranda told him, while Austin tightened his hold on her. "Back in the 'good old days', women weren't allowed to do it, not until they were married."

"So you had to stay pure for your wife or husband?"

"Husband, man could sleep around," Danielle told him. Man could sleep with anyone they wanted, but women had to wait for their wedding day. She had seen widows give themselves to man, just so they could buy food for their children. "However, it isn't your fault. We lived through that time, but you didn't. You're used to people not being looked down on for not being a virgin."

"Human's still have a way to go," Miranda said while looking at the ground, she was on her toes, since Austin was taller than her. "Since they can barely accept each other. That and I've seen both world wars, I don't even want to know how many mother had seen."

"Go back to kissing my brother."

"I think I will," Before Austin could do anything, Danielle started laughing causing all three to look at her. "What's funny?"

"The fact that you kissed my sister and your still breathing," Danielle told him. She remembered how many people had tried courting Miranda, but none of them worked. "Don't we have planning to do?"

"Of course we do," Miranda grumbled pulling Austin to the living room, Jerry and Danielle just looked at each other before following.

"So what do we do now?" Jerry asked while Miranda sat in his brother's lap. Austin looked happy, resting his head on hers. "Hakan could be back at any moment."

"Not for a while," Miranda told him.

"How do you know?"

"If Summer and Mother were right," she said while thinking back to the journal. "Then it'll take at least fifty years for them to get their full strength back. Hundred at most."

"So I'm going to be old or dead."

"Pretty much."

"Trust you two to make a joke out of it," Danielle said her fangs on her lips. She needed to hunt, before Jerry did become a 'blood soda' "Miranda, I need to hunt… do you -"

"I've already hunted," Miranda told her while rolling her eyes. "And yes, I can keep an eye on both them, since it's only really Austin that I need to keep an eye on."

"I didn't question you."

"You were going to."

"I wasn't."

"Didn't you say you need to hunt?" Jerry asked stopping the 'fight' that was starting. Both of them just looked at each other and smiled. "So what are we going to do for the next fifty years?"

"Miranda can tell you," Danielle said while running out the front door. She didn't need a human 'blood soda', she wanted a giant bear or even a tiger.

"I'm going to train you," Miranda told him, a smile on her face. "Of course I'll train Jerry as well, but I'll have to watch myself with him."

"Why am I already in pain?" Austin asked while rubbing his arm.

"Because you know me."

"How painful?"



"My mood."

"So it's going to be painful."

"Austin, it can't be worse than Dad's training," Jerry said almost laughing at his brother's face, Drew had pushed them past their limits almost every day. Making sure they were stronger than the 'bloodsuckers'. "At least you don't have to go to hospital."

"I hate hospital."

"Your ass is mine," Miranda growled, while dragging Austin to the top of the house, before they good to the stairs, Jerry remembered what Miranda had told him and Danielle.

"Have fun," he yelled back at them, planning on locking his door and reading on of the books he borrowed out of the library. "But not too much, I'm too young to be an uncle."

"We'll see, Jerry. We'll see."

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