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Noku Phangisa
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Chapter 1: Jason

When I opened my eyes, I saw the most beautiful man that I had ever laid my eyes on. He was peacefully sleeping in my arms.

I smiled, the memories from the previous night still fresh. I cuddled closer with him. He was mine. All mine.

Not letting go of the beautiful human, I picked up my phone and turned it on. My eyes widened. It had been on silent since I knew that I would have gotten calls during our precious time. I did not expect it to have been that much.

17 missed calls
5 new messages

I already knew who the calls and messages were from. They were from my family, as always.

The first message was my sister telling me to answer my phone. The second one was my sister saying that they needed help. The third one was my mother, saying the same thing as my sister, but more desperately.

The rest of the messages were from my sister. Something was happening with the family.

I looked at the beautiful human one last time, kissing his delicate forehead and got up. I quickly picked up my clothes and then ran out of the room. As I ran out of the door, I transformed into my wolf form and then ran to my house with my clothes in my mouth.

I stopped in front of the house, not sensing anything before I entered.

I turned back to my human form, putting on my clothes as I entered the house. I sniffed the air, trying to see if I could find any unfamiliar scents. There was nothing. I scowled as I walked into the kitchen.

My brother was in there making pancakes. He looked up at me and grinned.

“Hey handsome.” He gave me a knowing smirk. “You did not come home last night. Who’s the lucky girl?”

I glared at him. “Where’s Mum and Jess?”

He frowned, flipping a pancake. “Last time I heard they were going to the Fosters’.”

“In the next town?”

“Probably. They never tell me anything, you know. I tried calling them too, but no one answered. Not even Dad.”

I shook my head, trying to wrap my head around what he was saying. I took out my phone and started dialling my mother’s number. When she did not answer I tried a couple more times before I tried my sister and then father.

“I’m going to them now. It looks like something happened.”


I shook my head. “Don’t worry about it. It’s probably nothing. I’ll run there and then hurry back. Leave some pancakes for me.”

Without allowing him to answer, I sprinted out of the house running to the other town. I was hoping they were okay, because I had to leave someone precious behind. I was hoping they were in deep shit, so that I would have an excuse to have left so abruptly.

I arrived maybe an hour later at the Foster’s. With no time to knock I got in, ready to demand answers for my missing, possibly dead, family. Because that is why they would have been MIA for a whole night and not even inform Justin.

When I got in, their scents were strong, my family. Along with the scent of lemon tea. I slowed down, finally stopping in their living room, where my family and the Foster family were sitting.

“Good Afternoon Jason.” My mother looked up at me, an irritated look on her face.

I glanced around at everyone. “You’re all okay?” I let out an unbelieving sigh.

“Of course,” she said.

“Then why so many messages? Why so many calls? I thought something really bad had happened.” I scowled. I would have been with him. My Mic. I would have made him breakfast instead of be there.

“Something bad did happen. We needed your gift, but you ignored us.” My mother sounded more mellow than she wanted to. I could see just by her face that she wanted to bite my head off.

My father looked up at me, smiling. It was a knowing smile. One that was telling me that he knew what I had been up to last night and that he also knew the reason for my irritation.

“It’s okay.” He said. “As long as you are here now, we can still do it.”

“Can I leave when I am done?”

“Of course.”

Miss Foster stood up from her position in front of my parents. She smiled up at me. “We just need you help with Donna. She’s not been well for a while. Your mother’s told us how accurate your visions are.”

“Okay.” I did not care about much. As long as I could go back into the arms of the man that I loved. “Sure...”

She was about to hold my hand, but I pulled it away when a vivid image appeared in my head.

I was at Mic’s place, in his body. He looked at his bedside table, where a gun was. He was scared, I could feel it. He pushed the gun against his head.

I took in a deep breath as I plunged back into reality. Mrs Foster was worriedly looking at me, so were my parents.

My heart started aching and I clutched onto it, my eyes suddenly tearing.

