Tears From Hell

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Chapter 9

"Miranda, there's a reason we're here, right?" Austin asked as he looked at the house in front of him. The two were in Germany, but the house was on the border. He was surprised that no one from Poland or Germany had found the old house.

"Of course there is," Miranda told him. She didn't know if the house was safe to talk in, but luckily they didn't have to go into the house, she just had to find a symbol.

"Is that safe to walk in?" Austin didn't know about it, since the front door was falling off and the wood in the house was rotting. He didn't think that the planks could take a lot of weight, not without breaking first.

"Well… no one has done anything to this house since the seventeen or sixteen hundreds," she said while looking at the rotting wood. All she had to do was put a bit a magic and it'll be fine, but she would have to do that later "so I don't know, anyway, we're only here for my mother's spell book,"

"So how are we going to get it?"

Miranda just looked at the brunette. They didn't have to enter the house, but she didn't know how she was going to explain that. After getting things from her hiding spot, there was a map in the back of her mother's favourite book.

Austin watched as Miranda walked to the side of the house. He looked at the ivory growing on the side, the green plant was happy to go into the wooden boards, where he found an old style of brick. It looked like someone had out wood over it.

"I know it's around here," she muttered to herself, carefully patting the dust away with her hands. She need to find that symbol so she could do the spell.

"What are you looking for?" he asked while a smile appeared on her face. Quickly she got the dust off the round painting. Faintly he could see a water lily painted onto the side "how many people know about the demons,"

"Barely anyone," Miranda told him, while getting her mother's mirror out of her pocket. About the same size as the painting with a water lily on the back "the only reason I know… is because my mother told me and she was there. Until now, she was the only one from that time,"

"The only one?"

"The only. There were about seven other people who helped her,"

"What happened to them?"

"They went crazy and vampire hunters had to get rid of them," Miranda told him "demons were vampires, but they're ones who lost their hearts. These ones… they wanted to take over the world, for the humans to feel our pain,"

"Vampire hunters… how long have they been around,"

"About as long as my kind… now I need to do the spell," Miranda told him, while putting her fingers to her lips. Lightly putting the mirror the wall she took a breath and began "Mirror to see, mirror to know. Mirror to help the power flow. Mirror absorb, reflect my gaze. Show me the future, show me the past. All that is hidden, revealed at last. Mirror, mirror, display for me. That which I desire to see!"

Austin just watched as the glass on the mirror glowed a soft white, before the same white light went into the wall. Miranda just smiled as she took the mirror and opened the door in front of her. This was to keep their things safe, humans wanted to destroy anything to do with magic or anything 'unholy'.

The stone staircase was covered in dust and cobwebs. Plants had grown on the walls, old candles lined the wall. Austin didn't know where they were, but Miranda closed the door when they walked in. Lightening one the candles, before walking in front of the stunned male.

"Where are we?"

"This is where ceremony's and female members of my family would do our magic," she told him, the red in her eyes starting to stand out more "the males had their own room, but it was small… and only they know where it is,"

"So that was a -"

"A spell?"

"What does it do?" Austin didn't know a lot about magic. His dad didn't know vampires could use magic, then again his dad also thought they didn't do anything.

"That spell is used…" Miranda was trying to think of a way to put it, without looking like an idiot "to make the door appear, we used it, since humans were hell bend on burning anything related to magic,"

"So we're looking for a spell book?"

"Didn't I say that?" she said while a walking to the large door. A cat sitting at the bottom, the black paint fading with time "yes, we're looking for one of the first spell books. My mother was one of the first vampires to be made,"

"So it is possible for human's to become a full blood?" Austin asked while she slowly opened the door. The dusty room's main colour scheme was black, gold and dark purple.

"Yes… no one knows how we came around," Miranda told him, while removing the black covering to one of the chair. She pointed at it and Austin sat down "some say God made the demon angels. That we were his failed attempt at angels. While the devil made the demons as another attempt to get rid of 'God',"

"You don't believe in Him do you?"

"No, if He was real… then why would He let any of this happen," she said while removing the covering to a large golden mirror "why would He let you humans starve to death. Why would He allow His children to suffer?"

"I see…"

"If He was real, then my sacrifice wouldn't have been in vain," she said looking at the golden cats, her mother loved things that were made in Egypt, especially in the ancient times "this wouldn't have happened, He would kept them in the ground."

"I see…"

"I'll need to prepare something and I'll need to do the spell at eleven,"

"At night?"

"Yes, Austin, we'll be contacting my mother,"

At eleven, Miranda stood in front of the glass. She was wearing an old black Egyptian styled dress, it was her mother's old rural dress. Miranda was hoping that this would help with the spell. She was standing in her prepared cycle.

She opened her eyes and took a deep breath. Austin stood five meters behind her, just in case something went wrong "Guardians of the Spirit realm, hear and guide my plea. When witching hour rings true, bring my mother to me. Other spirits who hear my call are not welcome in this place. Only the one known as Kyleigh Black may enter this sacred space,"

Miranda repeated the spell three times, each having a twenty minute break. Slowly a blue light appeared in the mirror. Golden ankle length hair and dark blue eyes with a crimson ring, her skin was darker than Miranda's.

"Miranda, what's wrong?" Kyleigh asked when she spotted her daughter's knee length blonde hair. She didn't know why she was summoned nor by who until she got there.

"They're back!" Miranda shouted looking around the room "I'm sorry them I couldn't keep sealed. All of us are almost gone."

"Miranda don't worry, not all is lost," Kyleigh said causing Miranda to groan, she had forgotten her mother's love for puzzles "go to the land humans have forgot, the library which is hidden away from mortal eye. Look at the top left and then twenty eight,"

"But how?"

"Don't worry, both you and Austin will be able to do it," she whispered as she started to fade "you have a gift my dear, don't be afraid to use it,"

"Miranda?" Austin asked walking up to the girl, when she thought the guardians for their help. Her face was covered by her hair as tears went down her checks "you're pretty. I don't know why you hide your face. Your birth mark and eyes I can understand, but not your face,"

"It doesn't matter. We need go to Russia and save your family," Miranda reminded him. She needed to get the book on the top left of the old bookcase. She would need to look at the twenty-eighth page of the book "we need to stop them from coming back."

"I'm always happy to help, Miranda."

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