His Saving Grace: The Transcendence

By aliviahannah20 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Horror


Scott McGregor is a college boy who's life is fucked up by his brother. His soul was sold to the devil for his brother's fame and fortune. His duty is to send souls of the dead to hell even if he's in a human form. He took advantage of his powers as a devil to get whatever he wants and that includes the little untouchable innocent girl. Mina who's surrounded by the two hulks. He wants her and obsessed by her light but he can't get close enough to taint her.. Mina, an only child of an abusive mother, wanted chaos. She's a suicidal person who wants to get away with every punishment her mother's giving her. She had never knew who her father is. Her mother cursed her. Mad at her for something she didn't know of. A devil seeking peace. An angel craving for chaos. What if these two person's world collide?

Chapter 4

I tap my fingers on my desk as I wait for our professor to dismiss us but the damn woman just can’t stop blabbering shit. I glance out of the window again, sharpening my ‘sight’ to see ‘her.’ Her hand is in her bag--a sorry excuse of a knapsack that looked like it had seen better days--she must be putting her stuff back to her bag, waiting for her own professor to dismiss them.

I notice that she smiled to the boy sitting next to her and is seems to be listening to him intently. Somewhat feeling like a complete pervert, I concentrated hard to listen to their conversation.

“...You should come with us, it’ll be fun!” I hear the dorky-looking boy say to the girl as if I’m inches away from them.

“SCOTT GERALD McGregor, ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?” Another voice boomed literally inches away from me and I almost jumped out of my skin in shock.

I slowly turn my head to see the person who dared to interrupt my--

“Well?” My professor asks me while tapping her left foot on the floor. She is towering over me--trying to intimidate me.

I can feel her anger but I am feeling something else too. She’s horny.

“In my office. Now.”

Damn it, Agatha.

I stand, now towering her five foot frame, stoop a little to reach her ticklish little ear and whispered to her: “Not now.”

The professor’s breath hitches and she let out a little whimper.

Yeah, I’m screwing her too. Who am I not, really?Oh, yeah. The angelic girl.I gather my things, quickly and walk out of the class.

The hallway is empty so before the door touches its frame I teleported to the neighboring building, to an empty staircase near the girl’s homeroom--

I should know her name soon, its really annoying to call her ‘her’ and ‘the girl.’


I fight the urge to blast the door off its hinges and demand to see the girl so I knocked as softly as I can when I reach it. A bald guy in his mid-forties opens the door and raise an eyebrow when he sees me.

“Yes?” He asks, spewing a bit of saliva my way. I quickly back out and nearly recoil in disgust when I get a whiff of his sin in his mouth.

Bloody faggot. Who would’ve thought? With his balding head, walrus mustache and beer belly--

The scent of cum, saliva and lust coming from the professor’s mouth and the classroom behind him is so powerful and putrid it nearly choked me. I never did liked men’s scents of sin and judging by the strength of it, there are four or five students here emitting the exact same scent.

Damn, whatever did you do for them to let you touch them, prof?

“Excuse me?” The professor spews again and I clench my teeth in annoyance.

“Can I sit in?” I improvise as I eye the classroom behind him, searching for the girl but is disappointed when I couldn’t see her anywhere.

Where the FCK is she?

“Yeah, sure, do you know anyone here?” He smiles and shamelessly eye me with interest, looking ‘down’ on me.

I calmed myself. Damn, I feel like a fool for coming here, thinking that I can get to know ‘her’ but ended up not finding ‘her’ here--and this homo is eye-fucking me, it’s disgusting.

I honestly feel violated.

I pursed my lips as I try to calm the building anger in me. “I changed my mind.”

I turn my back only to come face to face with the girl I’m looking for. My eyes widens and my heart beats faster, in just a nano second the rage I feel suddenly disappear.

She has the bluest eyes I have ever seen, her eyes are like the ocean that calms me but like a storm whenever she cries and it’s the same eyes that haunted my dreams years ago, since the night I trade my soul to the devil.

