Midnight to Frasia

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Magic has drawn out from everyone. Oakbrook is a place where there is no happiness, and where there is no magic. Frasia used to be our magnificent world. Until they turned over to a whole other side. Myra Wood is living in a world away from the one she has been taught of. Frasia used to be the brightest kingdom, filled with woodland creatures and children singing to one another. Until one day an unfortunate accident occurred which turned the world upside down, resulting in a land of no magic or happiness. Hours of adventures lead her to a mysterious wooden box in the river that included a necklace that once belonged to her mother. This gives her access to travel in between lands, from Oakbrook to Frasia. Will she be able to locate the magic she once had to save her people? Will Frasia return?

Fantasy / Drama
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Kids were playing cheerfully and princesses’ playing with the woodland creatures. They were having such a good time, or so they thought. Inside the castle were the royal family. They had just become parents of a beautiful baby girl.

“We will name her Myra for she has beauty no one can resist.”

And with that, her given name was Myra for she had innocence and beauty no one can touch. They were enjoying themselves rather well until the worst had come. They had heard footsteps coming towards them and they took a quick glance out the tall bay window. The officials barged in the castle without consent and as if they owned the place.

The queen had a bad feeling about this whole situation and gave the baby to the father. She commanded them to leave now so he could protect her. The officials cowered over the entrance in a rather quieter way than they entered the castle. He had by his side, we couldn’t bear to think twice of it, our fellow friend from the northern Haustoria, Daniel, who told them he had no choice but to listen to the instructions he was commanded. The key to open a world of your choice was in his hand and they were to use it that day.

He continued to hand over that key, reluctantly, sobbing, why does he want to do this, he thought. They grabbed the queen to bring her over to the cellar door they arranged to keep her in.

Sobbing and angry she screamed, “don’t do this! Ihave a daughter! I need to see her!” They shoved her in, trying to muffle the deafening sound of her screams, she wasn’t able to save anyone, anymore. He was going to destroy all of Frasia. There was no telling what would happen. There was no turning back now. All she could do at this point was make a wish, and with that thought in mind, she did. Away her necklace flew with the magic only a certain someone would be able to discover.

And with that last thought, he turned that bright colored key all the way around till they heard the sound...

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