The Great Era: Beginnings

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Adnathla (Add-na-thla)- a kind of jewel that glows light red.

Achien (A-kee-en)- the ancient capital of the Great Empire. Part of the Five Great Cities. Situated on plains as a peninsula and with mountains on its eastern border. Includes villages and towns up until the mountains. Houses a population of 30.5 million people at its peak. Now houses a population of about 20 million people. Approximate area: 6500 sq A.M

Achien Metrics (A.M) - measuring system; about 2.5x to kilometers on Earth. Other measuring systems: Parvmetrics (1/1000 of A.M; P.M), Elymetrics (1000x of A.M; E.M), Nanmetrics (1/1000 of P.M; N.M), Parvnanmetrics (1/1000 of N.M; Np.M), Elachienmetrics (1,000,000x of E.M; Ea.M)

Anapadeia (A-na-pa-dee-a)- The Sword of Kings, made by mages long ago. A small carving on the grip says "All who are worthy may hold this sword." The steel was extremely durable, hard, and flexible and no one knows how to replicate it. Held by many kings, but disappeared when a king took the sword with him into a military campaign.

Arachma (A-rac-ma)- the rarest jewel to find in the Great Empire. It is rumored to have magical powers and one of them rests as the main jewel on the Anapadeia.

Drone - The machines acting as the infantry of the Achien military. It is controlled by people remotely in a safe place, and is usually armed with a rectangular shield, a shortsword, and a light photon (less damage)/bullet (more damage)rifle. Some variants of the drones carry electrical pikes/spears or a heavy photon rifle (drones that carry the heavy photon rifle do not have shields). Those variants do not carry the light photon rifle or shortsword. Instead, they carry a dagger as a secondary weapon.

Elephya, Mount (El-ef-ya) - tallest mountain of the Irrenl Mountains. Once known as a sacred place of the Smarinians, it is now a place of awe and majesty.

Elyfesta (Eee-lie-fes-te) - the Lifegiver, a gigantic sphere of energy, much like stars, but much hotter in temperature. In ancient times, a long-gone era, an advanced civilization built a system around it, and it was thought they even once built a gas bubble around the solar system to give life to all planets inside the bubble, but now after the Great Explosion in the younger days of the planets, the bubble is gone, the system in ruins, and only one planet is hospitable, and the rest needs to be colonized and greatly changed before it is hospitable - two planets have already been successfully colonized.

Erthuran (Err-thor-ran)- the second largest planet orbiting the Elyfesta, and also the oldest. Once home to the Staegond race, after the Great Explosion, it became inhospitable for many millennia, and the Staegondians took refuge in Parvilien until it is made hospitable again.

Geri (Gei-ree) sprouts - a mysterious plant that only grows with a great shed of blood. Usually found on large and ancient battlefields. Has strong healing ability that once swallowed can heal all injuries.

Herrufesta (Heh-roo-fes-te) - the ancient name for water, also the root for the word herugen (herugen equals hydrogen).

Irrenl (E-ray-nil) Mountains, The - The Irrenl Mountains is situated to the northeast of Achien. Known for its high peaks and grand valleys, it was in ancient times a virtually impassible wall between the East and West. Except for the Pass of Elethien, all other passes could only allow several persons and small vehicles to pass. First settled by the Smarinians, it has always been a hotspot for battles, and still is a mysterious place to visit.

Klarodeis (Cla-row-dees) - an underground organization with its name from the roots of ancient words. Klaro - anti; deis - kings/royals.

Mutsalins (Moot-sa-lins) - Elite force used to infiltrate enemy bases far behind the front. Especially useful to disrupt communications.

Paladeia (Pa-la-dee-a) - The Royal Palace. The old Paladeia was built soon after the forming of Achien, and the new Paladeia is situated in the topmost level and center of the city, offering a clear view to the landscape.

Palon (Pa-lonn) - Robots who repair robots and are able to reproduce themselves; the base of all robots and machines in Achien.

Parvilien (Par-vil-lee-en) - home planet of the Achien Empire, A.K.A The Homelands. Home to several races, most prominent Smarinians (Smarin race), now the Achien race.

Qunsplata (Koons-plaa-te) - The Great Tunnels. It connects all levels in the city, even the entrance to the Sea level. There are many of these spread around the city, but only one, the largest one, goes towards the palace, and needs permission by a sentry. It’s transparent, and is protected by an energy shield.

Sactrilla (Sac-tri-le) - One of the strongest manufactured metals in Achien. Is usually used in fortresses because of its strength and its appearance like marble to fool the enemy. It’s very useful for containing plasma and energy too, so when plasma cannons and more powerful laser/beam weapons are invented, they have a thin layer (thick layer for cannons) of Sactrilla to protect the weapon from burning up.

Smarin (Smerr-in) - a race home to Parvilien, also known as the first known country that existed in Parvilien. Known for their thirst for war, they have extinguished many races in the ancient times and once occupied a third of the land in Parvilien. However, their bloodthirst also led to constant civil war, and the last pure Smarinian empire fell to Achien (which actually part-Smarinian too) in E.A (Empire Age)3.

Staegond (Stay-gond)- a race home to Erthuran. Skilled workers and craftsmen, they were particularly good at crafting machines and weapons and has great respect among the Achien military.

Tarevuen (Ta-ray-voon) - The Cursed Forest or the Forbidden Forest. It was originally a vast grassland and was inhabited by herders with small settlements, but in some forgotten era, one of the largest battles ever recorded was fought there.

Teraveza (tae-ra-vae-za) - Hovering vehicles used for fast transportation in short distances. Some models can go to a top speed of 90-100 A.M.

The Tournament - a forester fighting tournament that happens every four years. Usually, in the Tournament, the fights can get ugly, and there are instances of death.

Vilerai (Vil-lae-rai) - a flower native to Tecullia, a small town. Rare to find, it is usually a display of power and wealth by the aristocracy.

Vilrin (Vil-ren) - another re-colonized planet. The smallest planet, it is known for its extreme weather, mountains, and abundance of precious ores.

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