Tears From Hell

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Chapter 6

Tamia watched her cousin pace around the kitchen. It was two in the afternoon and he been doing this since one. She could tell he was nervous and she didn't blame him, since she was also nervous. Another vampire hunting family were coming over. One that was close to their family, both of them were friends to Drew.

Both Savanna and Parker knew what the basement was for. Tamia knew that they would report them to the guild. The two were in their late thirties and didn't do much themselves. She knew that Austin was worried about Miranda, but she waited for him to say something.

Austin didn't know what he was going to do. He hated the Rose family, all of them just went along with what his dad had done. He knew something bad might happen, since Miranda kept asking him about Russia and where it was. She had grown quiet once he had shown her a map.

"Austin, calm down," Tamia said. It had been another half an hour of pacing and she knew this wasn't healthy for him "why don't we just get Miranda from the basement,"

"Her eyes." Austin told her. He didn't know anyone with a red ring around their pupil, he was just glad that they didn't have to worry about her wings.

"Medical condition."

Austin didn't say anything. Luckily her injuries were healed, she told him that the blood he had given her helped. That not getting enough blood was like him not getting enough sleep, once you slept it went away and it was the same with her blood lust.

Tamia sighed at her cousin's silence. She looked at him with her hands on her hips. He knew she meant business "Austin, why don't you talk to Miranda," she told him while crossing her arms "It's her life and I'm sure she'll be fine with playing human for a few hours,"

"What if she doesn't?"

"When your dad found her, she didn't fight," she sighed. Both dad and son had thick skulls and forgot that people had their own options, Drew was worse at this, but Austin had his moments "she wanted to live, she didn't see the point in fighting a losing battle, this won't be any different,"

"Dad's been gone for three days, three," Austin muttered "If you're sure, then I can ask her. However, I might need to come up with a backup plan…"

"Austin, just go talk to your girlfriend,"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Austin shouted as he stopped pacing, a look of shock on his face. He should be glad that his dad wasn't here, but he didn't know that the household thought it had a girlfriend.

"When the Rose's are here, she is,"

"Play human," Miranda asked while watching at her stressed friend. He was only sitting down, because she made him "didn't know that was a game. Is it like that 'play fish' or 'play dead' game? And if it isn't, is there a game called 'play vampire'?"

"I think so," Austin told her when he thought about what she said. The fact she was making jokes, wasn't helping him "I just don't want them to find out you're a vampire, because they'll report you to the guild and then they'll kill my dad,"

"Austin calm down. There's two points you have forgotten," Miranda told him while holding up two fingers "one, I've had to 'play human' for a few hundred years and two, you're my friend, so why would I put you through that?"

"I don't know…" he whispered while calming his breath. It seemed that talking to Miranda did the trick "guess we'll have to get you clothes, can't have you walking around with ripped clothing,"

Miranda just looked at him. She didn't know what went through his head half of the time. After staring at each other for a few seconds, they made their way out of the basement. Austin almost laughed when the blonde covered her eyes, the basement didn't have any light in it, besides one light bulb that was on the verge of breaking.

"Mum has a chest that she'd put clothes in," he told her, when they made it to his room on the third floor. His dad didn't know about, since she would keep it in his room "she would out an outfit in it two days of the year. On Christmas and on the twenty-fifth of August,"

"My birthday."

Austin stopped to look at the girl, he was half way to his walk in closet. Her birthday? He thought, Miranda just sighed at the look on his face.

"The day I was born, like you were born on the…" she told him. The only reason she paused was the fact that, she didn't know when he was born.

"The fourth of December." Austin told her while pulling out a chest. One that was painted black with light purple borders "So I'm a Sagittarius and you're a Virgo."

"Pretty much," she told him. The chest looked familiar to her, like she had seen it somewhere, but she couldn't remember where "didn't know you were into astrology,"

"We don't know a lot about each other," Austin told her. While she had told her some things about her kind, she barely told him anything about herself. He wasn't one to talk, since he only told her about his family and barely anything about himself, this was something that had to change "so later, we'll have to play twenty questions,"


Austin only smiled while he moved away from the chest. He didn't understand female's clothes, so Miranda would have to choose her own clothes "We'll have to get ready for dinner, you can use my bathroom, while I get dressed in my room,"

"Savanna, Parker, it's been a while," Austin said looking at his two guest. Miranda was standing next to him. Both of them were wearing nice clothes, Austin was wearing blue jeans and a red top, while she wore black gloves, a deep blue shirt and a black skirt.

"Austin, who's the young lady?" Savanna asked narrowing her already narrow green eyes. She thought someone was weird about the girl's eyes, although her hair was covering her right eye and most of her left.

