Crossing with Crows

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Great, I'm stuck in this world where crow demons exist, I can't get home because I have to wait for the rifts cooling period...All this happen cause I followed a guy I was interested in. Weird right?

Fantasy / Romance
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Travel to another World

My name is Lynn. I'm 20 years old, and I live a miserable life. I will continue to live this miserable life because nothing really changes in it and I don't do anything to change it. However, it did take someone to change the way I think about how I should live my life, but it wasn't person...shoot, it wasn't even human...I'll let this story do the explaining...

“Your total is $16.00,” said Lynn.

The lady making her purchase paid Lynn and in return she received change. As she watch her leave, she wiped her face with the back of her hand and exhaled heavily. Work was slow at the moment but now and again a few familiar faces come back.

“Lynn,” called her Manger, “See if we need to stock more cleaning product. They are selling fast this week because people are doing their spring cleaning.”

"Oh yea...they are selling fast..." she thought sarcastically.

“I’ll do just that,” Lynn left her register while her manger took over.

Lynn worked part time at a mini stop-shop. When she went to stock up cleaning products on the shelf, a bottle slipped from her hand.

Another hand caught it from hitting the ground, “Caught it! Here you go.”

He was a young man with white hair and bright blue eyes. He was wearing a trench coat, which was odd to be wearing with the warm, spring weather. Lynn blushed and took the bottle from him, “Thank you!”

She kept staring at his white hair. She never recognized him as someone who came to the shop before. She shook her head and stopped staring at his hair. She asked, “Are you looking for something?”

“No, just looking around,” he responded.

He too couldn't help himself looking at Lynn. He suddenly went into small talk with her, “We have very nice weather outside. I wish it could stay like this everyday...but where are my manners? My name is Bram.”

“Are you trying to start something?” asked Lynn curiously.

“What? No!" he chuckled, "I just thought I can make your day know...small talk or ...getting you to smile since you and one other person is working here. Yeah! That’s it!” Bram smiled bashfully.

“It's kinda strange...but I’ll admit its working,” she replied with a faint smile.

“You are a very nice person. Would you mind joining me for a drink one day?”

Lynn was in shock and her eyes widen. She laughed in between her shocked expression, "Wow, Very straight forward!"

Something about her sparked his interest. He slowly stretched his hand over to touch her cheek. Lynn stopped laughing and stepped back. Bram stopped and glimpsed out the window, “I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to...”

“No, It' was just so sudden...” she made a small sighed, "I have to get back to work..."

He put his hand to his chest. He clutched his fist tightly and said, “My apologies... I hope to see you again. See you tomorrow, Miss.”

Bram turned to leave. She started to go through a craze about what just happen and went back to work.

Bram left the door and a crow perched on his shoulder, “I know…I’m heading home now.”

It cawed and left his shoulder, flying away until it was out of sight.

“I have been out here for too long. I’ll try and talk to her tomorrow so I can get to know her. I just hope I see her again.”

Bram walked down a long empty road to nowhere and walked into the forest, where the fog was knee high and the trees were thin. He found a tree house on a large, thick tree and the ladder that was crooked and bent. Instead of using the ladder, Bram made one leap to the tree house and crept in. The tree house was empty with a mirror and what looked like a dark brown, old chest. He looked in the mirror and notices the back of his short hair turning black and a mark revealing on his cheek. He went to the chest and inside it was a box. He opened it. It contained what look like a black feather in transparent obsidian stone. He put his hands over the stone. Dark flash of light blasted the tree house but it wasn't wreaked or damaged. The mirror was intact. The stone was in the box and went into its chest. Yet, there was no sign of Bram.

That night, Lynn was home alone. She made herself some dinner and ate in front of the television. She was watching a horror movie that consist a group of 4 people fighting a murder of crows. In the end, they are all unsuccessful. “It’s just a movie, how can birds possible conquer the world?”

Lynn turned off her television and thought about Bram. “That Bram guy was very strange. Why was he flirting with me? There are other fish in the sea. Why me and who walks around with white hair?"

Lynn couldn’t believe it when Bram try to reach his hand for her face. She touched her blonde hair and combed her fingers through it. She felt something between her fingers and it was a small black feather.

“How did this get in my hair? It probably fell from a bird flying over my head.”

