Tears From Hell

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Chapter 8

It had been two weeks since Savanna and Parker visited. Drew wasn't happy for the news, bu1t was glad that Austin had lied to them. He wasn't happy about the fact that Miranda wasn't in the basement, but he understood why Austin kept her out. The Rose family was bound to come over again and he'd rather the girl trapped in the house, then the busy bodies knowing about her.

Austin heard from his dad two days after the call. Savanna had called him, so Drew had told her the story that the two come up with. Austin could tell that his dad wasn't happy with the things Savanna had told him.

"Miranda, we'll have to go visit my sister," Austin said while reading an email on her laptop. He had just told Siena what was going "we'll give the servants a holiday, give them some time off. I'll sent Jerry an email, so he knows where in the airport to meet us,"

"Austin, is something going to happen?" Miranda asked while watching the news. In her time, most things that were in the newspaper where weeks old and the issue was no longer a problem.

"My dad… I don't know if his going to risk it any longer,"

"Austin, I won't go down without a fight,"

"But you didn't before!" Austin said while looking at the blonde. She was standing, ignoring the lady on the screen, something was in her eyes.

"I didn't have you or Jerry," she told him, her left hand going on her right arm "I didn't have anyone to live for after my family was gone. Maybe there's a chance that Danielle is alive, I won't know until she calls."

"How old is she?" Austin asked while pulling the blonde into a hug. He knew what he felt for her. He didn't care that she was a vampire and was older than him.

"She's physically twenty," Miranda said while accepting the hug "she was born the first year of independence,"

"Then they'll be a chance of her living," he told her. It was easier for someone in their twenties to get around, he was going to say something, but Miranda's phone had stopped him.

"May I ask whose calling," she said when she answered her phone, the number was a private one and she didn't want to give anything away "Danielle? You're alive, but how?"

Austin looked at her with shock. She was the last of Miranda's family, another reason for the girl to live. The same on her dad kept an eye out for, for the last two years of his life. He didn't stay in the room, not wanting to come in the way of her happiness.

He was happy for her, but he was also worried. Did this mean that she was going to leave, leave him behind? She didn't have reason to stay here nor stay by his side, but he hoped she did.

"Austin!" Miranda shouted from the living room. Austin was talking to Tamia about the blonde's sister being alive and what information they had on her. The two of them looked at each other, before running back to the room.

"Miranda, what's wrong?" Tamia asked. She thought the girl would've been happy, but instead she looked like she had seen a ghost.

"Moscow," Miranda whispered while playing the last piece of news. It seemed that Russia was under a heavy snowstorm "not even Lady Winter herself… would be able to do something like this, nor would she,"

"Miranda, what's going on?" Austin asked. Miranda opened her mouth, but nothing came out. This worried her two friends, while Austin listened closely to what was happening.


"Demons? Miranda what demons?" Tamia asked while Miranda just walked to the corner of the room, Danielle had told her what was going on. Something that hadn't been seen for years, only her mother had ever seen it, something that made horror movies pale in comparison.

"My kind where known as 'Demon Angels'. It wasn't because of our wings, we were called that for another reason,"

"Miranda, love, what's the reason?" Austin asked he was worried about his brother, not worrying what came out of his mouth "Is Jerry in danger? Is anyone going to get hurt?"

"This is Drew's fault." Miranda told them, while looking around the room. A plan was coming together in her head "It's all his fault."

"What? Why?" Tamia asked looking as the girl looked out the window, it looked like the vampire was caught in a memory "what's going on? Miranda no one's coming. If they are, I won't let them in."

"The ends coming," Miranda told them her voice was light, but her eyes were wide. She looked at them and repeated her sentence. Walking into the hallway, she knew where the suitcases where. Both she and Austin had to do something, the younger male would want to do something.

Austin just followed her, while Tamia just looked at the door. He didn't know where the girl was going "Miranda, you're not making any sense,"

She just looked at him, while picking up two suitcases. One said 'Austin Hell' and the other 'Kaitlyn Hell'. They needed to go to Germany, where her mother's spell book was. The one that was used to seal the demons away.

"Miranda." He said while taking her arm, making her look at him "please clam down. I can't help if I don't know what's going on,"

"They're coming back, there isn't enough magic to keep them locked up,"

"Keep what locked up?"

"The only reason, I begged for my life. The reason I never ran away," she told him tears going down her checks "the reason I ignored my pride. It was the hope… the hope. I was hoping to avoid meeting the beings that made my mother cry. To not have anyone else live her horror stories, but now they're coming and it's all Drew's fault,"

He didn't know what to do, Austin just pulled her into a hug. He knew the blizzard had something to do with it, but he trusted her. He knew she wouldn't react like this, unless something was happening. He didn't know her mum's 'horror story' and he would have to wait.

"We need to go to Germany and then to Russia,"


"My family's old house," Miranda told him "information about everything we need to know is there, vampire hunters need to go back to demon hunters, the end will come. We need to stop the horror story,"

"Master Austin, what's going on?"

"Josue, pick my bags and I need to you to ask Tamia to pick Miranda's," Austin ordered the girl still in his arms "afterwards, everyone is to leave the house. Put the seals up and leave,"

"Of course, Master Austin," Josue kindly said going to get the brunette. He would pick their bags and then tell the rest of the staff to leave.

Miranda just looked at the wooden desk in front of her. Austin had taken her to his study. The brunette male was giving her space, the one thing she needed to calm her thoughts.

"My mother was one of the oldest pureblood vampires," Miranda said looking the oak wood "she never knew what year she was born or turned. She never knew the year the demons of hell where sealed,"

"Demons of hell?"

"We're known as 'Demon Angels', before that we were just demons with wings,"

"But something happened?" Austin asked looking at the girl's bowed head.

"The first dark ages,"

"Dark ages where the Victorian era?"

"That was the second," Miranda told him "humans where going down in numbers, the nine noble families knew they had to do something. The demons weren't able to do kill us, our magic was too strong for them. My mother had taught me the same magic, ones from the times of old,"

"What are these 'demons'?" Austin asked her. He didn't know there was a second dark age "your kind where able to seal them away, but what where they?"

"Devil Demons,"

"Devil Demons? Angel Demons?"

"They would use a human's energy, until they had none left," she said while slowly looking into his green eyes "they would kill, none of them had a soul. They used to be one of us, until they sold their heart and emotions… to who I don't know,"

"It's okay," Austin didn't know what he was going to do, but he had to do something. It seems that he was going to go to Germany "we'll stop them. We'll use one of my family's private airplanes. Luckily, my dad also runs a successful business,"

"I asked Danielle to get Jerry away," Miranda told him while giving him a hug "she won't do anything for your dad, but I told her about Kaitlyn. Jerry's going to be safe."

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