Tears From Hell

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Chapter 5

Austin watched as his dad and brother went to pack the back of the car. Both of them were going to Russia and wouldn't be back for about four months. He had already wished them luck, Jerry was the one going, simply because he didn't fight with him.

Drew knew that Austin disagreed with him, on pretty much everything. When they had finished packing the car, he looked at his eldest son. They needed to get to the airport, they had their own private jet and they would need to use it.

Tamia walked behind him, handing him a cup. The red liquid was warm and red, when he was about to ask Tamia what it was, she just looked at him and pointed to the basement. Not wanting to fight with his cousin, he went to see Miranda.

Miranda was getting sick of this cage. It was the same every day, she felt like something was going to be different, but she couldn't tell what. When she heard the basement door open she looked at it, hoping that it wasn't Drew. When she saw Austin she let out a breath of relief.

"Miranda, Tamia gave me something for you," he said while showing her the cup. Her reaction was instant, her eyes drawn to the red liquid and her fangs were showing on her soft pink lips.

"If this is a joke, then it isn't funny," Miranda hissed sitting up and going to the back of her cage, away from Austin, she didn't want to attack him. Austin just looked at her, her eyes were wide and he could see slight traces of fear.

"It's not a joke," he told her while putting the cup where she could reach it. Before slowly walking away from her little prison "my dad's not going to be here for a few months, so Tamia thought it was safe to give you something to drink,"

Miranda just looked at him, before accepting the drink. Her body and her mind needed it, she was seconds away from blood lust activating. She just looked at him, while he got two yoga mats out. Jerry had brought them done, he wanted to learn about his aunt and would often join Austin when he came down.

"He took Jerry to Russia," Austin told her after a few minutes silence "he doesn't know that we've been talking to you. He put me in charge. He thinks Jerry still hates your kind… he's been acting like a weight was taken off his shoulders,"

"That's good then," she said while putting the empty glass down, her injuries healing faster than Austin had seen before. They didn't know the vampires healing rate, since they were never given the chance to heal.

"Miranda, I was wondering what blood lust was?" he asked while looking at the blonde. She just looked at him. Why did he want to know about blood lust "I think we've got it wrong, why don't you come out, since I know that sliver isn't good for you,"

"Thank you," Miranda told him while getting out of her prison "It depends on what your kind thinks blood lust is? I can correct what you got wrong,"

"I know I've got all of it wrong," Austin told her before sitting in front of her, the two yoga mats keeping the dirt away from their clothes "Blood lust is when a vampire carves blood to live. Killing a person to stay alive. Dad would always tell me that it was an excuse, one that your kind used, in hopes that the humans would accept it and turn a blind eye,"

Miranda just looked at him, she wanted to hit her head against the nearest object. No wonder they hated us, she thought while looking at Austin with wide eyes, they thought we were monsters.


"Wrong, so very wrong," she told him while putting her hand on her head. She didn't know made that up. Her father always told that a story was to blame, but he could never remember which one it was "Blood lust… we don't drink blood to live and when we do drink from a human, most and I said most, don't kill the person, taking only a bit of blood from them,"

"Then why?"

"It's our body's way of keeping up our energy or, as humans called it, magic. This is the factor that keeps up our healing, it's also the reason behind our 'natural' beauty,"

"Then how do you become a vampire?" Austin asked. He was sure some of them used to be human. Most of them go nuts and kill everyone in sight, these ones Austin had no trouble in getting rid of, but ones like Miranda, he didn't want to kill.

"There are two ways," Miranda told him "I won't tell you now, but on a later date. We don't put our 'venom' into the humans we get blood from. If you do make a 'newborn' than you have to look after it, most of the time there's the same reason behind the change,"

"What's the reason?"



"I said that out loud didn't I?" she asked while looking at him, she didn't know she said 'mating' out loud, her father wanted her to find a mate, but she never 'liked' the ones she meet. Most of them just weren't her type. This was the person she'd spend the rest of her immortal life with, she had to be picky.

"Yes." Austin told her while pointing at her head, he didn't want to point anywhere else and the head was usually safe "you still do that?"

"Only the noble families. It's almost like werewolf mates," she said while trying to think of a way to put this nicely "but you don't have the 'love at first sight' crap,"

"You don't believe in love at first sight then?"

"That's based on looks, not personality," she huffed while crossing her arms under her chest "shape shifters just know who they're mates are, vampires are can of the same. However we get to know them first before we know,"

"Really -"

"My dad and mum knew each other for five hundred years, before they knew they were mates,"

"Guess it means you trust each other more," Austin said "you know each other, guess it means that they would sometimes fight then?"

"Of course, a relationship without fighting is a false one," she told him. Her parent would fight, but they would always try to understand the other's view. There was something's they didn't do, simply because the other hated it "they would meet half way. If my mother gave up something my father didn't like, then he'd do the same,"

"Think you could tell me more?" Austin asked. Her history was longer than his dad's, she knew what happened during the American Revolution and the years that lead up to it. He always wanted to learn about her kind, the ones no one bothered to understand.

"I would love to,"

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