“Mina, what’s the holdup?” A guy behind her held her arm and my rage boils again. I want to kick his ass. How dare him touch--

Did I hear it right? He said her name is Mina... What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Fuck that sounded so cheesy.

I stare at the girl in front of me... Luci’s ass, her lashes are unbelievably long! I want to stare more--

“Dude, move your ass out of the way.” The guy behind her said.

I glare at him. I badly want to smash his face, fcking moron, he clearly doesn’t know he’s dealing with. I stood in front of him towering him and intimidating him. The anger and the lust for blood is slowly eating the shit out of me. My veins are showing... I’m gonna fucking bang his head on the walls until the pink fluffy thing he called brains decorate the hallway like graffiti and then...

‘I’m gonna fcking throw your soul to the hottest pits of hell, retard.’ I told him telepathically.

He seems intimidated and quite scared, he took a step back and slightly hide his pathetic self behind Mina.

“Excuse us, Sir. We’re going in.” She said quietly... Almost a whisper. “If you don’t have any business here, please leave.”

I’d like to hear more from her if only her words were not laced with sarcasm... And it stings. She and the boy are carrying brown boxes.

Very well, I gave her what she wants, I step aside and gave her way. I mentally called the guy’s attention when he walks by, “Careful with your words, boy, if you still want to see your parents tonight.”

His eyes widens in fear before he stumbled to follow Mina into the room. I smirked.

“Aren’t you coming in?” The professor ask when I turn my back to go.

“Maybe next time.” I say as I walk away.

I’ll get back at you, soon, Mina. Soon.

It was lunch break. I bought a creepy-looking meatloaf to play with while watching Jed scarf down his burger and fries, we sat in the corner, trying to ignore lustful look from the girls.

“Where did you go earlier anyway dude?” Jed ask in between his munch.

“Bathroom.” I answer disinterestedly while forking the meatloaf in my plate.

I look up from the food when suddenly I can not hear a thing. It’s like all the sounds and chatter of the noisy cafeteria was sucked out--or someone suddenly switched on the mute on the Universal remote.

But when the cafeteria doors opens and Mina enters, everything stops and she seems to move in slow-mo. That radiant light coming out of her seems to shine even brighter as she smiles and flip her blonde hair. When she twirls around to face whoever she’s with, everything seems to turn to normal. She is talking to two hulky-looking guys who look old enough to be Coaches or wrestling instructors.

“Hey Mina, your hair looks actually nice for once.” A girl from the center table shouted. A small group of sluts and shitfaces gather around the center table like they own it.

Mina immediately caught all the students attention: her hair is slightly curled, and the other side is braided, a blush crept in her face, a rose will be ashamed next to her.

She feels uncomfortable with the stares of the students, some were lusting for her, and some adore her beauty.

I can feel her embarrassment, she looks an angel. What the hell am I thinking? She completely turned me on. I don’t know. I’m so curious about her when I should be minding my own business.

I watched her smile and uttered a ‘thanks’. Dumb girl. Can’t she see that that bitch is just teasing her? And those good-for-nothing-companions of her didn’t do anything. Didn’t even defend her. But what should I expect from a loser?

“But, you should wear pants more often, nobody likes to see bamboo-looking legs here.” The girl added, making almost all the students bark in laughter.

The anger I have been hardly controlling almost reach its peak. I pursed my lips and tried so fcking hard in resisting the urge to strangle that pretty Barbie’s neck and drag her to the hottest pits of hell.

“Who’s that bitch?” I asked Jed who’s swallowing his food.

“Oh, that? She’s Shantal, the ‘Miss Popular’, always out partying, the mean and manipulative bitch, daughter of a senator, and making almost all the students eat right on her palms.”

I didn’t bother paying too much attention with his words.

“She likes you, you know.”

That caught my attention, I smiled.

“Oh really.” I said.

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