Tears From Hell

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Chapter 7

"Why does Josue call you 'Master'," Miranda asked as she sat on her new bed. It was softer than the metal cage she was stuck in "and why did he call me 'Mistress'?"

"It was the way he was raised," Austin told her, while putting her chest at the end of her bed. He would have to do something about it later "everyone from the Seth family is like that. It's the reason, my family has hired them for centuries,"

"Well, I don't like being called 'Mistress Miranda' or 'Mistress Yesenia'," she muttered while lying down, Austin sitting near her feet "Or have you tried that already,"

"Tried and failed."

"No point then?"

"None," Austin told her while poking her feet, the double bed having enough space for the two of them "how did you find dinner? I didn't think vampires ate human food,"

"Make me sound like an animal, why don't ya," she muttered her under breath, before sitting up and pointing a finger at Austin "we don't drink blood to live, we only need a bit of blood to keep our energy or 'magic' up, which in turn keeps our healing up,"

"I see, sorry about that,"

"It's fine,"

"Okay, now we can play twenty questions," Austin said while taking Miranda's hand in his own, a giant smile on his face "this way we can learn about each other."

"Twenty questions? I swear you're making games up now," Miranda told him, crossing her legs so she wouldn't fall backwards "anyway… how is it played?"

"I ask you a question, you answer or you can pass and vice versa,"

"Okay, so I'll go first?"

"Sure," he smiled. He didn't know what she wanted to know, but he was fine with her going first "so, Miranda, what do you want to know,"

"How are old you are?" Miranda asked she was going to ask simply questions at first, then she would start asking more personal questions.

"I'll be turning nineteen this year. How old are you Miranda?" Austin asked. He didn't know how old she was physically and actually. He never trusted the files his father gave him, since it said she was around two thousand years old.

"I was born two hundred and forty-seven, but was turned two hundred and thirty," she said while thinking about her physical age "so I was seventeen when I was 'turned'."

Austin's jaw almost dropped, their files were way off. However that meant she was born during the eighteenth century.

"What's your favourite colour, Austin?"

"Blue," Austin said looking at her eyes, which the she rolled "what's your favourite colour?" he coughed, trying to stop her from looking at him.

"Purple and white. Is Jerry and Stephen your only siblings?"

"Nope, I have an older sister," Austin said while thinking about the long haired brunette "Siena wanted nothing to with our families business, she's a famous dancer."

"Siena Sue?"

"That's her. With your family I know about your dad and mum," Austin said while remembering her siblings name "Luis, Paxton, Quintin, Penelope, Reid and Damian. I think that's everyone, is it?"

"No, I had another little sibling," Miranda said remembering the day her sister went missing, she still had the same phone, just in case Danielle was still alive "Danielle, we don't know what happened to her,"

"What happened?" Austin asked looking at her, pulling into a hug. He didn't know what happened, but he had a feeling that Danielle had passed like the rest of her family.

"We don't know." Miranda told him, they didn't know what happened to the youngest. Danielle was the youngest, but she was one of the oldest, physically. "My father smelled her burned scent in a burned down building, one she took shelter in after being chased. The thing is we never found her body,"


"That's fine, you lost Stephen," she muttered, as she saw his hand go to her arm "don't freak out, Austin."

"Why?" he asked before touching her freezing skin. Before he made sure to touch the material of her shirt "your skin… it's -"

"I'm what you mortal would call 'dead'," Miranda muttered trying not to have him freak out, so when he took a deep breath she continued "the only time a female vampire has any heat, since we don't need it, is when we're carrying a child,"

"How do you get pregnant?"

"It's harder for us to get pregnant… don't tell your father that,"

"Of course not," Austin muttered pulling her into a tighter hug, the only reason his dad didn't rape Miranda was because he was scared of her getting pregnant "I'm going to let him hurt you,"

"He wouldn't want a half blood running around," Miranda muttered causing Austin to look at her "Half-bloods, half vampire and half human. They have a less likely chance of turning immortal, most just mortal,"

"How do you go from 'mortal' to 'immortal'?" Austin asked. He never knew why some of the vampires he met where old and others were as young as Miranda.

"You need to die and not of natural causes," Miranda told him, while remembering her own change. She never liked the British or the Americans after that, for a hundred years and then she let it go "something will tiger… mostly, sometimes it doesn't work,"

Austin thought about what she said and said nothing. He wanted her to continue with her story, and he wasn't going to take her mind of what happened.

"Quintin died at 103, since he stayed mortal. I count him as an older brother, even if he was born after me," she said while thinking back to him, his short black hair and bright blue eyes "the others won't so lucky, I hate the way I changed and it's the only change I saw, since both Damian and Danielle where with mum when it happened,"

"What happened?"

"I was changed in 1775, the 'start' of the American Revolution," she said thinking back to the day she changed "I was shot, it was during a gun power raid. The British thought I was with the colonists and one was pissed. Before I could move it shot a warning shot at me, however, like a child a few years ago. It almost hit my heart and I was dying, Paxton find me bleeding to death and he bite my throat. That's the last thing I remember, then when I opened my eyes both my mum and dad were crying,"

"I'm sorry,"

"Why are you sorry?"

"You almost died,"

"If I didn't I wouldn't have met you," she whispered putting her head near his heart, being lulled by his strong heart beat "so I'm glad. If that man didn't shot at me, then I'd never would have meet you,"

"I'm also glad," Austin muttered, while gently putting his hand under her chin. Brushing her hair out of her face, before kissing her on the lips. Miranda gasped and his tongue went into her mouth, she didn't think of pushing away and put her hands around his neck.

Pulling away the two looked at each other with a smile on their face. Miranda didn't know what to say, neither did Austin. Both just looked at each other, before Miranda went back to listening to his heart. Austin just laid down on her bed, pulling her blanket over the two.

Slowly her eyes closed and her breathing slowed. Austin just looked at her sleeping face and smiled. He had to come up with a plan, he was going to get Jerry, Tamia and Miranda out of here. He was sure, his sister wouldn't mind helping them. She wanted to take him the first time, but he stayed for Jerry, now he was going to leave with Jerry, his cousin and the one he was falling in love with.

"Don't worry, Miranda, we'll leave this place behind,"

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