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Oldest daughter of an alpha, Aquilla Dafara faces a difficult change after her taking her father’s alpha title. Forced to leave her pack and head her title to her brother, she finds a purpose in life. When the past seems unclear and attacks made against her, she decides dig up the past for answer. The help of new allies there the answer she’s looking for will be clear and surprising.

Fantasy / Action
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Aquilla shot up from bed to a loud buzzing noise waking her up. Checking where the noise was coming from, she looked to her left to see her phone going off. Grabbed the phone, she checked the time and her eyes widen.

Quickly getting out of bed as a book fell off her lap onto the floor. Finally, she can be over reading all these alpha and pack books, she thought to herself as she stretched and walked to the bathroom.

After doing her morning routine, Aquilla got dressed in her alpha uniform that every alpha trainee has to wear for the ceremony. There were different choices to pick but all were formal. She got navy blue skinny dress pants with black knee-high boots and a black long tail tuxedo with a navy blue button-up shirt underneath.

Brushing her hair and putting it in a high ponytail, Aquilla walked out of her room and went downstairs. The family was already dressed and sitting down at the dinner table as her mother was cooking breakfast.

“Morning”, she announced to them while kissing both of her parents on their cheeks and ruffled her brother’s hair. He growled playfully while stuffing his face with food.

“Hurry and eat up, sweetie. You don’t want to be late”, her mom said as she places food on Aquilla’s plate. She nodded while thanking her mother and started stuffing her mouth with food after sitting down.

Aquilla almost moans at how delicious the food was. Her mother was the greatest cook in the pack and everyone in the pack agreed. She was the whole package deal being both Luna and mother.

Her father, on the other hand, was a great Alpha. Putting his pack before anything except his family, of course. Everyone said he was a serious alpha but he would tell Aquilla and her brother that when becoming an alpha they couldn’t show weakness. He loves the pack as much as he loves his family.

Her brother, Nolan, on the other hand, was a hyperactive mess. Even though he’s the youngest, they both trained to be alphas in case anything happened. As they got older, most of the pack thought they were twins due to the fact the two were always attached to hip everywhere we went.

Nolan tried to steal some food off Aquilla’s plate. The keyword is tired. She moved her fork in front of her food as he tried knocking it down.

He smirked as motion his left hand to her plate. Without realizing what he was doing, it was too late and the bacon was already going to him.

He was swift enough to grab it and shoved it into his mouth. Aquilla growled at him as Nolan just smiled sheepishly. Their parents didn’t like him using his powers causally. He only used them when they weren’t around or weren’t paying attention like now.

“Stop playing with your food and eat”, their father mumbled as he turned the page of the newspaper and lower it a bit to look at them.

They looked away from him and finish eating. Aquilla got up and put the dish in the sink as Nolan followed behind her.

“The last one to the car is a rotten egg”, he yelled at her as he dashed past her from the kitchen to the front door. Aquilla’s wolf growled in acceptance of the challenge.

She put her hands together and closed her eyes using her power. When opening them, Aquilla was standing by the car as the front door of the house opened.

“You cheater”, Nolan growled as he narrowed his eyes at her and walking down the stairs. She smirked at him and ruffled his hair once again.

“What have I told the both of you about using your powers when it isn’t necessary”, their father said with disapproval in his voice. Aquilla and Nolan stopped what we were doing and stood up straight. Their father walked down the stairs with their mother in his arms.

“John, this is their last moment of freedom to mess around. Just let them enjoy themselves”, their mother said sweetly at him as she rubbed his arm trying to calm him.

“They are both alphas and not children anymore. I can’t have you two failing the exam. Is that understood?“, he said with authored in his voice.

“Yes father”, both kids said in sync, letting their heads hand lowly respecting their father. Aquilla looked at the corner of her eye to look at Nolan and see him upset.

They waited for their parents to enter the car as they could hear their mother whisper-yelled at their father. Aquilla turned towards Nolan and bumped his shoulder playfully.

“Don’t listen to the old man. He just worried and stress about today”, she gave him a tight smile while putting her arm around his shoulder. Nolan chuckled lowly at what his sister said and gave her a smile. They got into the car and drove off towards the ceremony.

On the way, they had to sign out of classes and get medical exams. Due to everyone getting last-minute checkups, it took a few hours before it was their turn. They left getting back on the road and only stopping for food.

When arriving at the main entrance, the whole family got out of the car and walked down a path through the forest. The parents split from the kids to another path leading towards the sitting area.

Aquilla and Nolan got inline where they get checked in. After it was their turn, they both walked towards their own rank group.

“As of today, all of you have passed to become official alphas. We are all proud of your hard work and dedication these last few years”, the council lady said with a smile. She was standing on a platform in front of the crowd and speak out towards them.

They were at the royal castle with different alphas of all ages and heights. Both female and male alphas were here from all over the country.

It was a full moon tonight and the sky was clear. Tonight after they call them up on stage and brand with a serum enhancing their wolf alpha side that affects them only under the full moon.

After that, the Alphas usually cut their palm and give their hires the positions when hires do the same by putting their hands together. Some Alphas do it there while others have a ceremony in their packs.

The royal guards came up to us one by one and injected them with the serum. Aquilla looked around to find Xavier, one of her closest friends, on the other side of the field. He didn’t turn towards her but kept a serious face looking forward.

Aquilla could see my brother a few rows behind Xavier. He gave her a smile before the guard went to him. She smiled back and turned forward waiting patiently.

“Times like these you wish you never had Alpha blood in you”, the person next to Aquilla whispered in a low voice. She turns her head slightly to see a guy around her age.

“Why’s that?“, She asked a bit curious at what he meant. She seen him a few times in her class but barely talked to him.

“You never know what the future holds. Just look at how our parents turn out to be just by being in that position. Most of these alphas are change and other stick to the old fashion norms”, he explained as Aquilla let the information sink in. A cold breeze passed her and made her shiver.

“ You don’t think I don’t know that”, She asked him as he just chuckled lowly.

“Are you really sure about that, doll? We are our parent’s kids. We are them and their blood runs in us. Well most of us are but their problems become our problems. You can’t see it now but it’s fate. You’ll understand what I mean soon”, he answered as he put his hands behind his back and gave her a ghostly smile.

“Listen here want to be a seeker. I believe in fate but it’s my will that will lead me”, she chuckled and shook her head at the idiocy of this boy.

“We’ll see about that. I’m Zander keep that in mind in the future”, he whispers as he lowers his head and gave her a side smile.

“I’ll remember you alright as the guy who tried to predict my future. If Aquilla if you didn’t know already ”, she chuckled softly looking away.

“Mark my words”, he teases bumping her shoulder. They both got quiet as the guard moved closer to them. They waited for the turn silently before speaking again when the guard left.

“Sure, let me engrave it in my mind”, Aquilla said after checking if the guard was a good distance away from them. She rubbed the spot to get the liquid moving. The moon was almost at it’s highest peak as the guards finished up.

“May the moon goddess bless you all”, the council lady spoke once again when everyone received their shot. The moon was at its peak and the serum started to take effect slowly.

Everyone closed their eyes and lifted their head up towards the sky. The sound of the wind brushing past the leaves on the trees filled the silence with the murmuring of the parts a few feet away.

“Never forget”, Aquilla hears Zander whisper to her as she felt the power of the moonlight have its effect and everyone starts to howl or groan in pain.

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