“No...” I shook my head. I took a step back and then sprinted out of the house, the calls of my parents becoming fainter as I changed back into my wolf without a care of my clothes.

It is just a vision.

I found myself tripping more than usual as I tried to run faster than I possibly could. Why did it suddenly feel so far away?

It is just a vision.

It was not just a vision.

When I finally arrived, the ambulance was already there. People had already typically gathered. As per usual the paramedics walked out with a stretcher, the person on it covered with a white sheet.

“No!” I shouted. “No.” I looked at the men that were holding the stretcher, too scared to open the sheet. “W-what happened?” The tears rolled down my cheeks as they put him in the ambulance.

“Did you know him?” One of them walked to me. I looked up at him and then at the ambulance.

What would I do without him? I thought I had saved him. I thought I had done enough.

“You left this when you left last time. You got a few missed calls too.” Justin said as he walked into my bedroom where I had been for the past couple of days. “I’ve put it on the bed. Try not to sleep on it.”

He left, like everyone did when they tried to get me to talk and I didn’t. Hours passed before I turned around and looked at the phone. I picked it up, tears rolling down my cheeks when I saw that I had missed calls from Mic.

He had called and I had not been there. He must have thought that I had abandoned him. I had not even left him a message telling him I would be back.

It was my fault. It was my fault that he was no longer there.

I knew that he’d been through a lot in the past, yet I still acted carelessly.

"It’s okay if you don’t love me. I mean, why would you, right?"

That was the voice message that he had left.

Without another thought, I got out of bed and then left my room. I had to fix it. I had to make him alive again.

My parents were not there, but my two siblings worriedly asked me where I was going. I ignored them both as I rushed out of the door and then into the woods.

I would be finding the Great Witch. She could fix it all.

It was not long before I caught onto her herby scent. I followed it down the dark path until I stopped in front of a tree-like hut.

“Come in.” I heard her voice before I could knock, wherever I was supposed to knock.

I pulled away the vines that covered the entranceway, bending as I entered. The inside looked like a normal house living room. A couple of sofas with a coffee table in the middle. There were also shelves of books on two of the walls.

A women walked in from a door on the other side of the room. She was holding a tray with two cups of tea on it. Our eyes met, and she smiled. She motioned for me to sit down.

She put the tray between us and smiled at me. “It’s Chamomile. It’s great for calming the nerves.”

I did not want to sit down. I just wanted to know if what I wanted could be done. I needed to know if I could be able to see him again. I reluctantly sat down, looking down at the tea. She smiled warmly at me.

She did not look like a typical witch. With green skin, warts and crooked teeth. But I guess those were mostly fiction. She looked like a mother. Loving, caring, understanding.

“It’s about your mate, I’m sensing.” She said, sipping at her tea.

I nodded. She smiled reassuringly at me. “You can see the future, can’t you? Haven't you already seen this play out?” She smiled. I picked up the cup, deciding to be respectful towards the person who made it. “I can feel just how sad and desperate you are to have your mate back.”

“I’ll do anything.” I put the cup down. “I just need him back by my side.”

She nodded. “Of course you do. But he took his own life. Bringing him back... Wouldn’t that be too selfish of you? He did not want to be here, but because of your pain right now, you want him to live through all of the pain that he has been through again.”

“No...” I shook my head, shifting closer to the woman. “No. It was a misunderstanding. He just... He just misunderstood.” I nodded like I was making sense. “He... It was my fault. That’s why I need him back. I need to tell him that it’s okay. I just...”

“So you want him back because you are blaming yourself? You think it’s your fault?”

“I know. It is my fault.”

She nodded, thoughtfully. “Is this what you really want? Waking the dead has consequences, my boy. They might suffer even more this time around. They might be a completely different person.” She sipped her tea, smiling when she saw how determined I was. “And death, will be chasing them for a while. Will you be able to protect him from that?”

“Anything.” I begged. “I’ll do it, always. Like I should have before.”

“You’ll lose a part of yourself, as offering to the gods for doing such an impossible task.”

“Okay.” I nodded. “I’ll do it.”


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