Tears From Hell

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Chapter 4

She couldn't help, but admire her uncle. She's had to put up with this for about two months, while he was able to last four. She was able to control her blood lust since, unlike her uncle, she didn't want to kill her human friend's nor did she want to take any of their blood.

Miranda had meet Austin and Tamia two months ago, making it two months and two weeks, since she had seen the sky. Two months since Tamia gave her the extra blood from the mince and then blood pills.

The three of them had started to become close friends. Both Tamia and Austin would tell her what was going on with the outside world. Drew stopped going down every day and wasn't home during the day. The two of them would ask her about historical events and what the founding fathers were like, she thought that they were selfish human beings. How the British never learned, America wasn't taking any of their taxes nor were they happy about the 'red coats' being in their home. Boston hated it, if her brother was too be believed.

She opened her eyes, only to see a young male. Blonde hair and green eyes almost made her freeze, she had a friend with that extract colouring. He even had the same eye shape as her as well. He looked so much like Kaitlyn that it hurt. The blue yoga mat was hers, she would even use it for the same reason, to avoid having to sit on dirty floors.

"Yes, mortal?" Miranda asked while sitting up, he looked like he wanted to say something. It was a habit that Kaitlyn had as well, so she knew what she was dealing with.

"Why does he keep you alive?" he asked looking at her in the eye, never breaking eye contact "You're kind… their nothing but monsters. Your kind took away my mum and then my brother!"

"Well, your kind took my family away from me," Miranda told him with a shrug "then I guess that makes your kind monsters as well,"

"My mum… your kind killed my mum," Jerry shouted with wide eyes "He was rapping her, when I tried to make him stop… all he did was rip her throat out,"

"No… Kaitlyn and here I was hoping that she had simply forgotten me," she said while tears escaped her eyes "the cruel things of this life. My little sister shouldn't have been killed. I wish I had killed, Trent Jaden, with my own bare hands, or Penelope killed him, when he tried to do it with her,"

"You knew mum," Jerry said while looking at her with shock "you said 'little sister' does that mean mum was a vampire, does that mean Austin and I are vampires,"

"Child, calm down,"

"How do I 'calm down'? My mum was a vampire and we just killed my aunts and uncles,"

"Jerry, isn't it?" Miranda asked "I met your grandmother, unlike me, she was friends with my mum, while I was friends with yours. She had a habit of calling me 'Big sister Mira', she was one of the few that didn't think vampires were the same,"

"You aren't?"

"No, like you humans, we all have our own personalities,"

"Then why?" Jerry asked he had barely moved from his spot, just moving his arms to cover his head "Why does everyone want to kill you? Why do they -"

"Jerry, people fear what they don't understand," Miranda told him her hands in her lap "Your father is still in grief. Benjamin Franklin is a person that I hate, he was the reason behind Paxton's death. For years I cursed that man, but he died in his sleep. To this day, I still curse him,"

"Benjamin Franklin?"

"Yes, one of the founding fathers. In fact, I'm not a fan of most of them,"

"You knew them?" Jerry asked while looking at the girl, he didn't know how old she was. She could've been born in ancient times for all he knew.

"I was born in the year 1768, so yes, I knew them," she said with a frown on her face "I've talked to a few of them, some of them were kind… others not so much,"

"Do you know who killed Stephen?" Jerry asked. He didn't know her name, but for some reason, he didn't want to know it.

"The Angela Twins… Destiney and Annie, they wanted to revenge the Jaden's down fell," Miranda said her frown deepening "everyone told them to leave it alone, but they didn't. They're the reason for this mess, along with Trent."

"Why didn't they listen …"

"It's Miranda,"

"Miranda, why didn't they listen? Why start a war, when it wasn't needed?" Jerry asked looking at the girl his mum saw as an older sister.

"Their hatred blinded them, like your father's hatred blinds him," she told him it was the truth and she saw no reason to sugar coat it "like how your hatred blinded you, but now I hope you can see the truth and be at the peace, knowing your mum's and brother's killers were brought to justice,"

"Justice? What about your family. They won't have justice, my dad was the one who killed them," Jerry said he can't lose any more of his family, he didn't want his dad to die.

"Don't worry, Jerry, I won't kill your father," Miranda told him "Why kill him, when I know the feeling of having your family killed. I won't start a war, since I know for a fact that I would loss and it wouldn't be worth the risk,"

"How many brothers and sisters did you have?"

"Two sisters and four brothers,"

"Jerry, dad is looking for you," Austin said while looking at the pale male. He had heard their conversation and it made him feel bad. He didn't know that his brother had seen their mum being rapt and killed, he thought he found her body like with Stephen. Jerry walked out of the basement and Austin looked at Miranda, who just gave him a small smile "I'm sorry,"

"It's fine, Austin,"

Austin just looked at the girl, before also exiting the basement. Miranda just looked at the wall, feeling a little lighter, since she wasn't holding the sadness in her head. Tears slowly went down her checks and she lied down on the floor of her little prison, she wouldn't stay here forever. She would find a way out of here, then she would stay in hiding, until Drew Hell was one killed by someone else or died of illness or old age.

Her mother, father, Paxton, Quintin, Penelope, Reid, Damian and Danielle. Her family, her closet family and they were dead, nothing was going to bring them back. She didn't even know what happened to most of them. She was the last and she didn't like being the last, it wasn't like a game, where you'd win something if you were the last one standing.

She would give anything for Kaitlyn not to be murdered. Her little sister. All she could remember was a small child with blonde hair and green eyes. She had to baby sit Kaitlyn so many times, they would have fun, movie nights and junk food days. Only to learn that she was killed, when Drew came down to demand answers from her, she was already asleep… tear marks down her face. He took one look at it and left.

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