Through Times Eternal

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Chapter 2

17 years later…

Time had changed the young child in many ways. Firstly, he had grown rather tall, and living where he did it made it quite a necessity to be muscular unfortunately at the moment he only thing that mattered was to run.

"Leave me alone," he yelled running from a group of small figures following him. He couldn't keep away from them. They were three of the greatest trackers in the northern territories, while he was just one man.

The forest blurred at the speed he charged. It had been days since the chase had begun, and there were only two ways it could end. Either he was caught… or he would escape and continue running.

But it had to end sooner or later; it was going to end…

"Nomas!" The leader yelled as an arrow tore past his face, "May as well surrender, you aren't getting away too easy this time,"

"Oh come on my friend," Nomas laughed using the fired arrow as a step and leaping up a nearby tree, "If it was easy it'd be your mother,"

"You shant live to regret that naïve," A woman growled nocking an arrow and sending it right into the tree, mere centimeters from Nomas' neck. It caused him to flinch and stare blankly for a moment before continuing his assent.

As Nomas found his way to the higher branches the final hunter ran up, "Ryan, Isabelle, The trees are causing the crosswinds, aim down, and… to the right," he growled as Isabelle nodded nocking another arrow,

"Yes Viktor," Ryan nodded nocking his own.

Nomas had a split second to react before the arrows hit him square in the chest. He stood gaping at the thick headed arrows lodged in his breastplate while the hunters turned to face their leader looking for confirmation that they had succeeded in their quest.

Viktor nodded as Nomas fell a good thirty feet and landing flat on his back groaning rather loudly. "Well, well, well, is this not a fitting capture for the great Nomas?" Isabelle laughed running up and kicking him across the face.

"And I think it's time we cash in on the rewards," Viktor laughed grabbing his sword and holding it up to Nomas' neck, "Get up, Mister hero,"

Nomas began to laughed, "Do you really believe I didn't have some sort of plan," he laughed as the hunters looked down at him quizzically.

"What do you mean boy?" Ryan questioned.

"It means. I. Win," he smiled as a large group of spiders came from the trees with their own bows drawn.

That was the second thing Nomas had learned. He may have been weaker than his spider counterparts, but he could easily out think them. "So? I still have you at my mercy," Viktor threatened pressing his sword closer to Nomas' neck.

"You kill me and my people kill all three of you, sounds like a good deal for my team… not to mention," he smiled as Viktor was yanked into the air by think silk webbing,

"Me," Arachnis, Nomas' older brother, said as he snatched up Isabelle leaving Ryan to his own devises.

"How did you…?" Ryan asked taking a few steps back.

"Quite simple really," Nomas smiled getting to his feet, "While your people were busy keeping your fortress safe you and your little group were so focused on reaching me that you let me lead you right into ambush, and all without drawing my own blade,"

"But…. But I'm not dead," he said reaching for his own blade.

"You are a barter chip now," Nomas smiled, "Send he referee's the signal, it's over," He said as a dark green spider ran up with a special arrow. It was bright red and intended to leave a lingering flare. The spider drew back his bow and let the arrow fly.

It exploded in a golden flash of golden sparks, "If you want to keep that hand then you will keep it sheathed." Nomas threatened as Arachnis slammed Ryan's hand into the ground. HE simply growled and spit and the spider.

In less than twenty minutes three large spiders walked up each holding a clipboard, they surveyed the situation and murmured to each other. As they talked Nomas allowed his fallen enemy up and held out his hand, "You ready to admit I out smarted you?"

Ryan stared at him with a scowl, "I wasn't expecting it this time, next time I know about your little tricks," He growled storming off while Arachnis cut his teammates free.

"Actually there won't be a next time," One of the coaches said walking over, "Based on the performance given here we have deemed: 'Nomas Pauk II', 'Arachnis Pauk', and 'Viktor Miller', have shown the necessary leadership skills to pass this portion of the Diplomatic ambassador's test,"

"In other words… We're finally done?" Nomas asked yanking an arrow from his gourmets and beginning to undo the buckles.

"If you really needed it dumbed down that much, yeah," Viktor said standing up,

"Yes Nomas, it means you passed and are officially qualified to do the diplomatic duties required for the republic's problems," the spider nodded, "You are required to report back in four days from now for the final ceremony and diplomas," The gentlemen walked off as Viktor and Isabelle started in the direction Ryan ran off in.

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