Next day, Lynn went to work at the stop-shop. Throughout the day, there was no sign of Bram.

Well, he probably found someone else to talk to,” she didn't want to think about it too much, but it bothered her that someone was interested in her one day and not seen again the next day. At the same time, she thought about the dangers of flirtation and tried to get him out of her head.

When her shift was over and she was heading home. She was walking past a coffee shop. She looked at her reflection on the open window and her eyes glimpsed white hair. A person was sitting at a table with their head. She stood there by the window waiting for the person to lift their head. She grinned when she notices that its Bram’s face. Without a second thought, she walked in. When he glimpsed at the entrance, he smiled and waved at her to come.

“Hi Bram. What are you up to?” she asked.

“Not much. Just having a hot drink and looking at the beautiful scenery,” he told her.

Lynn looked around and saw people at tables, reading or drinking. “There is not a lot to see,” she said.

“That’s just because the view got better…” he laughed.

Lynn began to blush again, “Stop! Oh man! Do you do the same thing with other girls?” She asked.

“No. You are the first girl I was just getting to know, Miss,” said Bram.

“No need to say 'Miss', My name is Lynn,” Lynn decided to sit with Bram, ordered a drink, and they started into talking.

His eyes widened and then they became relaxed, “Thank you!”

Her eyebrows furrowed, “Thank you? For what?”

“Entrusting me with your name,” he smiled, “When I first met you, you never came out and said it.”

“Oh you're welcome,” she said, "So, you are not from here are you? Are you just visiting?" she asked.

“I guess...I'm more of a drifter..."

"A drifter, huh? From your personality, I thought you would have friends or family..."

"I have a family. It's a small one really. I keep in touch with my mother and little brother. My dad, however, is not around anymore...he died working in the mines."

"I'm so sorry..." she whispered.

"He is an unforgettable role model to me. I always looked up to him," he looked to Lynn, "What about you? Do you have any family?"

"I don't have any blood relatives...” she was tapping at her cup, “I was given away. I was left at someone's front door."

" you don't know anything about your real parents?" He rested his chin on his knuckles, hearing her story.

"No, The people who raised me were indifferent about me. The only thing they did is teach me right from wrong and staying out of trouble. I had to struggle learning things on my own. That's about it. You are lucky to have a real family that loves you."

"You went through a lot then," he wanted to reach for her hand, but he steadily touched her finger tips, "I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be..." She said. They looked at each other, but Lynn, first reacted, looking away nervously.

As their conversation was going smoothly, two crows were cawing and everyone looked at the window.

“What are they doing?” she asked lifting her head to see. The birds just kept hopping, flapping, and cawing.

“I…Its nothing to worry about…,” he told her, smiling.

She looked at his hand, "Your hands look cracked and dry,” She reached in her purse, “I think I have some cream in here.”

With that said, he checked his hand to see it was turning gray and hide it in his sleeve.

She went through her purse. The crows flapped their wings madly and Bram got off his chair and left.

“BRAM!” Lynn carried her purse to follow him.

He was running with the birds. He turned and looked at Lynn with a worried expression, "It's not you...I just...Please...If you don't want trouble, don't follow me!" he shouted.

He turned his back to run. She witness the back of his white hair started to turn black. This stunned her.

"His white hair is turning black? Is he OK?" Lynn couldn’t run anymore. She saw him disappear down the empty road. She stopped a cab to follow him and she jumped in.

Lynn, still looking for Bram, stopped the cab, got out and paid the driver. The driver left Lynn on the road. She entered the forest and followed a trail of grass that was stepped on. She followed them to a pair of shoes that he left behind. The footprints started to look narrow and harder to know where the trail continued. She heard the caws echoing loudly in the woods. The fog was approaching as it covered the ground and it reached to her knees.

“This place gives me the chills. Maybe I should go back,” she said.

She took his advice and turned back, but she didn't hear him say he will be back.

Suddenly, a blast of black light beamed through the woods. Her heart started to race. She wanted to pretend that she never saw it, but she was afraid something happen to Bram if he was anywhere near the blast or the light. She turned back and followed the light, "I must be stupid!"

The light faded and she found where the light was coming from. She found a treehouse with a crooked ladder. She shouted, "Bram are you up there?"

