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Daniel Mainwaring
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Aqua Monde Corporation Press Release

Close your eyes. Picture your ideal vacation. Perhaps, you find yourself lying on the crisp white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe, you are exploring the volcanic coastline of the Azores. You could be relaxing in the geothermal spas of Iceland, or listening to the waves crash from a serene Bure in Fiji. How about some high rolling excitement at a world-class casino, or the thrill of a theme park. The choices are limitless but imagine if you could enjoy all these adventures on one life-changing trip.

Open your eyes. You no longer have to dream. Aqua Monde is truly paradise on Earth. Located in the Mid-Atlantic, built on a foundation of volcanic islets, the engineering marvel of the 21st century is the only destination worthy of the most discerning traveler.

Our resort coastline is comprised of the finest imported Floridian sand. The Polynesian inlet features water-top huts built by traditional craftsmen from Tahiti. Geothermal spas combine mother nature’s energy and the most advanced Nordic technology. The World’s largest water park provides thrills for the whole family while adults can enjoy one of our three Diamond rated casinos. When you’re relaxing you can rest easy knowing that your eco-friendly vacation is also helping to change the lives of millions of people.

Beyond the lavish accommodations, world-renowned scientists are hard at work. Aqua Monde’s team of engineers are using cutting-edge technology to convert the ocean into clean water. Our desalination center uses a graphene electrolysis filtration system to provide drinking water to Saharan Africa. The sodium chloride by-product is shipped at no cost to meet the need for salt across West Africa.

We have also tapped, vast reservoirs of crystal clear drinking water that has been locked beneath the ocean for millennia. AM crystal water is regarded as the best tasting mineral-rich water in the world. In fact, it is the best water in history. Don’t believe us? Then ask the archaeologists who found it. Believe it or not, this sprawling complex began as a dig site for archaeologists from the University of Florida. While searching for ancient artifacts, team leader Kevin Newman discovered the vast water reserves. The excavations for ancient remains yielded very little, but his work led to this far greater discovery.

As a socially conscious corporate entity, AM reinvests 20 percent of every vacation dollar spent, to bring free salt and clean water to Africa. As a guest here, you are changing lives one dream at a time.

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