"I'm Yesenia," Miranda told the overweight couple. Both had to be in their sixties, so their hunting days were most likely long gone.

Austin almost cooed when she hide most of her face with her hair. However, he didn't since the two would make a comment.

"It's nice to meet you, Yesenia," Parker said putting out a hand for her to take. Miranda just looked at it, then at Austin. Quickly she looked at the man's grey eyes and she just took a step behind her friend "I'm Parker and this is my wife Savanna. We have a daughter around your age, Jaylynn, she'll be turning sixteen soon,"

"Sorry about her," Austin said when Savanna looked like she was going to say something, most likely about how Miranda or 'Yesenia' was still hiding behind him "she's just shy around new people. Her parents weren't the kindest to her,"

"I see," Savanna muttered while fixing her short black hair, before turning to fix her husband's messy brown hair "we're sorry to hear what happened to you, Yesenia, I hope Austin can help you. Both Jerry and Drew should be able to help, but not as much as that boy,"

"Dinner's in the dining room," Tamia called from the kitchen. She wouldn't be joining them, since the two thought she was below them, even if Austin didn't mind her eating with them.

"So Austin, where has Drew gone this time?" Parker asked looking at the boy, they had just finished eating "last time we checked in on you, he went to Africa at get the last of the Zion family."

"The black bloodsuckers got what was coming to them," Savanna muttered under her breath. Miranda was sitting across from her, so the young vampire had heard what she said. However, she did didn't say anything, but she saw that Austin was getting nervous.

"Russia." Austin told him. He knew what his dad was doing there, but he was told not to tell anyone. He also didn't want to tell either Savanna or Parker what he was doing, since the two were known for trying to steal fame.

"Russia? Why Russia of all places, there's nothing wrong with America," Savanna growled. She knew Drew was up to something, however, he never told them when he was going to do something and that pissed her off.

"Mr Hell just went to look for something," Miranda softly told her, while carefully taking Austin's hand into hers "he never told Austin what he was looking for."

"Did I ask you?"

"No ma'am,"

"You knew what I've never met you before," Savanna snapped. She knew Austin was nervous and he couldn't lie when he was nervous "and what's with the red in your eyes, someone might think you were an angel demon or a vampire,"

"Austin is nervous and worried about his brother. I've never met you, since I only met Austin a year ago and the Zion family has been gone for about two," she told the overweight women, not reacting to the word vampire or demon angel "the red in my eyes is just a medical condition that has been in my mother's family. It's the reason my father never liked me, not after my mother passed away in childbirth."

"What happened to your dad?"

"He passed away with my step-mother,"

"Savanna, is there a reason behind your visit?" Austin asked. He thought his dad asked them to check in on them, but he didn't want anyone to know about Miranda, so he wouldn't have asked one of the nosiest people he knew. He was also was getting sick and tired of her asking Miranda 'personal' questions.

"We just wanted to check in on you," Parker said. In truth his wife just dragged him here, he didn't know what she wanted. Savanna just shot him an 'innocent' look, one that didn't leave anyone convinced.

"I need to talk to Yesenia about something,"

"May I use the bathroom?" Savanna asked a glint in her eye that he didn't trust, but he didn't have a choice. She would tell his dad something false, getting him in trouble and most likely grounded.

"Of course," he told her. He was just glad that he and Miranda had cleaned the basement. He put it the way, it would usually look if his dad wasn't using it "you know where it is,"

"She's gone," Tamia told the two. Both of them were watching something on the television. She was glad that the two were gone, they treated her like she was a slave, there to do their bidding.

"I'll check the basement," Miranda said while walking to said room. Austin sighed, while picking up his mobile. He had to ring to tell his dad about the visit and what to do, now that Parker and Savanna knew about the blonde. He just looked at it, even when Tamia left.

"I'll have to call my dad,"

"Tell him that Savanna was in the basement," Miranda told him from the door "don't worry 'Yesenia Sanai' isn't known, however 'Miranda Black' is, it just means that I have to learn to answer to that,"

"You did answer to it,"

"Almost didn't four times."

"Don't be so hard on yourself," Austin told her while pulling her into a hug. She wasn't going to stay in that basement. If people were going to come over, it would be safer for her to stay in his room. That way his dad can't say anything about her, not being in that cage.

"Master Austin, the spare bed in your room is ready," Josue said looking at the two "Mistress Miranda, I see your with us. I hope the Master's training wasn't too hard,"

"I'll show Miranda to her bed," Austin told him. Miranda just looked at him, while wondering why he was using the old terms of 'master' and 'mistress' "And Josue it's Yesenia around guests,"

"Of course Master Austin,"

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