There was no response. Crows perched on tree limbs and branches watching her. She felt a compulsion to go up the ladder but hesitated. She didn’t trust the ladder but she was too interested in what was up there and what caused the flash. The birds watch her grab on one of the wood planks and started to climb, "All I have to do is not look down..."

As she tried to climb the ladder, a crow landed a plank ahead. She reached her hand on the next one. Another crow perched on the plank she held and pecked her hand. She tried to shoo it.

A few more flew at her back, driving their claws to her jacket. They pecked and pulled on her to get down. She tried to shoo them with one hand but one of the wood planks started to loosen from the tree. She was afraid to look down and didn't want to fall. She pushed herself to reach the top. She made it inside and the crows flew off. She saw a mirror and a chest. “What’s in it… treasure?” she asked herself, “What's so significant about this that the crows attacked me?”

She opened the chest find a black feather in a transparent obsidian stone. She held it up. “What could this be?”

The stone started to glow. A dark aurora was crawling on her hand and grabbed her shoulder. She struggled to break free from it but her hands were stuck to it the moment she touched it. The aurora surrounded her body and reached for her head. The flare of dark light blasted the room. The stone returned to its chest. Lynn was gone.

Her eyes were closed as she was falling in a dark blue vortex. The dark aurora left her body. As she was aimlessly falling, she feared what would happen next. She didn't know what she got into, but now she wished she had turned back.

Lynn didn't feel like she was falling anymore. She opened her eyes to see herself in a dark room, lying on a bunch of twigs, “This isn’t the tree house. Is this a...nest?”

She got out of the nest and passed her hands on the wall for a door. She felt a breeze and saw a light through a long crack. She found the door and she pushed for it to open.

There was daylight. She peeked out and checked her surroundings to find a few tombstones and died trees, “This is a graveyard...?”

She looked up to see what she was in and found out she was in a crypt. She screamed and fell to the ground, “Oh no! I’m dead! No! I'm alive. Wait...Where am I?” She got up and walked around. Shaken, she had to pull herself together and figure out where she was and figure out if she was the only person here, “I need to know where I am.”

Lynn was like a lost and frightened puppy. She looked around only to see dried, brown grass, knee-high plains, bare, dead trees with few leaves and a cobblestone road. She walked down the stone road to see where it leads her. She turned to see a shore. The water was bright blue close to the land. Farther out to the sea, it was a dark mixture of colors: red, purple, dark blue, and black. She found crows of different eye colors, perched on the trees. They just stared and didn’t attack like the ones back at the treehouse, "OK so I’m not alone..."

She crossed her arms and held them tightly to calm herself. She found a road sign pointing ‘Other side', where she came from, and the next sign said ‘Retrices’.

She nodded and said, “Retrices...huh? I hope I find someone who can help...or just more crows...”

Before she even started heading toward that direction, a skeleton hand popped from the dirt. The birds were startled and few off. Four more hands rose out and pulled themselves out of the dirt. She froze in fear. Three Skeletons were rising from the ground. Lynn, unsure how to defend herself, backed into a tree. They came out of the ground, in ripped clothing and a blue vapor glowing from the skulls. One snarled at her and made a jump at her. When she screamed and closed her eyes, the skeleton was cut down in half, in mid-air.

She slowly opened her eyes to see a body crouched in front of her. With its back facing her, she recognized one thing about the body, back of the hair was black, as it lifted its head up, the front portion...was white. It turned its head slightly to see her. The young man had a crow head tattoo on side of his cheeks. He wore arm socks with holes, along with shoulder and chest armor, and pants. An even bigger surprise to her, he had the black wings on his back. He stood up and warned the dead, “Go back to the ground where you came from!”

He raised his sword to intimidate them. Two of them went back underground.

Lynn was in shock and held her chest. She recognizes the face and hair, but with the tattoos on his cheek, yellow eyes, and clothes he wore, he was very different.

She asked, “Are you…?” but the words couldn’t come out. She didn’t know what to say.

“In this world, I'm Crownos. You know what you have done, and you shouldn’t even be here,” He said softly, however behind that voice was a hint of serious.

“Bram...I mean, Crownos, please don't....”, she begged.

“I told you not to it's too late...” They just stared at each other and none of them made a move.

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